athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

Secret Santa fic: New Traditions

Title: New Traditions
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Ryan/Connor/Becker, Abby
Rating: 18
Warnings: Smut, double pen, occasional language, more fluff than you can shake a stick at!
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 6030
Summary: It’s their first Christmas with Becker... except that Becker isn’t there.
AN: Written for auntypam as part of the primeval_denial secret santa. Thanks to fififolle for the beta. Auntypam - you requested double pen, but didn’t actually give any threesomes, so I combined two of your suggested pairings – hope this is okay!

“Connor, what the hell is all this?”

Ryan stared in something approaching dismay at the overflowing bags of shopping that Connor had dumped on the dining room table.

“Just a few extra bits and pieces,” Connor replied. “Just in case.”

“In case of what? The apocalypse?”

Ryan was sure he could see a big tin of chocolates, and at least two more boxes of mince pies in amongst the other ‘bits and pieces’. As if they didn’t already have enough chocolates and mince pies and assorted Christmas snacks and drinks.

Connor must have finally noticed his less than enthusiastic reaction, and pouted.

“Well, it’s Christmas, isn’t it? I like a few sweet things at Christmas. And between you and Becker, you can eat enough for a family of six even on a normal day! Honestly, I don’t know why you’re not both as fat as pigs the amount you put away.”

“That’ll be the daily runs and exercise that you refuse to join us for,” Ryan said. He was already regretting his earlier reaction and moved to stand behind Connor and slipped his arms around his lover and hugged him gently.

“I do enough running at work, thank you very much,” Connor said, sounding quite put out at even the suggestion of exercise. Nevertheless, he snuggled closer against Ryan, and turned his head to nuzzle at Ryan’s jaw.

“Come on then,” Ryan said, reluctantly letting go. “Let’s get this lot unpacked and put away. I want to have a clean deck before we start preparing Christmas dinner tomorrow.”

“Isn’t Becker back yet?” Connor asked, as they started sorting out the bags of shopping.

Ryan glanced at the clock, and was slightly surprised to realise how late it was. It was Christmas Eve, and while he and Connor had managed to get the day off, Becker hadn’t been so lucky. Even so, it was nearly seven o’clock, and he was supposed to have finished his shift at six.

As if on cue, Ryan’s mobile rang.

“Becker, hi.”

“Hi, Ryan. Look I’m really sorry, I have no idea when I’m going to be home. There’s an anomaly.”

Shit. Just for once, it would be nice if the anomalies gave them a break.

“It’s okay. There was always a chance this was going to happen.”

“Yeah. The ADD went off literally ten minutes before I was due to finish. I’m at the anomaly site now. It looks quiet enough, but I’ve no idea how long it’s going to stay open. I could be here a while.”

Becker sounded both cold and miserable. He hid it far better than Connor, but Ryan could tell he had been getting almost as excitable about their first Christmas together as Connor was.

“Okay, see you later.”

Ryan hung up, and immediately Connor was bouncing in front of him.

“Where is he? What’s happened? Is he okay?”

“Anomaly,” Ryan said by way of explanation.

Connor’s face fell. “But it’s Christmas.”

“Yeah, apparently the anomalies don’t respect the festive season,” Ryan sighed.

Ryan tended towards pragmatism, but even so, he understood Connor’s frustration, and how Becker must be feeling right now. Ryan and Connor had ended up dealing with an anomaly on Christmas Eve the year before last, although at least that one had appeared at lunchtime and disappeared again by teatime, and they’d both still made it home in time to enjoy the evening together. It was just a shame it had happened to Becker now, on his first Christmas with Ryan and Connor.

Ryan had to admit their relationship was a slightly strange arrangement, and not one he had ever considered when it was just him and Connor for the last two and a half years. But then Becker had joined the ARC team, and the three of them had become friends. And if he occasionally caught Becker or Connor looking at each other with a less than platonic expression, well, that was fine as long as looking was all they were doing. Hell, Ryan had caught himself looking more than once in the shower or locker room.

