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fanfic: The Lesson

Extremely late birthday fic for lukadreaming . Sorry it's so late *hugs* The pairings kept refusing to co-operate, until I tried this combination!

Title: The Lesson
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Becker/Ryan, Becker/Stephen/Ryan
Rating: 18
Warnings: smut, mild bondage, threesome 
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 3170
Summary: His lovers decide that Stephen needs to be taught a lesson.
AN: Birthday fic for lukadreaming.
AN2: Set in Denial-friendly ARC, where they all survived, obviously!


          As soon as the door to the flat was closed behind them, Ryan grabbed Stephen and slammed him against the wall.

            “You’re a bloody tease, you know that, Stephen?”

            Unperturbed, Stephen smirked and rolled his hips so their crotches rubbed against each other.

            “That’s why you like me.”                    

            “I don’t like you being a distraction every single second of a field op,” Ryan shot back, although considering that Stephen could feel the bulge in Ryan’s trousers he wasn’t really sensing an incentive to stop.

            Becker appeared in the doorway from the living room, still limping slightly from the injury that had kept him off work for the last week.

            “Have you started without me?” Becker asked, with only the smallest trace of a pout in his voice. “You could have at least waited another thirty seconds until you got to the sofa.”

            “This cocky little bastard has been driving me mad all day,” Ryan growled.

            Stephen rubbed against him again, still smirking. He loved it when Ryan talked like that, and he knew the more he pushed, the harder he was going to get fucked.

            Becker raised his eyebrows.

            “Really? Well, there’s a surprise.” He paused, and Stephen was suddenly not entirely sure he liked the look that appeared in the younger man’s eyes. “So, I take it you were planning on teaching him a lesson?”

            “Damn right,” Ryan said.

            “Anything in particular in mind? Because if not, I have an idea.”

            Now Stephen was certain he didn’t like the look on Becker’s face.

            Ryan, on the other hand, looked entirely too interested in Becker’s suggestion.

            “Okay, what do you plan on doing with him?” Ryan asked.

            “Hey!” Stephen interjected. “You could at least stop talking about me like I’m not here. And don’t I get a say in this?”

            “No,” Becker said. “And from this point on, if I hear a word out of you that isn’t in direct response to one of us speaking to you, I’m going to gag you, is that clear?”

            Stephen could practically feel the blood rushing to his cock at Becker’s words, and barely managed to bite down on the cheeky response that came to mind, instead forcing himself to nod. He glanced back at Ryan to see what he thought of this development. The predatory gleam in Ryan’s eyes was almost enough to make him back down and try to stop this before they got started. But at the same time, there was a part of Stephen that couldn’t wait to see what they were going to do with him this time.

            “Bedroom?” Ryan asked Becker.

            “Yes. Have him stripped by the time I get there, please. I’ve got a few things to find first.”

            Ryan let go of Stephen’s jacket where he had been pressing him against the wall for the entire conversation so far, and gave him a small shove down the corridor.

            “You heard him. Move.”

            Stephen felt his legs carrying him forwards without any conscious thought on his part. He paused for a moment when he reached Becker, hoping to glean some idea from the man as to what he should expect, but apart from the raised eyebrows and a tiny hint of a smile at the corners of his lips, they could just as easily have been discussing making a cup of tea, instead of how they planned to ‘teach him a lesson’.

            “Move,” Ryan repeated, shoving him slightly again, and Stephen made his way to the bedroom, aware of Ryan lurking a step behind him all the way.

            If it were down to Ryan, Stephen knew he was simply likely to get a damn good fucking, but since Becker had joined them it had added a whole new dimension to their relationship. They had quickly learned that Becker had an adventurous and kinky streak that far surpassed anything that Stephen and Ryan had thought to experiment with on their own. And, despite the fact that he was both the youngest and the newest, it was frequently Becker who took the lead and encouraged them to play ‘outside the box’.

            “Do you really still want to be dressed when he arrives?” Ryan prompted, an amused and anticipatory smile playing at his mouth.

