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With hindsight, today might have gone better if I had simply not got out of bed and not attempted to interact with the day at all.

Major whinge posted behind the cut

I suspected it wasn't a good sign when I got into work, and while making my first cup of tea of the day, managed to drop the almost-full bottle of milk, which then sprayed milk all over every available floor and surface in the vicinity. By the time I had cleaned it up I had lost quite a lot of precious pre-work breakfast and internet time, but never mind. 

Then, there was the work. As I've commented to a few people, I am spending most of September covering for someone who's on holiday. It's not been too bad this week so far, but today nothing went right when I tried to do her job. And, of course, since it's not my regular job I don't know the quick and simple solutions when things aren't straighforward, so spent half the morning trying to find information that turned out not to exist anyway. By the end of the day, I think I had managed to finish some of yesterday's work in my own job. And I'm about two weeks behind with printing stuff, as we've got IT problems that no-one seems to know how to fix. Considered staying late, and then decided, bugger it, mostly because I'd been falling asleep all afternoon anyway so would probably just make a complete cock up of anything else that I tried to do late.

I got home. Things got better: the printer cartridges I had ordered online had arrived! I have finally entered the twentieth century and bought something online! Successfully! Go me.

Then, after installing my new printer cartridge, I discovered my computer chair was broken by the expedient method of trapping and crushing my finger in it. OW! Said finger is now wrapped in a cold, wet kitchen towel, and it still hurts about half an hour later, and I'm typing very slowly and making so many typo's it's not funny, as it was my right index finger, and now I can't type properly. 

Okay, whinge over now. To be fair, I'm sure lots of other people have had a worse day, I'm just tired and wanted a bit of a rant. I would like to add a *huge thank you* to the completely mad Primeval Crowd. In the midst of my bad day at work, I finally stopped briefly for lunch (an hour later than usual) and discovered more of Munchkin's wonderful Ryan-picspam, and all your insane comments, and had a good laugh, and it was like a half-hour oasis of friendly insanity that cheered me up no end. So I decided it was definietly time to post the sentiment that Telperion_15 and Fredbassett have already posted:

If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

It's so true. Thanks guys.

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