It might have stayed as nothing more than looking, but then there was the incident with the plants from the future that made everyone’s hormones go crazy (‘sex pollen’, as Connor had rather accurately, if unscientifically, decided to call it), and he, Connor and Becker had found themselves locked in a room together, and the inevitable had happened. Several extremely awkward conversations later, they had persuaded Becker to come home with them, and the rest, as they say, was history.

“Earth to Ryan?” Connor waved a hand in front of his face, and Ryan returned his attention to the current situation.

“Just thinking.”

Connor grinned. “I could tell. There was steam coming out of your ears and everything.”

Ryan swiped his hand over Connor’s hair, making him duck and spend several seconds trying to make it straight again. Ryan had been rather amused to discover it was actually a far more effective move to make on Becker, who hated his hair being even slightly ruffled.

“Come on, this shopping won’t unpack itself.”

They finished putting away the rest of the food and Christmas supplies, and then Ryan insisted on checking on the turkey to make sure it was fully defrosted, before they eventually collapsed onto the sofa together.

They channel hopped for a while, and after they failed to find anything interesting to watch, Ryan wasn’t the least bit surprised when Connor nestled against his shoulder.

“Comfy?” Ryan inquired with an indulgent smile.

“Yep.” Connor snuggled closer, and tucked his feet up onto the sofa and put his arm around Ryan’s waist.

Ryan wrapped his arms around Connor as well, and kissed the top of his head, and they sat there cuddling for a while, watching TV and trying to pretend that they weren’t just waiting for the phone to ring or the door to open.

After a while, Ryan became aware of Connor’s hand sneaking down his chest and coming to rest over Ryan’s crotch. Ryan could feel himself becoming hard just from Connor’s soft touch, and he pressed up into Connor’s hand to increase the pressure. Connor immediately started to fumble with the button and zip on Ryan’s jeans, eventually getting them undone and slipping his hand inside so he could stroke Ryan’s cock. Ryan gave a soft moan, and let his head fall back against the sofa while Connor played, alternately stroking and squeezing until Ryan was barely aware that he was mumbling a stream of, “God, yes, Connor, please.”

Connor suddenly removed all contact, and Ryan opened his eyes in time to see Connor slide off the sofa to kneel between Ryan’s legs. He looked up at Ryan with an extremely cheeky grin, before he ducked his head down and took Ryan’s cock into his mouth. Ryan bucked up hard, biting back a yell as he spurted into Connor’s mouth, his orgasm being dragged out even longer by the sensation of Connor’s throat working hard to swallow everything.

Ryan slumped back onto the sofa, not caring that there was probably a stupidly mindless and sated look on his face right then. Connor clambered up onto his lap and kissed him, and Ryan tasted himself in Connor’s mouth.

Eventually he opened his eyes to see Connor with an extremely smug grin on his face. He wriggled on Ryan’s lap, drawing attention to the fact that he was now, unsurprisingly, hard as well.

“I suppose you want me to do something about that?” Ryan said.

“Yep,” Connor grinned. He wriggled again, just in case Ryan hadn’t already got the message.

Ryan rolled his eyes, and cupped his hands around Connor’s arse, kneading and squeezing gently. Connor whimpered, and wriggled again, this time a little more urgently.

“Honestly, you’re an impatient little bugger sometimes.”

“It’s all right for you to say that, you’ve already come,” Connor pouted.

“Haven’t you heard the best things come to those who wait?” Ryan teased.

“I’d prefer less of the waiting and more of the coming!”

Ryan laughed, and decided this probably wasn’t the time to draw things out. He quickly unzipped Connor’s trousers, untucked his shirt, and reached inside to find Connor’s cock. Connor whined and thrust up eagerly into his touch, and before Ryan could do much more than wrap his hand around Connor’s cock, his young lover was coming messily all over Ryan’s hand, and probably over the inside of his shirt as well.