            Stephen dragged himself out of his thoughts and stripped in record quick time, choosing to ignore Ryan’s disapproving glance at the pile of clothes dumped in an untidy heap on the floor. On any other day he might have deliberately disobeyed Becker, just to see what he would do, but his time Stephen decided it was probably safer if he didn’t push. Becker had been getting increasing more bored and frustrated stuck at home while his leg healed, and past experience had taught him that a bored Becker was often the most dangerous type.

            Dangerous in a thoroughly enjoyable way, of course.

            Becker limped into the room and stood beside Ryan, and Stephen found himself under close scrutiny. Determined not to allow either his anticipation or his nerves to show, Stephen pulled himself up to his full height and stared straight back at them with a challenge in his eyes.

            “He really doesn’t know when to quit, does he?” Becker mused out loud.

            “Never has, probably never will, no matter what you do to him,” Ryan replied.

            “Careful, I might take that as a challenge,” Becker said with a chuckle.

            “What are you planning on doing, anyway?” Ryan asked, in more or less the same tone of voice he might have used to ask what the man was cooking for dinner that night.

Stephen might have complained earlier about them discussing what they were going to do to him without consulting him, but the truth was he got off on being their plaything when they indulged in these kinds of games, and they both knew it. His cock twitched in anticipation, and Becker chuckled again.

“Well, we won’t have any of that, for starters,” he said, and closed the distance to Stephen until they were practically touching, both men’s eyes locked on the other.

Stephen was so busy trying not to blink, he only realised Becker had taken something out of his pocket when he felt the cold metal snap around the base of his cock. He dragged in a sharp breath and stepped back and looked down to see the cock ring that now enclosed his erection.

“Let’s see how the tease likes to be teased in return, eh?” Becker said with that glint of evil back in his eyes. “And while we’re at it, just to make sure you don’t try to interfere with it at all...” he moved round behind Stephen, and Stephen could feel the man’s breath against the back of his neck. “Hands,” Becker said, his voice unmistakeably an order.

Stephen immediately put his hands behind his back, and the metal clicking into place around his wrists was as unwelcome as it was unsurprising. They had played bondage games before on more than one occasion, and a shiver of anticipation rippled through Stephen’s body at the thought of what else Becker might have planned next. He trusted them both not to go too far, but then, considering some of the things they’d done in the past, ‘too far’ was still a hell of a long way off from this.

“That’s better,” Becker decided, his finger stroking random patterns down Stephen’s spine.

Stephen continued to stare at Ryan, hoping his eyes were still displaying a bravado that he no longer entirely felt. Ryan, on the other hand, looked like he was enjoying this rather too much.

Becker moved back to stand next to Ryan, and appeared to be admiring his handiwork for a moment, before turning his attention to Ryan.

“So, how about a little fun?”

Without waiting for a reply he slipped his arms around Ryan’s waist and tugged him closer. Ryan apparently needed no further encouragement, and he wrapped a hand around the back of Becker’s head and kissed him. The first kiss was hard, fast, and spoke of impatience. Becker tugged Ryan’s t-shirt up and slid one hand underneath it, while the other hand moved down to cup Ryan’s arse.

“Slow down,” Becker murmured when they broke apart for air. “There are no prizes for coming first.” He glanced at Stephen with an entirely wicked grin. “Although I’m fairly certain I know who won’t be coming first.”

Stephen could have quite happily strangled his lover right then. If his hands weren’t cuffed behind his back, of course. His cock strained and he bit back a whine that threatened to escape at the sight playing out before him.

“You’re wearing too much,” Ryan commented.

Before Becker could move to rectify that, however, Ryan dragged him in for another kiss, this one as slow and leisurely as the first one had been hard and fast.

“Definitely,” Becker eventually agreed when they finally parted.

They both began to undress, pausing frequently to kiss and grope each other in a way that was not at all helping Stephen to keep his resolution that he would not give them the satisfaction of either begging or whining, no matter what Becker had planned for him. Eventually naked, the two men tumbled onto the bed, and Becker sprawled on his back, reaching lazily for Ryan. Ryan leaned over him and began to nibble, nuzzle and lick his way down Becker’s body. Ryan’s hand trailed along Becker’s chest and hips, causing him to wriggle in a decidedly unmanly way, in spite of his earlier dominance.

