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ficlet: Chocolate (No Orange)

Another one written for the prompts on just_kiss_her. Fun as this is, I have other fics I'm supposed to be working on, dammit!

Title: Chocolate (No Orange)
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Jess/Becker
Rating: 15
Warnings: Fluff
Spoilers: Minor for 4.2
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 375
Summary: It was like having her own personal Milk Tray Man.
AN: written for the prompt meme on just_kiss_her, for the prompt ‘It started with a chocolate bar but turned into something more.’ by mercscilla

After that first time, Jess started to find chocolate on her desk every Tuesday. Just something small. Usually something interesting. Never anything with orange.

Every week it was a different flavour. Strawberry chocolate, cherry chocolate, dark, milk, plain, mint, and on one memorable occasion, chilli chocolate.

No matter how early she arrived at work, she never caught him in the act, and the chocolate was always there, waiting for her.

Until the day that it wasn’t.

Jess tried not to be disappointed. He had been chasing dinosaurs for the last sixteen hours almost without break. No one had died, but it had been a close run thing, and it had taken them all night to track down all of the escaped creatures. He had barely made it into the ARC for more than fifteen minutes, before Lester, much to their surprise, had told the field team to go home and get some rest. On a list of priorities, Jess knew her little indulgence really shouldn’t matter that much.

And yet, she couldn’t help wondering if something had changed, if she had done something wrong. If he had become bored with her childish glee over such a silly little thing.

Jess was still somewhat subdued when she finally arrived home that evening, and so lost in her thoughts that she almost didn’t see the item that had been left on the coffee table in the middle of her flat. It was the bright yellow post-it note attached to it that actually caught her attention. Jess looked closer, and smiled.

You didn’t think I’d forgotten, did you? it said in his neat handwriting.

“I do hope you haven’t eaten yet,” Becker drawled from behind her, and Jess turned to see him leaning casually in the bedroom doorway, wearing only a rumpled pair of jeans, and looking like he’d just woken up. Which, she reflected, was entirely possible.

“Why, do you have something in mind?” Jess inquired, trying to hide her confusion.

Becker simply nodded at what she was holding in her hands, a rather smug expression beginning to form.

Jess glanced down and tugged the post-it note off, and her smile got even bigger when she realised she was holding a jar of chocolate body paint.

Tags: becker, becker/jess, fanfic, het, jess parker
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