Connor collapsed into an undignified heap on top of Ryan while he caught his breath.

“Happy now?” Ryan inquired.

“Oh yes,” Connor said, lifting his head enough to give Ryan a huge grin. Then he glanced down again. “Although I could probably do with some tissues right now.”

Ryan chuckled and passed him the nearest box (still conveniently located next to the sofa since the last time they indulged in similar activities) and they both cleaned up a little.

Ryan’s mobile rang as he was tossing the wad of tissues away, and this time Connor was the one who got to it first, diving for the coffee table and snagging the phone before Ryan could stop him.

“Becker!” Connor grinned.

Ryan resisted the urge to wrestle the phone from his lover’s hand, and watched Connor’s expression go from excited to crestfallen in the blink of an eye.

“Oh,” Connor eventually said, managing to put a remarkable amount of disappointment into a single syllable.

He sat down on the sofa, absently nodding, as if Becker could see him and wasn’t on the end of the phone somewhere.

“Okay, yeah. No, it’s fine. Well, it’s not fine, I’d rather you were here, but you know what I mean.” He paused and then said, “Yeah, okay.”

Connor held the phone out to Ryan, looking thoroughly pouty. “He wants to talk to you.”

“You okay?” Ryan asked as soon as he got the phone.

“Yeah, fine. Freezing cold and bored silly, but that’s nothing new.” Becker sounded about as fed up as Connor looked.

“Anomaly still going strong, then?”

“Yes. Look, Ryan, I was just calling to say this one looks like it’s going to be a long one. Just... don’t wait up for me, okay? There’s no point it spoiling Christmas for all three of us. You make sure Connor enjoys himself.”

Not much chance of that, Ryan thought. Connor’s disappointment was almost palpable.

“Yeah, okay,” he said out loud. “You take care of yourself. And if anything does decide to pay a visit to this century, no heroics. I don’t want to spend half of Christmas in casualty.”

Ryan was only half joking. He knew all too well the young captain’s tendency to throw himself straight into the line of danger. Becker was almost worse than Connor for being stupidly brave and heroic.

“Of course. If anything does come through, I’m sure I can see it off with my dazzling wit and a cutting retort.”

Ryan rolled his eyes.

“Just don’t do anything stupid, eh?”

There was what sounded like a somewhat long-suffering sigh from the end of the line, and Ryan could imagine Becker also rolling his eyes.

“I’ll see you later, Ryan.”

“Yeah, you too.”

Ryan put the phone down and reached for Connor again, and pulled him into a hug.

“Stupid anomaly,” Connor muttered.

Ryan pondered Becker’s request, and wondered if it was maybe time for one of the Christmas traditions that he and Connor had developed over the last few years.

“Tell you what, do you want to open your pre-Christmas present?”

Connor pulled out of the hug and grinned at Ryan. Then his eyes narrowed suspiciously.

“We don’t normally do that until later. Are you trying to distract me?”

“Why, is it working?” Ryan countered, leaning in to give Connor a playful kiss on the end of his nose.

“Maybe,” Connor allowed. He glanced over at the Christmas tree and the mound of presents underneath it. Ryan knew that rather more than a third of them were Connor’s. He and Becker were both unable to resist Connor’s puppy eyes, and they both liked to spoil him far too much.

Ryan stood up and tugged Connor to his feet.

“Come on then.”

But Connor didn’t follow him to the tree, and when Ryan looked round, Connor had that look on his face that Ryan knew meant he was deep in thought.

“It doesn’t feel right starting Christmas without Becker,” Connor decided. He looked oddly determined, despite his wistful glances at the pile of presents.

Ryan had to admit he was right. Much as he enjoyed spending time with just Connor, and having him all to himself as they used to be, this was different. This was Christmas. And he wanted Becker to be part of it with them. But Becker had said not to wait for him...