If it wasn’t for the cock ring, Stephen had a feeling this sight alone could have sent him over the edge. Instead, he found himself unable to take his eyes off the scene before him, and unable to do anything about the fact that it was quite possibly the hottest thing he had seen in a very long time. The sight of either one of his lovers naked was normally enough, but this was just too much.

Ryan claimed another needy kiss while his hand stroked the length of Becker’s cock, making the younger man arch up into him with an utterly wanton groan.

Stephen couldn’t help it. He whined.

“I think someone is feeling left out,” Ryan commented with a slightly throaty chuckle.

“Mm hmm,” Becker agreed, not appearing to pay any attention whatsoever as his mouth became occupied with Ryan’s collarbone.

Ryan gripped Becker’s cock again, but to the surprise of practically everyone else in the room, Becker reached down and grabbed his wrist, stopping him.

“Wait,” Becker said, although Stephen felt slightly smug to hear that his voice was just a little strained.

Becker’s gaze flickered in Stephen’s direction.

“I think it’s time we let someone else join in, don’t you?”

“I don’t know,” Ryan said with a wicked grin. “We seem to be getting along fine without him right now.”

“True. But he does have a very nice arse, and a talented mouth. Seems a shame to let them go to waste.”

It was taking all of Stephen’s restraint not to throw himself on the bed with them. The desperate, aching need to be touched was almost unbearable, and he suspected he was going to come in an embarrassingly short time just as soon as they remove the cock ring.

“Do you want to fuck him?” Ryan asked, his hand now caressing Becker’s chest.

“I’ll let you, if you like. Besides, it’s only fair. You’re the one he was teasing all day.”

Ryan pulled Becker in for another kiss, and Stephen whimpered as he watched their hands roaming across each other, all but ignoring him again as they tasted and explored each other. He was beginning to not care which of them got to fuck him, just as long as one of them did, and the sooner the better.  Becker seemed to be whispering something to Ryan, and then they both turned towards Stephen.

“Over here, now,” Becker ordered.

Ryan rolled away as Stephen stepped up to the edge of the bed, trying not to look too eager or desperate.

Becker reached round and flicked the catch to release the cuffs, and Stephen had to fight the urge to immediately reach for his cock.

“On the bed, on your hands and knees.”

Becker was still sprawled in the way, so Stephen tried to climb over him into the middle of the bed. He found a solid wall of Ryan in the way, and was gently pushed back until he got the idea and found himself on his hands and knees over Becker. Ryan quickly moved into position behind him, and with no warning at all Stephen felt Ryan slipping a slicked finger inside him. Stephen whined again, and wriggled slightly as he adjusted to the feeling, and tried to ignore the ever more insistent pressure on his cock.

It was at that moment that Stephen realised exactly where this was going. They were going to fuck him with the damn cock ring still on.

Ryan’s probing finger suddenly found his prostate and Stephen tried desperately to bite back the whimper. He was so focused on what was going on down there that he didn’t even realise Becker was moving until he felt fingers threading into his hair and tugging him down. Becker pressed a gentle kiss against his lips, and then pushed harder, trying to force entry. Stephen opened his mouth and this time the kiss was hungry and demanding and Stephen didn’t even try to fight for control as Becker claimed him. Ryan seemed to be in no hurry, continuing to prepare him for far longer than he would usually, and making Stephen writhe and shiver every time he touched that spot. Stephen squeezed his eyes shut and let the sensations take over. There was nothing else in the world right at that moment, nothing except both his lovers driving him mad with pleasure and torment.

