athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

Fanfic: A Very Strange Night (part 2)

Title: A Very Strange Night
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Stephen/Cutter, Connor/Stephen/Cutter,
Rating: 18
Warnings: Smut 
Spoilers: Very vague for 1.4
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 6650
Summary: Connor sees something he shouldn’t, and then the night gets stranger from there on...  
AN: Written for heeroluva for the Autumn 2010 Primeval ficathon. Based on the prompt, ‘Connor thinks that he'll never have what Cutter and Stephen have together. He thought wrong.’
AN: Thanks to telperion_15 for the beta.

Part 1



            Connor wasn’t listening. Okay, he wasn’t intentionally listening, but he didn’t have a lot of option because the tents were, unsurprisingly, not exactly sound-proof, and Cutter wasn’t being very quiet and subtle about whatever they were doing.

            Okay, scratch that. Connor knew exactly what they were doing, or at least he had a damn good idea, and the thoughts and images that was putting in his head were doing nothing for his ability to get to sleep. Although, on the plus side, it was helping a great deal towards keeping him warm in the cold night air.

            Without him consciously thinking about it, Connor’s hand found his cock, already half-hard, and he started to absently stroke himself. Oh, god, he was fantasising about his work colleagues. Surely that was very wrong and bad? But lying here listening, thinking, Connor found himself coming to the conclusion that it wasn’t even the hot mental images that was getting to him, so much as the entire relationship thing. The more he thought about it, the more it all made sense. The way Cutter and Stephen always seemed to know what the other was thinking, the way they finished each other’s sentences, the way they seemed to have entire conversations without even speaking, just a meeting of eyes and a slight flicker of expression to convey exactly what they meant.

Connor could barely imagine what it must be like to be that close to someone, to have someone who understood you so intimately. He suspected that was what being in love must be like. But that just made something deep inside him ache. This was stupid, how could he miss something that he’d never even had?

            Abruptly there was a loud splash and a sudden squawking and the flapping of many birds taking off. Then there was what could only be described as a roar.

            Connor scrambled to get his trousers on in the darkness of the tent. He was aware of shouting from the other tent, and hoped that Stephen was managing to react faster than he was.

            He was still trying to pull up the zip on his trousers when he stuck his head out of the tent. Stephen was already out and aiming his tranquilliser rifle at a dark shape at the water’s edge. Despite the imminent danger Connor took a moment to add the image to his memories, along with the swimming pool scene, because Stephen had apparently decided to bypass the whole getting dressed thing in favour of speed of reaction, and was only wearing his boxers.

            “What is it?” Connor shouted, as he crawled out of the tent.

            Something lumbered out of the dark water and up the bank towards them. In the moonlight Connor caught a glimpse of scales and ridges and the splayed legs of a crocodilian body. It was heading straight towards Stephen.

            “Stephen!” Connor yelled.

The warning was wholly unnecessary, because Stephen was already shooting it, repeatedly, as fast as he could reload the rifle. It wasn’t going to be fast enough.

Connor grabbed a stone and hurled it at the creature’s head.

“Oi! Over here!” he yelled, waving his arms and jumping up and down.

The creature turned to look at him and swung round surprisingly fast. Its tail swiped Stephen off his feet and the rifle hit the ground as Stephen rolled down the bank to land in the water with a splash.

Connor suddenly realised that left him alone with an extremely pissed off looking crocodile the length of a small car.


He grabbed a stick and started swinging it at the crocodile as he scrambled backwards. Cutter finally crawled out of his tent, and Connor saw him pick up Stephen’s rifle. Connor felt the back of his leg hit the guy rope of his tent and flailed to stay upright. The crocodile lunged at Connor and he dived sideways. The crocodile roared again, but the sound was muffled, and when Connor realised that he wasn’t in the process of being eaten or having his leg bitten off, he got to his knees and looked round to see the crocodile thrashing around in what was left of Stephen’s spare tent. The tent collapsed around it, and the more the animal struggled the more it became twisted in the tent fabric. Cutter shot it twice more for good measure, and eventually it stopped moving.

“Are you okay?” Cutter asked.

Connor nodded. “I think I’m actually getting used to near death experiences now.”

“Where’s Stephen?”

            Somehow, Connor had expected Stephen to have emerged from the lake and be standing in some manly pose on the edge of the water, looking like a male model. He hadn’t, and more to the point there was no sign of him anywhere.

            “He fell in the water,” Connor explained, already running to the water’s edge. He slipped the last couple of feet down the bank and landed in the icy water up to his waist. It was possibly a good thing that the water was cold enough to take his breath for a moment, because otherwise he suspected there would have been an extremely unmanly shriek. His legs bumped against something and this time he did yelp. Then he saw what it was, and grabbed hold of Stephen’s unmoving body and dragged him upright and into Cutter’s waiting arms.

