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ficlet: Insatiable

Just a little ficlet written for telperion_15, because she's been having a bad week *huggles*. Hope things are getting better, or at least getting sorted, now.

Title: Insatiable
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Nick/Connor
Rating: 18
Warnings: Smut
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 640
Summary: “Again?” Connor whimpered incredulously.
AN: Written for telperion_15. Can be read as a standalone, but for the comedy value, I think this takes place in the same ficverse as In The Dark

Connor was lying on his back, breathing hard, covered in sweat, and aching in all sorts of interesting places. Okay, it was mostly the good kind of aching, but still, he was peripherally aware of the fact that the line between pleasure and pain was becoming ever thinner. Then he felt the bed shift next to him and Nick’s hand started to stroke his cock.

“Again?” Connor whimpered incredulously.

“Sorry,” Nick gasped.

He did actually manage to sound apologetic, but it was clear that if there was an emotional war going on in Nick’s head right then, desperation had quite obviously played dirty and kicked contrition in the nuts and left it curled up in the dirt far behind. Connor felt himself smiling at the rather interesting metaphor his endorphin-addled brain had just thrown up, until he was completely distracted from all metaphor-related thoughts when Nick moved to half cover Connor’s body with his own. His mouth latched onto Connor’s throat, and Connor moaned a little as yet another mark was left on his skin.

“I don’t think I can,” Connor whined, not quite able to believe he was actually admitting that fact.

“What... happened... to the... energy of... youth?” Nick queried between nips and bits, as his mouth moved further down Connor’s exhausted and limp body.

“I think you used it all up somewhere between the- ah! The fifth and the... oh, god, Nick... the sixth time.”

Nick’s hand started to work in earnest at Connor’s cock, and he whimpered again.

“There’s always that Viagra that Stephen gave me as a joke birthday present if you need a little something to help?” Nick’s tone somehow managed to sound amused, frustrated and aroused all the same time.

Connor forced his eyes open and stared at Nick in horror. Nick responded by rutting his already hard cock against Connor’s thigh and biting down hard on his shoulder.

“Okay, okay...” Connor mumbled.

He briefly considered attempting to drag himself onto his hand and knees again, but quickly decided that wasn’t an option. Neither was getting his own cock up again any time in the immediate future, but there was no way he was resorting to artificial means to keep up with his lover. Apart from anything else, he’d never live it down.

That only left one option.

He swatted Nick’s hand away from his cock (which, even he had to admit, was beginning to look like a lost cause for at least the next hour or so), and pushed Nick far enough away that Connor could roll onto his side and face his lover.

“Just for the record, I’d like to point out that I’m going to be reminding you of this the next time I’m horny and you play the ‘I’m too old and I just want to read a book tonight’ card.”

Then, before Nick could argue, he reached down to wrap his hand around Nick’s cock and tugged gently.

“Connor, yes!” Nick thrust hard into Connor’s grip, and, rather embarrassingly all round, his orgasm hit within seconds, and all Connor had to do was keep stroking him through it.

They lay beside each other in a tangle of tired limbs, and Connor felt Nick gently reach out and caress his back and shoulders.

“Mine,” Nick whispered. The way that he made that one word sound both predatory and comforting was only slightly worrying by this stage.

Connor shuffled far enough to place a soft kiss on Nick’s lips. He was faintly aware of the fact that he could already feel something hard beginning to nudge his thigh again, and gave a theatrical sigh.

“So,” Connor said, not quite able to believe he was actually going to ask this out loud. “Exactly how long did they say you were going to be infected with this... ‘sex pollen’?”

Tags: connor temple, fanfic, nick cutter, nick/connor, slash

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