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Happy Birthday Telperion_15!!!! birthday fic: In The Dark

Happy Birthday telperion_15! Hope you're having a lovely day, I thought you might like some plot-free smutty fluff (or fluffy smut, depending which way you look at it) with the boys.

Title: In The Dark
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Nick/Connor
Rating: 18
Warnings: more fluff than an explosion in a teddy bear factory! 
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 2650
Summary: A power cut leaves Nick and Connor wondering what to do with the evening.
AN: Birthday fic for telperion_15 







            Then there was silence for a moment.


            Connor’s voice floated out of the darkness, sounding both tentative and worried at the same time.

            “I’m here,” Nick muttered, picking himself up from the floor beside the coffee table. He put his hand down to get his balance and felt a sudden flash of pain and a flood of warmth in the palm of his hand. “Ow, shit!”

            “Nick?” This time Connor sounded really worried. “Are you okay?”

            As Nick’s eyes started to adjust to the darkness he saw a dark shape that had to be Connor slowly stepping into view, clinging onto the doorframe on his way into the living room.

            “Careful,” Nick warned. “I dropped a mug of tea when the lights went out. There’s hot tea and smashed ceramic everywhere.”

            “Are you okay?” Connor asked again. He seemed to have taken Nick’s warning seriously and stopped in the doorway rather than blundering further into the room, a fact that Nick was quietly grateful for considering Connor’s occasional accident prone tendencies.

            “Think I’ve cut my hand on the smashed mug,” Nick admitted, finally standing up without further incident.

            His eyes had got more used to the darkness now, and he could make out the shapes of furniture and when he looked closely, he could see the splash of dark fluid on his hand.

            “Little cut or ‘oh my god, call an ambulance now’ cut?”

            “I’ll let you know when I’ve run it under the tap,” Nick decided, carefully picking his way across the living room to meet Connor in the doorway. Connor got out of his way, and hovered behind him all the way to the kitchen where Nick proceeded to do just that.

            “Are you okay?” Nick asked, realising he was a little late in asking the question. “I heard a thump and yell from the kitchen when the lights went out.”

            “It’s fine, just banged my knee on the fridge door.” Connor peered out of the kitchen window. “I think it’s a proper power cut. All the standby lights on the TV and stuff are out as well. I did wonder if it was just the lights circuit that had blown. Doesn’t look like next door’s got any lights on either, so it’s not just us.”

            “There are candles in the dresser in the living room,” Nick said, still watching the blood flowing freely down the sink along with the tap water.

            “I think I’d better get the first aid kit from the bathroom first,” Connor commented. “Back in a second.”

            It actually took rather more like several minutes, and quite a lot of banging around and occasional swearing, before Connor returned with the first aid kit. By that time the bleeding had almost stopped anyway, but Nick gently patted it dry and let Connor stick a large plaster across his palm. Then Nick dug out the dustpan and brush, and a roll of kitchen towel, and went back into the living room to clean up the mess of the smashed mug, while Connor found first a torch, and then the candles and the box of matches that Nick kept with them.

            Eventually they reconvened in the living room, and surveyed the situation in the soft glow of the numerous candles dotted around the mantelpiece and various tables.

            “I’ve had a look out the front, looks like the entire street’s dark,” Connor said. He looked surprisingly worried by this fact.

            “I’m sure the power will be back on soon,” Nick said, trying to sound reassuring. “We’re in the middle of a major town, not the Outer Hebrides. There are probably engineers already working on it.”

            “But I really wanted to watch that sci-fi series that’s on at nine o’clock,” Connor pouted.

            Nick chuckled. “Nice to know you’ve got your priorities sorted out.”

            Connor’s pout suddenly turned into something more serious and concerned. “Hang on, what about the fire? It’s electric, we won’t have any heat! And all the little portable heaters are electric as well. And there’s three foot of snow outside and we’re in the middle of the coldest winter for a decade!”

            “Connor, Connor, calm down,” Nick laughed. “Firstly, the central heating has been on all evening so there will be heat in the radiators for hours yet. And secondly, it’s a cold snap, not the next Ice Age. And it’s three inches of snow at most.”

            “I’m getting cold already.”

            Nick rolled his eyes. “This isn’t cold. Scotland in the depths of January, now that’s cold.”

            Although he had to admit that with the fire now off, the room was already starting to lose its heat.

            “Okay, tell you what we’ll do. Go get a couple of the spare blankets from the airing cupboard, I think there’s a nice thick fleece one in there. We’ve got the candles in here, we can close all the doors, keep the heat in, and get cosy under the blankets if it gets too cold before the power comes back on.”