            Connor clambered out of the water while Cutter half carried, half dragged Stephen away from the water and laid him down on the ground.

            “Is he okay? Is he breathing?”

            Cutter had his face pressed against Stephen’s, and after a moment he looked up, panic and relief both clear in his eyes.

            “Yes, he’s alive.” He dragged Stephen into the tent that wasn’t full of sedated crocodile. “He’s freezing, though. We need to get him warmed up while we wait for Ryan to get here.”

            Stephen wasn’t the only one who was freezing, Connor realised now that he had stopped running around and the cold night air was seeping into his soaked trousers and underwear. He started to shiver.

            “Connor, get in here,” Cutter yelled from inside the tent.


            “Unless you want to stay out there and freeze and get pneumonia, get yourself in here and help me with Stephen.”

            Connor hesitated a second, and then dived into the tent after his friends. Cutter already had his mobile phone pressed to his ear.

            “Get your wet clothes off while I call Ryan,” Cutter ordered.

            Either too cold or too stunned by the entire situation, Connor didn’t stop to think about what he was doing, and he tugged off his vest and began to fumble with the button on his trousers.

            “I think it’s safe to say that falls into the category of things that I in no way expected to hear you say to me tonight,” Connor said.  

            “Always an adventure with us,” Stephen murmured, surprising all of them by being conscious.

            The next few minutes passed by in something of a blur. By the time Cutter got off the phone with Ryan, Connor found himself stripped to his boxer shorts and pressed up next to Stephen in a tangle of sleeping bags and clothing in various states of dryness. Cutter announced that Ryan would be about half an hour, and then squeezed in on the other side so that Stephen was wrapped up between them.

            “If I didn’t know you better I’d think you planned this on purpose,” Cutter grumbled at Stephen.

            “Didn’t plan it, but I’m not complaining.”

            Connor suspected he was going an interesting shade of red, although the heat that was suddenly flushing through him was at least helping with the fact that his feet and legs were freezing, and that Stephen was acting as a heat sink right next to him.

            Without warning Stephen’s hand slipped around his waist and tugged him closer.

            “Cold!” Connor yelped, although his reaction was as much surprise as it was to do with the temperature of Stephen’s hand.

            Stephen burrowed a cold nose into Connor’s collarbone.

            “So warm me up, then.”

            “Stephen.” Cutter’s voice carried a low warning. “You’re not being fair to the lad.”

            “Don’t I get special dispensation for nearly being frozen to death and possibly being concussed?” Connor could have sworn there was a pout in Stephen’s voice.

            “Stop being melodramatic,” Cutter sighed. “I don’t think it’s cold enough for you to freeze to death in such a short time, and if you’re capable of saying things like that then I highly doubt you’ve got concussion.”

            Stephen kept moving around in a way that was completely distracting and that Connor was trying quite hard not to think about.

            “So,” Connor said, “Assuming we all don’t freeze to death or get eaten by a prehistoric crocodile, does this mean I get to put ‘human hot water bottle’ on my CV?”

            Cutter chuckled, and Stephen just burrowed closer, preventing Connor from any attempt at escape. Not that he particularly wanted to escape right then. Even if this was quite the most unexpected and surreal thing to have happened to him in his entire life. Except for possibly rips in the fabric of time and space, although, to be fair, even that seemed more believable than the possibility of him finding himself almost naked and cuddled up to two hot men who apparently didn’t mind him being there.

            Maybe his mind had been a little dulled by the temperature, but Connor realised a moment too late that actually thinking about his current situation like that was going to cause problems of a.... oh, yeah, that kind of problem. The kind of problem that Stephen was going to notice any second now because how could he not notice when they were pressed up against each other like this?  

            “Okay, now that’s not fair,” Stephen muttered, although he sounded more amused than annoyed. “Here I am surrounded by sexy naked people, and I’m the only one who can’t get interested in proceedings because I’m too cold.”

            Connor squeaked again, which was possibly better than actually saying anything, because the thought that Cutter might also have a raging hard-on, and that Stephen wanted one, was entirely too much information. And... Did Stephen just call him sexy?

            Stephen’s hand stroked his back, as if he were soothing a startled animal.

            “Considering I possibly owe you one for saving me, would you like a hand with that?”

            Stephen’s hand slipped round Connor’s hip and slowly stroked the length of his cock.

            Connor’s mind just stopped. Stephen, the man about whom he had been having increasingly vivid fantasies for the last several hours, was actually touching him.

            “Connor?” Stephen prodded, his hand still, but staying where it was. “Yes or no?”

            “You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with,” Cutter said quietly. Unless Connor was reading him completely wrong, there was an unspoken addition to that which went something along the lines of ‘but we’d kind of like it if you said yes’.

