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Fanfic: A Very Strange Night

Title: A Very Strange Night
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Stephen/Cutter, Connor/Stephen/Cutter,
Rating: 18
Warnings: Smut 
Spoilers: Very vague for 1.4
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 6650 (split into 2 parts)
Summary: Connor sees something he shouldn’t, and then the night gets stranger from there on...  
AN: Written for heeroluva for the Autumn 2010 Primeval ficathon. Based on the prompt, ‘Connor thinks that he'll never have what Cutter and Stephen have together. He thought wrong.’
AN: Thanks to telperion_15 for the beta.



           Warm hands settled on Cutter’s shoulders and he closed his eyes and sighed as long fingers began to rub the tension away.

            “How about we call it a day and go home?” Stephen suggested, so close that his breath ruffled Cutter’s hair.

            Cutter opened his eyes again and stared at the pile of essays he was supposed to be marking.

            “I should really get these finished,” he said in a rather unenthusiastic voice.

            “Bring them home, you can finish them later.”

            Cutter scoffed. “And of course when we get home you won’t then decide to flutter your eyelashes and be as distracting as possible until I give in and we both end up in bed?”

            Stephen slid round from where he had been standing behind Cutter to lean against his desk, and Cutter could finally look up and see the amused pout on his lover’s face.

            “So you think I’m distracting?” Stephen asked.

            “You know damn well you are,” Cutter grumbled, half-heartedly shuffling the essays around on his desk. The more he thought about it, the more he was tempted to give in to the inevitable and to hell with the marking.

            “Well, if you wanted to be distracted, why didn’t you just say so?” Stephen said with a smirk as he leaned down, slid his hand behind Cutter’s neck, and slowly, thoroughly kissed him. Cutter let himself melt into the sensation until the need for air, and a quiet, nagging thought at the back of his mind made him pull away.

            “We shouldn’t do this here. The door’s unlocked. Anyone could walk in.”

            “So what?” Stephen replied, not looking at all worried by that possibility.

            “So, is a little professional decorum too much to ask?” Cutter protested, although he had to admit his heart really wasn’t in it. Not when he could still taste Stephen, and his body was starting to respond to the familiar caress of his partner’s long fingers.

            “Have you seen the time, Cutter? All the students will have gone home by now. No one is going to see us.”

            Stephen leaned in for another kiss, and this time Cutter met him halfway, his hands reaching up to tangle in Stephen’s dark, spiky hair as he returned the kiss with more force, more need, more-

            With only the most cursory of knocks, the door burst open and a flurry of excitable enthusiasm stumbled gracelessly down the steps into Cutter’s office.

            “Professor! There’s been another possible creature sighting, I think we shou- Ohmygod!”

            Cutter wrenched away from Stephen, to see Connor staring open-mouthed, and, for once, apparently speechless. Stephen glanced round and out of the corner of his eye Cutter could see Stephen still looked faintly amused, but also there was a hint of something else in his expression, something that looked a lot like curiosity.

            Connor abruptly went bright red and practically fell over his own feet in his haste to exit the room.

            “Sorry! Sorry, I’d better... I mean, I’m going now. Just forget I ever... sorry!”

            The door slammed behind him rather harder than was entirely necessary and Cutter winced.

            “Well, that’ll teach him to knock and wait,” Stephen commented after a moment of surprised silence.

            “Dammit, Stephen, this isn’t funny,” Cutter muttered.

            “It was only Connor. Somehow I don’t think he’ll make a fuss about it.”

            “But what if he goes blabbing his mouth off again? He might not care if we’re together, but I’m not sure the rest of the staff and students will be so forgiving.” Cutter ran his fingers through his hair and stood up, not entirely sure where he intended to go, but feeling like he ought to do something.

            “Cutter, relax,” Stephen, said quietly. His tone suggested he was finally taking it seriously, at least. “I’ll go find him and talk to him before he talks to anyone else, okay?”

            Cutter nodded. He was secretly quite glad Stephen had volunteered to go and talk to Connor. Cutter wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to have a sensible conversation with his student again after that little scene.