            “Okay.” Connor grabbed the torch and ran off. When he returned Nick was quite amused to see that Connor was almost buried under the large bundle of blankets with only a pair of legs visible beneath the stack. When he dropped the blankets on the sofa, Nick noticed that Connor now had on one of the thick hoodies that he had taken to wearing, and after rummaging in the pile of bedding, he tossed Nick an extra sweater as well.    

            Connor was all for getting snuggled under the blankets right away, but Nick insisted they should at least wait until they actually started to notice the cold. Eventually they were settled together on the sofa, and Nick wondered what on earth they were going to do with the rest of the night if the power didn’t come back relatively soon.

“I could murder a cup of tea,” Nick decided with a sigh. He had been about to start drinking the last one when the lights had gone out.

            “You could have said that five minutes ago,” Connor grumbled, making to get up again.  

            “Don’t bother, we can’t make a drink now anyway. The kettle’s electric.”

            “We could boil some water in a pan?” Connor suggested.

            “Pilot light on the cooker’s electric.”


            The more Nick thought about it, the more he was starting to think they should both just go out and find the nearest pub that still had electricity and wait for the power to come back on. But at the same time it was cold outside and he had spent all day in a frozen, snowy field attending a singularly uneventful anomaly, and he just wanted a quiet night in with a book while Connor watched his sci-fi programme. God, he was getting old and boring!

            Nick picked up his book, angled himself so that he could see by the light of one of the candles, and started to read, enjoying the relative quiet without the TV in the background.

            Connor fidgeted for several minutes until he eventually opened his laptop, perched it on his knees, and they were both bathed in the glow from the screen, somewhat more subdued than usual since it was running on battery power.

            “What are you reading?” Connor asked after a while.

            “Book about mass extinctions in prehistory. The writer is clearly talking out of his arse when it comes to the K-T boundary, but the rest of it’s not too bad. Why?”

            “Just wondered.”

            After a pause Nick asked, “What are you reading?”


            Nick immediately looked up and across at Connor’s laptop screen. All he could see was several pictures of computers and reams of text and statistics.

            Connor shot him a very mischievous grin.

            “I lied, it’s not porn at all. I’m just checking out the latest upgrades and releases, which I suppose could be considered porn if you were considerably more of a techno-geek than me.”

            Nick sighed. “If you were bored and wanted attention, you could have just said so.”

            “It was much more fun seeing the look on your face. If you’re interested, I could probably find some porn. Although depending how long the battery on the laptop lasts we’d probably just be getting to the good bit before it dies.”

            Nick rolled his eyes. “I have absolutely no desire to see improbably proportioned men sticking their improbably large dicks into improbable places, thank you very much.”

            He refocused his attention on his book, but for some reason couldn’t seem to concentrate on it any more.

            “I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to put yours somewhere, improbable or otherwise,” Connor commented, his eyes on the screen, but his lips betraying an amused smirk. “And on the practical side, it might be a good way of keeping warm.”

            Nick gave up on his book and put it down.

            “Is that your way of saying that you want to go to bed?”

            “Didn’t say anything about bed. Besides, it’s warmer in here, and the power might come back at any moment.”

            Nick had to admit the temperature was starting to drop now that the fire had been off for a while, and he snagged one of the blankets and arranged it over himself. Connor pouted and lifted his laptop up so that Nick could spread the blanket across Connor’s lap as well.

            “Still on a quest for porn?” Nick inquired, trying not to sound too interested.

The truth was, Connor’s innocent comment had stirred up all the doubts that he normally managed to keep buried. Connor was young, and had an almost insatiable appetite for sex which Nick knew he could not keep up with, no matter how fit he was in all other respects. Why would Connor want someone so much older, someone who sometimes preferred a night in with a good book to an evening of wild rampant sex? Much as he didn’t want to think it of his young lover, Nick wouldn’t have entirely blamed Connor if he had needed to find other ways to satisfy himself occasionally.

            Connor glanced up, and his eyebrows furrowed.

            “What’s up?” Realisation seemed to dawn. “You’re having those thought again, aren’t you?”

            “What thoughts?” Nick countered.

            Connor closed his laptop and put it down beside the sofa, and then turned his full attention on Nick.

            “Why would I want porn, when I’ve got you?” Connor’s fingers found Nick’s jaw and tugged him round so that Connor could kiss him softly, not pushing, just a gentle press of lips against Nick’s mouth. “Silly,” Connor murmured when he moved away. 