A smile suddenly began to form on Connor’s face.

“I’ve got an idea.”

Snow. Wonderful.

Becker glared up at the soft white flakes that were now tumbling down out of the sky, and he shivered and hunched even further into his jacket.

As if today couldn’t get any worse, now the universe had decided to snow on him as well.

If he was prone to that sort of thing, he might have imagined that the anomaly was mocking him as it hung there, glittering and rotating sedately. But Becker wasn’t the type to ascribe human emotions to inanimate objects. Most of the time, at least. Although, if he was the type to anthropomorphise things, he would probably have come to the conclusion that this anomaly did not like him one bit.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if there was actually a creature incursion, he decided. At least then there might be the prospect of some running around and adrenaline, which would no doubt be at least a little bit warmer than just standing here doing nothing. But instead, the anomaly had simply hung there, looking mysterious, and doing absolutely nothing other than remaining stubbornly strong and persistent, while Becker, Abby (the one member of the main science team unfortunate enough to still be on duty when the ADD had gone off) and his men had become more and more bored and cold. He had eventually decided to send all but a couple back to the cars where they could stay warm, and was rotating people on and off watching the anomaly. In the unlikely event of a creature suddenly deciding to rampage through, the others were only a few minutes away, and in the circumstances he had decided it was worth the risk.

The other problem was that all this waiting had given Becker far too much time to think. Which wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, except that it was Christmas, and he was annoyed because he had been looking forward to spending Christmas with Ryan and Connor. Now that was looking less and less likely, and maybe the universe was trying to tell him something.

Much as he wanted to be with his lovers, Becker couldn’t help wondering if maybe this was for the best after all. Connor and Ryan had their own Christmas traditions long before he had ever arrived on the scene. No matter how much they made him feel welcome, Becker was the spare wheel in the relationship, and they all knew it. The more the thoughts went round and round in his head, the more Becker was coming to the conclusion that, assuming he ever got out of this sodding woodland, he should just go back to his own flat, and perhaps join the others tomorrow morning for Christmas Day. Connor and Ryan deserved to have tonight together, just the two of them.

“Hey,” Abby said, jolting him out of his thoughts when she suddenly appeared beside him.

“I thought you were waiting in the car?”

“I was. But you didn’t look like you’d moved for the last ten minutes and I thought I’d better check to make sure you hadn’t turned into an icicle.”

Abby gave him a cheeky grin from the shadows beneath the hood of her fleece hoody.

“Not quite frozen solid yet,” he smiled. “Give it another ten minutes.”

“You should at least have a hat or something.”

Becker grimaced.

“I don’t do hats.”

Abby’s smirk told him she knew exactly why he didn’t do hats, and that she found it incredibly hilarious.

“Seriously, Becker. You need to take a break. Go sit in the car for a bit. One of your men can stand guard for you.”

Becker made a non-committal noise.

Abby huffed and glared at him. “Men!” she muttered.

She moved to stand in front of him, and her expression softened. “Becker, when are you ever going to realise that you don’t have anything to prove to us? It’s called a team for a reason. You’ve let me and your men take turns on watch and sitting in the warm, so why won’t you let yourself do the same?”

Because I do have something to prove, Becker thought to himself. Because at some point I want to stop feeling like the new boy, and be a respected member of the team. To be wanted. He knew he didn’t just mean the anomaly team.

Before he managed to think of an answer for Abby, he heard the completely incongruous sound of someone singing. His first thought was that they were about to have to get rid of drunken members of the public taking a shortcut home from the pub through the woods. But when he and Abby turned round they saw the last thing Becker expected to see – Ryan and Connor were heading up the path towards them, Connor singing, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” quite badly, despite the obvious enthusiasm.

“What are you doing here?” Becker asked, staring at them as they arrived.

“All I want for Christmas is you,” Connor finished singing as he pounced on Becker and hugged him hard, the white fake fur trim on his Santa hat tickling Becker’s face.