            It only took Connor a second to make his mind up.

            “Oh god, yes.”

            Before he had time to think about what he had just said, Stephen’s hand slipped inside his boxers and squeezed gently with a hand that was, mercifully, a hell of a lot warmer now than it had been ten minutes earlier. Heat coursed through him as Stephen continued to tease his cock in ways that Connor had barely even imagined, even considering his extremely active imagination and the help of the internet. Any thought he might have had about savouring the moment seemed doomed when Connor suddenly felt himself tense, and in an embarrassingly short amount of time he was coming hard, thrusting into Stephen’s hand in an uncoordinated but immensely pleasurable way.   

            “Wow,” he mumbled when he had gathered enough brain cells together to enable speech.  

            Stephen snuggled closer, and Connor tentatively put an arm around him. In the semi-darkness he could see Cutter watching him over Stephen’s shoulder, a slight smile playing at his mouth. Then Cutter’s arm reached around and settled on Connor’s hip, engulfing Stephen between them as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

            “Have I mentioned that I’m having a very strange night?” Connor said. 


             It was funny, Connor thought, how he could take on all manner of prehistoric creatures armed with nothing more than a piece of two-by-four without even thinking about it, but the simple act of knocking on a door was making his stomach flutter and his hands sweat. When he finally worked up the courage to actually do it, Cutter opened the door straight away, which rather made Connor suspect that they had known he was standing there all along.

            He had never been to Cutter’s house before, and took a moment to look round at the comfortable furniture, organised clutter and many books in the living room. Unsurprisingly, Stephen was sprawled on the sofa.

            “So...” Connor said, trying not to sound as nervous as he felt. “You said you wanted to see me?”

            Another one of those looks passed between Cutter and Stephen, and Stephen nodded.

Cutter was the one who started speaking. “Connor, we wanted you to come over because this is what should have happened last night, only we were all a bit too busy dealing with the creature and Stephen going to hospital and everything.”

            “What he’s going to eventually get round to saying is we’d quite like it if you joined us for a bit of fun, and see where it goes from there,” Stephen interrupted. “So, what do you think?”

            Connor gaped like a particularly confused goldfish. He had a fleeting thought that this might all be a huge practical joke, but then dismissed it, because these two men were many things, but cruel was certainly not one of them. But it was just such an utterly alien occurrence that he couldn’t quite bring himself to believe they were suggesting what he thought they were suggesting.

            “Connor?” Stephen prodded, his smile faltering a little.

            “You mean, ‘fun’ as in like what happened in the tent last night?” Connor blurted, mentally smacking his forehead as soon as the words left his mouth.

            Stephen laughed, but it wasn’t unkind. “Yes, Connor. ‘Fun’ as in spending time together and having sex.”

            Cutter shot Stephen a look of impatience. “Sorry, Connor. If you need time to think, or if you want to ask any questions, that’s okay. We can take it slowly. I understand if this is all a bit confusing for you.”

            Connor somehow managed to look both of them in the eye before he spoke.

            “Actually, I was mostly wondering how the hell to co-ordinate three people having sex at the same time!”


            Stephen bounced onto the bed and sprawled out. He was pretty much recovered from the previous night’s incident, but that wasn’t going to stop him playing the sympathy card for as long as it worked.

            Connor had stopped a little way from the bed, and was making no move to do anything. There was a tentative look in his eyes that still spoke of disbelief and nervousness. Stephen leaned out and snagged Connor’s belt and tugged him closer to the bed. Then he knelt up on the bed and gently kissed Connor, reassured when he finally felt Connor kissing back.

            “Still can’t quite believe this is happening?” Stephen asked with a gentle smile.

            “Can’t actually believe you two would want me,” Connor said. His shocked expression a moment later suggested he had not meant to say that out loud.

            “We’ll keep telling you until you believe it,” Cutter said, moving to stand behind Connor and slipping his arms around the young man’s waist. “We wouldn’t have asked you to do this if we weren’t sure that we wanted it. That we wanted you.”     

            Connor gave a nervous laugh, and Cutter nuzzled his ear. Stephen pulled him into another kiss, enjoying the taste of toothpaste and the quiet sounds of pleasure that Connor started to make once he was properly relaxed.  

            “Too many clothes,” Stephen decided when he finally ended the kiss. He put his words into action by pulling his own t-shirt off in one movement and quickly wriggling out of his trousers and underwear while the others watched him, Cutter with an appreciative gaze and Connor with a wide-eyed stare. Stephen lay back on the bed and stretched out, naked and entirely unselfconscious. It did his ego no end of good to see the look on Connor’s face as he continued to stare.

            “Your turn,” Stephen said, grinning mischievously.

            Connor quickly shed his clothes in a flurry of flailing arms and legs and garments, all the while his cheeks flushed redder and redder, but he continued until he was as naked as Stephen.