            Stephen paused long enough to brush a faint ghost of a kiss against Cutter’s lips, and then he headed out of the office, leaving Cutter to his quiet panic.


            Connor practically bounced off the wall in his haste to get inside the toilets and hide.

            Good god! That was... that was... that was quite possibly the hottest thing he’d seen in a very long time. And if the sudden tightness in his trousers was anything to go by, certain other parts of his anatomy agreed wholeheartedly with that assessment.

            Cutter and Stephen?

            Despite what a lot of people probably thought, Connor wasn’t completely naive about this sort of thing. He had looked at some gay porn on the internet, purely out of curiosity, of course, and he hadn’t been repulsed by it or anything. But he’d also never seen himself as being particularly that way inclined. Okay, maybe he might have had a few idle thoughts about Stephen wearing just his swimming trunks that time (that time, in fact, when Stephen had told him that Connor wasn’t his type, and Connor was now starting to suspect that might be because he wasn’t old enough or Scottish enough to be Stephen’s type). But yeah, gay porn hadn’t done a lot for him, so he’d kind of assumed that he wasn’t particularly interested in men. But then it turned out that seeing buff male model porn actors doing improbable things to each other was a totally different thing to seeing his teacher and his friend sharing what was clearly a really, really hot kiss. Oh hell yeah, apparently that did something for him.

            Connor was vaguely aware that was probably very wrong in multiple different ways, not the least of which being teacher and friend!

            He wondered if it might be possible to go the entire rest of his university career without ever having to see or speak to them again, because it was going to be far, far too embarrassing, and he wasn’t certain he was going to be able to form coherent sentences. Although, it occurred to him, not seeing either of them again might put something of a crimp on both his anomaly involvement and his ability to graduate.

            Connor closed his eyes and was contemplating going into one of the cubicles and dealing with this tight trousers issue when he heard the door to the toilets open.


            Oh, crap.

            He opened his eyes and said, “Stephen,” and felt quite proud of himself when it didn’t come out sounding like a startled squeak.

            “Are you okay?” Stephen asked, looking both concerned and ever so slightly amused. Or possibly it was bemused. It was an expression Stephen seemed to get around Connor quite a lot, Connor had noticed.

            “Yeah,” Connor said a little breathlessly. “Sorry,” he added again for good measure.

            “You don’t need to keep apologising. But you might want to stop barging straight into people’s offices like that in future.”

            “Yes. No. Right. Definitely!”

            Stephen chuckled. Considering his current inability to make sentences with more than one word, Connor didn’t blame him.  

            Stephen leaned against the row of sinks, his graceful, relaxed posture doing nothing to help with Connor’s flapping. Connor tried to force the swimming pool memories out of his head again. 

            “Is this going to be a problem for you?” Stephen asked.

            “No. I mean, it’s none of my business what you and Cutter do together. Not that I’m thinking about what you and Cutter do together at all. It’s nothing to do with me. Why don’t we just forget it, eh?” A sudden thought occurred to him. “Is Cutter going to throw me off the team again?”

            “No, I don’t think so,” Stephen said with a smile. “But you’re sure you’re okay?”

            “Yeah,” Connor said, relaxing a tiny fraction.

            “You’re not going to tell anyone about it, are you?” Stephen pressed.

            “No! No, of course not. Nothing happened. I didn’t see anything. I was never even here.”

            Stephen chuckled again.

            “So, you were saying something about a possible creature sighting?”

            Connor spent several seconds perfecting his rabbit in headlights expression at the sudden one-eighty turn the conversation had taken.

            “Um, yeah. In the New Forest.” He caught the sceptical look on Stephen’s face and quickly added, “I’ve double checked, it’s not a fake this time. Probably.” He tried not to think about the fact that one of the people responsible for the last fake creature sighting was now dead.

            “Well we’d better go and tell Cutter about it.”