Becker wrapped his arms around Connor, and gave Ryan a confused look over Connor’s shoulder.

“We brought coffee and chocolates and mince pies,” Ryan said, indicating the rucksack on his back.

If anything, Becker was starting to feel even more confused.

Connor eventually let go of him and stepped back, grinning.

“We decided that if you couldn’t come home for Christmas, we’d bring Christmas out here to you.”

“What?” Becker realised he was gaping, and closed his mouth. “But... why?”

Then Connor was the one who looked confused for a moment. “Because we missed you,” he said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

It took all of Becker’s self-restraint not to just grab Connor and hug him to death right at that moment. Before he could do anything potentially embarrassing that he would probably regret later, he noticed Abby had sidled over to Ryan and was eyeing his rucksack.

“You mentioned coffee?” she asked hopefully.

Ryan gave Abby one of his rare smiles, and put the bag down so he could take out a flask and a stack of plastic cups, and poured her a steaming cup of coffee. Abby breathed in the scent and bestowed a beatific smile on Ryan.

“I’d worship you as the god of coffee, but I think Connor and Becker might object,” she said.

At the sight of the flask, most of the soldiers had abandoned the relative warmth of the cars and were lurking hopefully. Ryan started to distribute coffee to everyone, while Connor dug a tin of chocolates and a box of mince pies out of the bag and passed them around the assembled team. Becker was still staring, at a loss for words, when a plastic cup of coffee was thrust into his hands. The caffeine must have been enough to remind him of his manners.

“Thanks,” Becker said, still feeling a little bewildered. “This is great. You really didn’t have to do this, but thanks.”

“It didn’t feel right without you there,” Connor said, blissfully unaware of Abby rolling her eyes behind him.

“Oh.” Becker couldn’t help remembering what he’d been thinking about not too long ago, and suddenly he felt a little silly. And incredibly happy at the same time, which was slightly odd, but he decided he could probably blame it on the cold and the fact that it was Christmas.

“I think this is definitely your cue to take a break,” Abby said. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on the anomaly for you.”

She moved off a little, and Becker let himself be led away from the anomaly and the rest of the soldiers.

“Have you warmed up a bit now?” Connor asked, his voice far too excitable. Becker noticed the young man was practically bouncing, and wondered if Connor had had a little too much caffeine and sugar that evening already.

Becker wrapped his hands around the plastic cup and decided it had finally cooled down enough to drink. He nodded.

“Good. It’s present time!”

This time Ryan was the one rolling his eyes, but he was watching Connor with a smile as Connor ferreted around in the rucksack and tugged out three packages. He thrust a badly wrapped parcel at Becker until he reluctantly let go of the cup with one hand and took it.

“What’s this?”

“The pre-Christmas Christmas present. You always get to open one the night before.”

Becker frowned. As far as his family were concerned, Christmas presents were to be opened on Christmas Day, and not before.

Connor must have noticed his hesitation, because the next thing Becker knew, the biggest pair of puppy eyes imaginable was peering up at him from underneath the furry brim of Connor’s Santa hat.

Sneaky little sod, Becker thought, as he felt his resistance crumbling.

“Go on then,” he mumbled. “As long as it’s just one.”

Connor didn’t wait, and started tearing at the wrapping of his present immediately.

“Cool!” Connor grinned, as he unfurled the new scarf that Becker had picked up as a last minute extra present for him, and promptly wrapped it around his neck. Becker couldn’t help feeling relieved it had gone down well, even though scarves were probably a fairly safe bet where Connor was concerned.

Ryan unwrapped a multi-pack of socks, which seemed to be some sort of in-joke between him and Connor, judging by Connor’s grin and yet another eye-roll from Ryan. Suddenly, all attention was on Becker, and he juggled the coffee and the present for a moment before managing to get it opened. He couldn’t help smiling when he saw what it was.