After what felt like an eternity, Ryan removed his fingers and finally pushed in with his cock, burying himself fully in one thrust. Stephen tried to wriggle, it was too much to adjust to all at once, but Ryan’s hands gripped his hips and held him still. Stephen whined against Becker’s mouth, and Becker bit down on his lip, forcing him to focus on the new flash of painpleasure and drawing his attention back. Ryan slowly withdrew, and then equally slowly thrust back in, setting a place that was maddeningly slow and torturous for Stephen’s over-sensitised body. The pressure in his cock was unbearable, and for a split second the safe word sprang into Stephen’s mind. Ryan found his prostate again and Stephen swallowed back the safe word and buried his face into Becker’s shoulder to muffle the high keening noise that escaped instead.

“Open your eyes. Look at me,” Becker said softly, his hands steadying on Stephen’s shoulders.

Stephen pulled back a little and obeyed. The evil glee had vanished from Becker’s eyes, replaced with lust, and yet tinged with concern.

“Okay?” Becker asked quietly.

Coherent words were not a possibility as Ryan continued to fuck him hard, but Stephen nodded.

“Good boy.” Becker kissed him again, a little more gently this time. “But I think there are far better things you ought to be using that mouth for right now, don’t you?”

Becker reached down and stroked his own cock.

“The sooner Ryan and I have had our fun, the sooner you get yours.”

Stephen dropped his head, but with the best will in the world there was no way he could get near Becker’s cock in this position, and Ryan didn’t seem inclined to move or wait for him to adjust position. Stephen whined again, this time in frustration, and Becker obligingly pulled himself further up the bed beneath Stephen. It was still something of a contortion act, but with a little creative stretching, a side product of which resulted in pushing himself back onto Ryan’s cock even harder, he managed to take Becker’s cock into his mouth and flicked his tongue across the tip. Becker moaned and thrust up into Stephen’s mouth. Stephen gagged for a moment and then, despite the promise of release once Becker was satisfied, he set himself to the task of revisiting a fraction of his torment onto Becker. He teased with his tongue, listening to the noises Becker made and pulling back or changing what he was doing every time it sounded like the man was getting too close.

Stephen had no idea how long he managed to keep this up. Time was meaningless. He was completely filled, owned. It felt as though his entire existence had narrowed into this one moment of need, desire, pleasure, pain and the desperate, aching need for release.

Abruptly a flick of his tongue had Becker thrusting up and coming hard into his mouth, his fists twisting in the sheets beneath him and his head thrown back as an inarticulate sound of pure pleasure escaped. Apparently that was enough to tip Ryan over the edge as well, and a moment later he was pulsing hard into Stephen’s body, his fingers digging into Stephen’s hips so hard he was sure there were going to be marks there later. Stephen rode out their orgasms, his own need multiplied tenfold by the sensation of their release. As Becker finally stilled beneath him, Stephen let his cock slide out of his mouth, aware that his arms were shaking with the strain of holding himself up in this position.

He had a vague suspicion he may have whined again.

Becker reached up and stroked his cheek, smiling at him.

“Good boy,” he murmured. His other hand closed around Stephen’s cock and with a twist he released the cock ring. “Now you can let go.”

And with Ryan still inside him and Becker’s hand on his cock and his mouth open in a silent scream, Stephen came harder than he had ever done in his life.


The next few minutes passed by in something of a blur. The aftershocks were still vibrating through his body when he finally became aware that he was nestled between his lovers, their bodies wrapped around his in a protective cocoon.

Words still seemed to be beyond him, so Stephen made a quiet noise of contentment and nuzzled what felt like a solid muscled shoulder in front of him.

“I think he’s back,” Ryan said.

“You okay?” Becker asked from right behind his ear.

Stephen managed another contented noise, and nodded. He finally opened his eyes and found Ryan smiling at him.

“Hope you’ve learnt your lesson now,” Ryan said.

“Yep,” Stephen said, as vocabulary finally came back to him.

“So, are you going to be a distracting little tease while we’re at work again in future?” Becker asked, leaning closer and letting his hand roam down Stephen’s body.

“Oh, yes, definitely,” Stephen said with a smirk, and stole a kiss from Ryan.

Becker and Ryan both chuckled.

“Somehow I thought you’d say that.”


Tags: becker, becker/ryan, becker/stephen/ryan, fanfic, slash, stephen hart, tom ryan

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  • New year round up of 2015

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