            Stephen stood up and put his hand on Connor’s shoulder, steering him towards the door. This time Connor did squeak. He wasn’t ready to face Cutter yet, especially not considering the part of his anatomy that was still surprisingly interested in what he had seen earlier, and kept demanding mental replays. He wondered what his chances were of both Stephen and Cutter failing to notice.

            Stephen glanced down, that amused look reappearing on his face.

            Okay, chances of Stephen not noticing were apparently zero. Why did he have to be so bloody observant all the time?

            “Unless you want to use the facilities first? I assume that’s why you came in here in the first place?” Stephen inquired, his expression one of devious innocence that Connor didn’t believe in the slightest.

            “Um, yeah.”

            He scuttled into one of the cubicles, closed the door and leaned heavily against it and shut his eyes again, wondering if the evening could possibly get any more awkward.


            Stephen was trying not to laugh, he really was. But his two companions were not making that resolution easy in the slightest.

            Apparently, by some unspoken agreement, both Connor and Cutter seemed to have decided to entirely ignore the incident in Cutter’s office earlier, and pretend it had never actually happened at all. This might have worked better if they didn’t then keep sending furtive glances at each other whenever they thought the other wasn’t looking. Stephen had also caught Connor sending him furtive glances as well, but unlike Cutter, Stephen was more than happy to meet the young man’s gaze, which usually resulted in Connor going bright red and becoming a babbling, monosyllabic mess for several minutes. And occasionally needing to surreptitiously adjust his trousers, a fact that Stephen found even more entertaining than the babbling.

            The events of the evening had confirmed what Stephen had actually suspected for some time – that Connor wasn’t nearly as straight as outward appearances might suggest, and that he was going to be very, very easy to corrupt. And Stephen was more than happy to do a little corrupting. Now all he had to do was convince Cutter to join in.

            “There’s no sign of a creature anywhere in this part of the forest,” Captain Ryan was saying to Cutter once they gathered back together at the edge of the New Forest.

            “There’s no magnetic disturbance either,” Connor said, his eyes resolutely fixed on the compass in his hands rather than on any of the men standing around him. “So maybe no anomaly.”

            “But it was almost dark by the time we got here,” Stephen said. “We might have missed something. I think it’s worth staying here overnight.” Off Ryan’s sceptical expression, Stephen added, “If it is just a normal native animal then at least we can identify it and we know for sure.”

            “Lester won’t like paying for my men to be stood around all night doing nothing,” Ryan pointed out.

            “You don’t have to,” Cutter said. “We’ll stay. Like you said, there’s probably nothing here, and if there is, Stephen’s got his tranquilliser rifle.”

            Ryan still looked a little sceptical, but eventually nodded. “Okay. But if there is a creature, you get the hell out and call for backup. Don’t try any heroics.”

            “Come on then, Connor,” Stephen said, grinning as he steered the young student towards the cars. “Let’s get these tents put up.”

            “Tents?” Connor sounded incredulous.

            “Yes, tents. Unless, you want to sleep outside, of course. But somehow I don’t think that would be too good for your allergies.”

            “You want me to stay overnight as well?” Connor sounded like the idea had never even occurred to him.

            “Well, you were the one who brought us out here in the first place,” Stephen smiled.

“Um, yeah. Right. Of course.”

            Stephen caught Cutter sending a curious look his way, and he pretended not to have noticed.

            Half an hour later, having hiked back to near the lake where the supposed creature sighting had happened, Stephen was unsurprised to discover that Connor’s ability to put up a tent was even more woeful than Cutter’s. Nevertheless, he let Connor struggle on his own while he helped Cutter with their two-man tent.

            “Not that I have anything against him, but why did you want Connor to stay as well?” Cutter asked in a low voice as he tried to find the corner of the tent.

            “It’ll do him good to get some field experience,” Stephen said, effortlessly threading poles through the correct slots. 

            “And what’s he going to think when he sees us sharing a tent?” Cutter insisted.

            Stephen glanced across at Connor, who promptly fell over in a tangle of poles and tent fabric.