“It’s a good thing Abby didn’t see this,” he said, holding up the tub of his favourite hair gel. That comment earned him a raised eyebrow from Ryan, but Connor seemed to be too busy bouncing around.

“Seriously, guys, thank you,” Becker said. “This... I didn’t think...” he shook his head. “It means a lot that you did this for me.” And he really meant it.

“Like Connor said, it didn’t feel right to start Christmas without you,” Ryan said with a nonchalance that didn’t quite disguise the sincerity behind his words.

They both glanced at Connor, who seemed oblivious of the attention, too busy sticking his tongue out and trying to catch snowflakes. This time, both soldiers rolled their eyes at each other.

Becker knew he probably had a stupid grin on his face as he watched Connor fooling around, but right then he really didn’t care. How could he have been contemplating going back to his flat, alone, and missing out on tonight with his lovers? He hated to admit it, but he’d been an idiot. Although he certainly wasn’t going to admit that out loud.

“Oi, Becker,” Abby suddenly yelled out.

He swung round, immediately alert, his free hand going for his gun.

“The anomaly’s just disappeared,” Abby shouted.

Finally,” Becker breathed. He called back to Abby and the soldiers, “Okay, let’s do one more sweep round the area and give it half an hour to make sure it doesn’t come back, and then let’s get the hell out of here.”

With only a few hours left until Christmas Day, Becker knew they all had somewhere far better to be. And he couldn’t wait to get there.

Connor couldn’t help ogling as Becker wandered back into the bedroom, still towelling his hair from the shower, the occasional droplet of water trickling down his chest.

Despite his jokes about the hours that the two soldiers spent running and exercising, if it meant that he got to enjoy the benefits of such well-muscled bodies Connor certainly wasn’t going to complain.

“I hope you don’t want to go to straight to sleep,” Connor said, “Because I’ve got plans for you two.”

“Should we be worried?” Ryan commented, following Becker into the bedroom after his usual final sweep round the house, turning lights off and making sure doors and windows were locked.

“Nope. It’ll be fun,” Connor said confidently. He was already naked and occupying the middle of the bed, and was still surprisingly awake considering that it was now nearly midnight.

Becker and Ryan shared a look for a moment, and then Becker finished drying himself while Ryan quickly stripped out of his clothes. The two soldiers got into bed on either side of him, and Connor wriggled happily.

Even he hadn’t been oblivious enough not to notice that Becker had been acting a little oddly recently, although it had taken him rather longer than it had taken Ryan to work out exactly why. Connor was pleased that Becker seemed to have relaxed a bit since they had turned up at the anomaly site, and he hoped that what he had in mind now might finally show Becker how much they wanted him. Although he also had to admit his reasons were not exactly altruistic – Connor had been thinking about this for a while, and he really hoped he could persuade them to do it, because it sounded like it was going to be awesome.

“Guys,” Connor took a deep breath. “There’s something I want to do.”

Ryan chuckled, and nuzzled Connor’s shoulder. “I think we all know what you want, Conn.”

“No, not that. Well, yes, that, sort of. Arg! You’ve put me off what I was saying now!” Connor swatted at Ryan while his two soldiers both laughed.

“Go on, what do you want, Connor?” Becker said, propping himself up on one arm and showering Connor with a fine sprinkling of water from his hair.

“I want you to... you know. But both of you. At the same time.”

Connor almost held his breath as he watched their expressions and saw the moment when the penny dropped for both of them.

“Is that even physically possible?” Becker asked, looking worried.

“In theory, yes. I’ve seen pictures and stuff on the internet.”

“I’m starting to think I need to pay more attention to what sort of sites you’re looking at on that computer,” Ryan commented. Nevertheless, there was a hungry look in his eyes as he spoke.

“But won’t it hurt you?” Becker pressed, still looking like he was trying to work out the exact logistics of what Connor was proposing.