            Stephen reached out again and took his wrist and tugged him onto the bed.

            “See? Much better.” He kissed Connor again, and let his hand trail down the length of Connor’s thin body. Connor shivered and couldn’t quite suppress a needy mewing noise that made Stephen want to stroke and pet him all night, just to see what other noises might be forthcoming.

            He was aware of Cutter getting undressed behind him, and a minute later the bed dipped and Cutter’s arm slipped around Stephen’s waist. Stephen twisted away from Connor to steal a kiss from Cutter, this one far more heated and forceful than the tentative kisses he had shared with Connor.

            “So...” Stephen said, smirking again. “Since I seem to remember that both of you got some last night and I didn’t, how about we rectify that?”

            “Demanding little sod,” Cutter muttered, but he was smiling and rolling his eyes at Connor, who smiled back, albeit a little nervously still.

            “What... what do you want me to do?” Connor asked, his cheeks still a little redder than normal, although his voice was admirably level considering the situation.

            “Have you ever done this before?” Cutter asked gently.

            Connor apparently couldn’t bring himself to say it, and just shook his head. “Well, apart from last night,” he added a moment later.

            “Use your imagination,” Stephen said, trailing his finger around Connor’s chest and enjoying the squeak it elicited when he grazed over Connor’s nipple. “I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

            He heard the familiar snap of the lid on the lubricant behind him, but kept his eyes on Connor, amused by the way that the young man was staring with unconcealed curiosity. Cutter nudged Stephen to turn onto his side, and then the tip of Cutter’s finger slid into him.

            Stephen wriggled and let himself adjust to the feeling before Cutter slowly started to push inside him, the feeling familiar and very, very welcome.

            It was a completely unexpected shock when Stephen felt another hand carefully touch his cock. He turned his attention back to their new lover, and was again struck by the intensity and wonder in Connor’s expression as he watched Stephen’s cock become hard under his soft, tentative touch.

            “Hmmmmm, yeah,” Stephen murmured, wriggling again and earning a grumble from Cutter about moving around too much. Cutter progressed to a second finger at around the same time that Connor worked up the courage to wrap his hand entirely around Stephen’s cock and squeeze a little harder. Stephen gasped and closed his eyes, letting the sensations flood through him.

            “Knew you’d get the idea soon enough,” Stephen said a little breathlessly. He let his own hand play across Connor’s chest and down his stomach, and this time his exploration was rewarded with a quiet but needy whine.  

            Stephen knew he wasn’t going to last long like this, and squirmed again, this time with a very impatient edge to it.

            “Pushy,” Cutter muttered, but he leaned down and nipped at Stephen’s shoulder, distracting him while he removed his fingers and replaced them with his cock. Stephen gasped at the intrusion, for a moment undecided whether to push back against Cutter or thrust forwards into Connor’s grip.

            “Please,” Stephen heard himself beg. Heat and pleasure coiled within him and every nerve seemed to be burning with need and want and sensation and desire and...

            Stephen cried out as Cutter thrust and Connor squeezed and fire exploded from every fibre of his body.

            His eyes were still closed when he felt the gentle touch of lips against his own, and a soft kiss and gentle hands stroking his skin brought him back.

            “Mmmmmmmmmm,” Stephen purred.

            When he finally opened his eyes he smiled up at Connor.

            “Not bad for a first time.”

            Connor smiled back, his expression still holding wonder and astonishment. Stephen didn’t think he would ever get tired of seeing that look in his eyes. Cutter pulled out of him, his cock spent and softening, and as always Stephen felt the twinge of discomfort and loss. Then he glanced down and noticed that one of them, at least, was still very hard and wanting. And apparently trying very hard to not look too obviously disappointed.

            Stephen rolled a little so he could turn and see Cutter.

            “I think someone is feeling a little neglected. I think we should rectify that, don’t you?”

            Cutter leaned down and kissed him lazily, nipping at his bottom lip a little. Then he looked across at Connor and echoed Stephen’s smile.

            “I think that sounds like an excellent plan.”

            Connor couldn’t quite conceal his rabbit caught in headlights expression, nor the startled squeak when Stephen grabbed him and switched their positions to put Connor in the middle. But the sounds he was making became something else entirely when Stephen and Cutter proceeded to put to rest any lingering doubts he might have had about how much they both wanted him. Stephen was enjoying Connor’s needy whimpers and breathless mewing far too much to say ‘I told you so’ to Cutter, although he fully intended to do so at some point. But then, there was plenty of time for that later, he decided as he closed his lips around Connor’s cock and held him down as his writhing became ever more desperate until the moment when he came apart utterly beneath them.

The night was, after all, still young.



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  • E-book cover for Something Like a Situation

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