            “Considering what he saw earlier I doubt he’ll be surprised.”

            “That’s not really the point.”

            “Relax, Cutter,” Stephen said for the second time that night. “I’m pretty certain he doesn’t mind. And I certainly don’t mind him knowing. In fact,” he shot Cutter a mischievous smirk, “I’m quite tempted to ask him to join in.”

            Cutter was still gaping and speechless when Stephen slotted the last pole into place and then went to help extract Connor from the wreckage of the other tent.


            They had finally given up watching for the creature at around 2.00 AM. At Stephen’s suggestion that it was time for bed, Connor had scuttled into the spare tent faster than if he was being pursued by a dinosaur, sounding even more incoherent than usual. Cutter rather suspected Stephen had done that on purpose.

            Now, snuggled together in the privacy of their two-man tent, Cutter decided it was time to find out what Stephen’s game was.

            “What are you playing at with Connor?”

            Stephen nuzzled against his shoulder. “Not playing anything with Connor.”

            “Liar.” Cutter narrowed his eyes, although in the darkness of the tent the expression was probably lost. “Just what did you two say to each other after that incident in the office?”

            “What do you think of Connor?”

            “I like him, he’s a good man. You’re avoiding the question.”

            “What would you say if I suggested we get to know him a bit better?” Something in Stephen’s voice finally made Cutter realise that he wasn’t talking about getting to know the young man in a purely platonic sense. Cutter contemplated it for a moment, and decided it wasn’t an unpleasant idea, but that wasn’t the point.

            “I’d remind you that he’s my student.”

            “He’s also a grown man and he knows what he wants. And from his reactions earlier I think it’s pretty clear what he wants.” Stephen snuggled closer and pressed a kiss against Cutter’s jaw.

            Cutter suddenly remembered the look on Connor’s face when he had caught the young man watching him and Stephen as they stood at the lakeside together earlier. ‘Longing’ was the only word he could use to describe it, now he really thought about it.

            Cutter made a non-committal grunting noise and moved his head to find Stephen’s lips with his own. Stephen kissed back hungrily, his hands beginning to roam down Cutter’s back to cup his arse.

            “So does that mean you’re thinking about it,” Stephen said with the air of someone who thought they had already won the discussion.

            Cutter sighed and contemplated his answer carefully.

            “Maybe. But unless he’s a very, very good actor, I get the feeling that Connor hasn’t had a lot of experience, so I don’t want to push him into anything he’s not ready for. And I don’t want you to, either.”

            “Knew you’d see it my way,” Stephen said, nuzzling Cutter’s throat as his hands continued to explore in the darkness.

            “I mean it, Stephen. No pushing. And lay off on the teasing as well.”

            “Spoilsport,” Stephen grumbled, but there was no real annoyance in his tone. 

            Stephen’s hand slipped round to stroke Cutter’s cock, and whatever Cutter was intending to say to that was lost somewhere in a low growl of pleasure. Stephen’s fingers continued to caress, his thumb occasionally rubbing the tip of Cutter’s cock, and his mouth claiming Cutter’s jaw, throat, and every now and then his ear. It was cold outside, but it wasn’t long before Cutter was covered in sweat. Ordinarily he would have been far more vocal, but the thought of Connor in a tent not more than a few yards away was making him bite his lip and hold back the sounds of pleasure that were so much a part of their lovemaking.

            “I wonder if Connor’s getting turned on by the sounds you’re making,” Stephen whispered, almost as if he could read Cutter’s mind.

            The images that though put in his head, along with a sudden flick of Stephen’s fingers on his cock, had Cutter coming hard into Stephen’s hand. He bit down on Stephen’s shoulder in an attempt to muffle his moan, his fingers clutching at whatever part of Stephen he could grab hold of in the darkness.

            He was still trying to string a sensible sentence together when all hell broke loose. 

Part 2

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  • Fanfic: Memories

    Eek, my first fanfic since 2017, and it's for Ghosts, my latest tv obsession. I can't lie, I watched series 1 and knew I wanted to write about…

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