“Probably a bit,” Connor admitted. “But I bet it’ll be worth it.”

Ryan ran a hand down the length of Connor’s body, making him shiver with anticipation.

“Seriously, Connor. Are you absolutely sure about this?”

Yes!” Connor said, sounding more impatient than he had intended.

“Okay, okay,” Ryan said, managing to sound both amused and aroused at the same time. “You’d better turn over, then.”

Connor shuffled onto his side while Ryan reached for the bedside drawer, and a few moments later he felt slicked fingers pushing at his entrance. As always, Connor tensed for a moment, and then forced himself to relax and let Ryan in. While Ryan slowly worked at stretching and preparing him, Becker gently stroked Connor, his hands exploring while he distracted Connor with long, lazy kisses.

Connor loved this – when both of his lovers were focussing all their attention on his body and his pleasure, and driving him wild with need. He barely even noticed when one finger became two, and then three, although he did notice when Ryan made a point of finding his prostate with every twist of his fingers. Connor started to whimper, torn between wanting to push back and get more, and at the same time wanting to save himself for what was to come.

In the end, Ryan made the decision for him by finally becoming still. “Is that enough? Are you ready?” he asked, his voice low.

Connor nodded, not quite trusting himself to speak right then.

Ryan removed his fingers, and Connor squirmed, suddenly feeling empty.

“What do you want me to do?” Becker asked, apprehension and arousal vying for dominance in his eyes.

“Mostly, just lie there and look pretty,” Connor commented with a grin. “I’m sure even you can manage that.”

Becker was still pouting when Connor dragged himself up onto his knees and swung a leg over so he was straddling Becker. The pout vanished a moment later as Connor positioned himself carefully, and then slowly slid down onto Becker’s cock, his breath catching at the push and the sensation of being filled, even after all of Ryan’s preparation.

“Fuck,” Becker breathed. He wriggled slightly, making Connor gasp.

Connor let himself adjust for a moment before he lifted himself almost all the way off Becker’s cock, and then lowered slowly back down again. He continued fucking himself like that until Becker was the one who was whimpering. Ryan was laid next to them, watching and stroking himself to hardness and slicking his cock in preparation.

“Ready?” he asked, never breaking eye contact with Connor.

Connor nodded. “Yes. Please.”

Ryan moved round behind him and Connor couldn’t help it – he tensed again. Ryan must have noticed, because he started to run his hands down Connor’s back, soothing him.

“Connor, are you sure this isn’t going to hurt too much?” Becker asked, sounding remarkably coherent considering their position.

Connor let out a nervous huff of laughter.

“Trust me, if it hurts enough that I want to stop, you’ll be the first to know.”

Becker reached up and traced Connor’s chest with his fingertips, while Ryan continued to caress him gently.

“I think you need to move a little,” Ryan whispered in his ear, making Connor shiver again.

He nodded, and reached for Becker and tugged him up until they were wrapped around each other. Connor found Becker’s mouth and kissed him, long slow and demanding. Then he pushed a little until Becker got the message and lay back down, taking Connor with him, still kissing until Becker was laid flat and Connor was lying on his chest, Becker’s cock still buried deep within him.

He felt Ryan’s finger nudging at his entrance, already stretched and tight, and Connor tried hard not to tense again. He wanted this. He did. It was going to be okay.

Becker’s hands soothed down his back and came to rest on his hips, holding him gently while Ryan continued to add yet more lubricant, his free hand also still stroking Connor’s back and arse. Becker never stopped kissing him, and when Ryan’s finger finally pushed in Connor only made a little whimpering noise. Ryan continued to work slowly, adding ever more lubricant before one finger became two, and eventually three. Now Connor wasn’t the only one whimpering, as Ryan pressed against Becker’s cock, still sheathed tightly within Connor’s arse.