            For someone who spent a large amount of time appearing to be completely clueless, sometimes Connor could be surprisingly astute. Nick pulled him close and they cuddled under the blankets for a while, Connor wriggling until he was nestled comfortably in Nick’s arms, his head resting against Nick’s chest.

            They stayed like that for some time, and Nick buried his thoughts again and enjoyed the moment. With the flickering candlelight and the quiet he could almost forget about the power cut and the general inconvenience it had caused. Almost. The fact was, the temperature was steadily dropping, despite the candles, and after a while Nick started to feel uncomfortable.

            It was at that moment that he became aware of Connor’s hand creeping downwards, and Nick felt the button and zip on his jeans being opened.

            He sighed. “Much as I like the thought, it’s been a long, cold and tiring day, and I have to say I don’t much fancy my chances of getting up for it.”

            “Now you know I’m just going to take that as a challenge,” Connor said, not stopping in his attempt to get his hand inside Nick’s boxers. There was a small sound of triumph when he eventually succeeded in his quest, and then Connor’s skilful fingers began their work of driving Nick slowly insane.

            Despite his initial protest, Nick found himself becoming hard quite quickly, although Connor kept his movements slow and teasing, always shifting the focus of his attention elsewhere when Nick felt himself coming too close too soon. Nick closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the sofa. Connor took the opportunity to nuzzle and nip at Nick’s exposed throat, adding to the sensations until Nick no longer noticed the temperature of the room at all. He couldn’t help shifting his hips, trying to push up against Connor’s hand to create that extra bit of pressure that he needed. His thigh rubbed against Connor’s crotch and he became aware of just how ‘up for it’ the young man was.

            Nick pushed Connor away far enough to move, ignoring Connor’s confused whine. Then he continued to push gently until Connor was lying back on the sofa and Nick moved quickly to cover Connor’s body with his own, their cocks rubbing against each other as Nick claimed Connor’s mouth and buried his fingers in his lover’s hair, his other hand making quick work of the zip on Connor’s trousers. He was barely aware of the blankets slipping off and onto the floor as Connor bucked upwards and they both came together, their fluids merging in a sticky mess between them as Nick stopped trying to hold himself up and carefully lowered himself to lie on top of Connor. As Nick’s breathing returned to normal he couldn’t help smiling at the soft purring sounds that seemed to be reverberating right through Connor’s body. Apparently there was life in the old dog yet.

            “Squ’shing me!” Connor’s rather muffled voice protested into Nick’s shoulder. Nick shifted awkwardly, trying to find a way of lying next to Connor that didn’t involve either of them falling off the sofa and onto the floor.

            “It’s gone cold,” Connor grumbled, although there was no real complaint behind his statement.

            Nick was still reaching for the lost blankets when the lights abruptly flickered and came back on, making them both squint and close their eyes against the sudden brightness. Nick looked up and saw that digital displays all across the room were flashing, demanding to have the time reset and settings restored.

            “Just in time for your programme,” Nick commented, standing up and holding a hand out to Connor to pull him upright.

            Connor also stood up, and Nick couldn’t help noticing a mischievous look in his eyes.

            “Actually, I’ll catch it on the repeat. I can think of much more interesting things to do right now.” He tugged on Nick’s hand. “Bed?”

            “Again? I’m not the sodding Duracell bunny, you know!” Nick laughed.

            “Well, in that case I’ll just have to find a way for recharging your batteries, won’t I?” Connor said, his mischievous grin still firmly in place.

            “Ah, the optimism of youth.”

            Connor stepped up close with a mock glare and poked Nick in the middle of his chest.

            “Oi! We’ve had this conversation before. You are not old, you’re experienced. And personally, I feel it’s very important that you share the benefit of that experience by giving me as many practical demonstrations as possible.”

            Nick couldn’t help smiling and rolling his eyes, despite the fact that he was becoming uncomfortably aware of the rapidly cooling mess they were both in

            “Well, when you put it like that...”

            Connor’s face lit up.

            “Excellent! Last one to bed turns out the lights.”

            And then he was bounding up the stairs, while Nick watched him go with equal parts amusement and affection.

            He blew out all the candles, made sure everything was switched off that needed to be switched off, did one last check round the house and then headed for the bedroom.

            Nick could feel a rather evil smile forming. He thought it was high time Connor received a ‘practical demonstration’ on the virtue of patience. Although, Nick reflected, considering what he had planned, ‘virtuous’ probably wasn’t the most appropriate word for it. 


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