Ryan didn’t give him any warning, no chance to become tense, and suddenly his fingers were gone and then his cock was pushing in, sliding at first, then dragging, even despite all the extra lube. Connor gasped, and buried his face into Becker’s shoulder. He heard a quiet, breathless keening noise, and wasn’t even sure whether he was the one making it. It was too much. He felt too full, too tight, it hurt... and suddenly Ryan shifted within him, and both Connor and Becker simultaneously let out a desperate moan of pleasure as the movement pressed against Becker’s cock and Connor’s prostate.

“Fuck,” Becker mumbled. He turned his head to press another kiss to Connor’s forehead. “You okay there, Connor?”

Connor nodded. He wasn’t even sure he was capable of coherent words right then.

Ryan carefully leaned down and put his arms around Connor’s chest, and began to tug him upwards. Connor let himself be moved until he was kneeling upright over Becker, his back pressed to Ryan’s chest. The movement made the two cocks within him shift again, and Connor whimpered softly.

“It’s okay, Conn,” Ryan whispered in his ear again. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

Connor nodded again, and managed to turn his head enough to find Ryan’s lips with his own.

This was exactly what he had wanted. Both of his lovers at the same time. All three of them together. It hurt far more than he had imagined, but at the same time it felt like his body was more alive with sensation than he had ever felt before. Every touch was magnified tenfold, every gentle caress a jolt of electricity through his skin. He needed more contact, he needed more movement, he needed... more.

Connor looked down at Becker laid out beneath him. His eyes were wide, his hands trembling almost as hard as Connor was. Their eyes met, and Becker’s grip tightened on Connor’s hips a fraction, holding him still. Then Becker thrust upwards.

Every conscious thought in Connor’s head exploded in a cascade of light and sensation and painpleasure as every over-sensitised nerve ending fried utterly. He barely felt the flood of wetness within him as both of his lovers came at the same moment. He was barely even aware of his own orgasm and his eyes shut tight and his mouth opened in a silent scream as the world imploded around him.

Connor wasn’t sure how long he drifted, but eventually he became aware of soft touches on his skin and voices saying his name. Connor forced an eye open and saw Ryan watching him with a smile.

“Welcome back, Conn.”

Connor dragged together enough brain cells to return the smile.

“That was good,” he mumbled.

Ryan leaned across and kissed him, long and lazy, and bit by bit Connor’s brain came back online. He could feel Becker cuddled close behind him, and eventually, reluctantly, broke away from Ryan’s kiss to turn the other way. Becker looked almost as blissed out as Connor felt.

“Wow,” Becker said, smiling at him. “You have the best ideas, Connor.”

This time Ryan was the one who cuddled up behind him.

“Maybe we should make this a new Christmas tradition,” Ryan said. Connor could imagine the evil smile on his face just from the tone of his voice.

“Now that is the kind of tradition I could happily adopt,” Becker replied, looking over Connor to meet Ryan’s gaze.

Connor gave an experimental wriggle, and felt twinges of pain in all sorts of places. Not enough to outweigh the pleasant aftershocks that were still rippling through him, though.

“Not a bad idea,” he mumbled. “But next year someone else gets to be in the middle.”

Ryan chuckled. “You don’t really mean that. I bet this time next year you’re begging us to do it to you again.”

Connor couldn’t help but notice the look in Becker’s eyes at the mention of ‘next year’, and he tugged Becker closer and kissed him again.

Once he was certain that Becker had been suitably reassured, Connor nestled back down into the bed between his two soldiers.

“Goodnight,” he mumbled, more into the pillow than at the others. “Merry Christmas.”

Arms wrapped around him from both sides, and Connor snuggled into their warmth. As he drifted off into a supremely contented sleep, the last thing Connor was aware of was both Ryan and Becker leaning in for one last kiss, and whispering quietly to him.

“Merry Christmas, Connor.”

Tags: abby maitland, becker, connor temple, connor/becker/ryan, fanfic, slash, tom ryan

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