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ficlet: Tease

 Title: Tease
Author: Athene (with Fredbassett)
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Becker/Connor
Rating: 18
Warnings: Smut, light bondage, Connor’s Tight Red Trousers of Doom. 
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 1300
Summary: Becker doesn’t like being teased, so he gives Connor a taste of his own medicine.   
AN: Edited and expanded version reposted from the Denial comment porn party last night. Fred insisted on contributing to this one, so the third ‘scene’ is by fredbassett.


           Becker whimpered quietly and loosened his trousers. God, those bloody tight red trousers! There should be rules against Connor being allowed to wear those things in public. The way they showed off his arse, the way they left nothing to the imagination when he was excited. Becker groaned again at just the thought of it.

            Okay, this was just ridiculous. He headed for the locker room as fast as he could, and as soon as he was in the showers he opened his trousers and started to stroke his already hard cock. It didn’t take long, especially when he started to imagine that it was Connor’s tight arse instead of his own hand. Within moments he was coming hard against the tiles on the shower wall, moaning softly and gasping Connor’s name under his breath.

            His eyes snapped open when he heard a quiet cough behind him. What the fuck? He turned to see Connor standing watching him with a smug grin, and stroking the bulge that was in no way hidden by those tight red trousers.

            “Now you know how I feel every time you wear those thigh straps,” Connor smirked.

            Becker tidied himself up and stalked over to Connor, towering over him with what he hoped was a predatory expression.

            “You won’t look so smug when I get you home and naked tonight.”

            “Is that supposed to be a threat? Because I have to say I’m not feeling very threatened.” Connor closed the distance between them and rubbed himself against Becker while he stole a kiss. “So... do you want to give me a hand?”

            Becker knew exactly what sort of ‘hand’ Connor had in mind, and he was halfway tempted to do as his lover asked. But Becker was still feeling more than a little annoyed about his earlier frustration, and besides, he had a far better idea forming. He pulled back, leaving Connor with a surprised pout.

            “Deal with it yourself,” Becker said dismissively. He indicated the mess on the shower wall where he had been standing earlier. “And when you’re done, clean the place up, will you? After all, this is all your fault to start with.”    

            As he left the showers with a particularly evil smile, Becker was sure he heard Connor whining plaintively.


            “I thought you said you wanted me naked!” Connor protested, his eyes wide as Becker finished tying his wrists to the bedposts.

            Finally happy that Connor was going nowhere for the immediate future, Becker sat back and surveyed his lover with what could only be described as an evil smile.

            “I did say I wanted you naked. But not yet. First, I think you need to be taught a lesson. You see, Connor, you’ve been driving me crazy all day with those bloody trousers of yours, and now I think it’s time you had a taste of your own medicine.”

            “What? But you started it!”

            “You forget, Connor, I don’t have a choice about the combat gear. You do have a choice about wearing those trousers.”

            Connor pouted, and tugged on the bonds that held him down.

            Becker let his gaze travel slowly down the prone body beneath him. He had stripped Connor of all his clothing except the trousers, and he could see that Connor’s cock was already straining to get free of the tight confines. Becker lightly stroked his finger along the bulge, letting Connor’s hips push up against the pressure until he took his hand away. Connor tried to follow him until he couldn’t arch his body any further. He fell back onto the bed with a whimper and tugged on the bonds again.

            “The more you struggle and disobey me, the longer it’ll be before I let you go. Or, for that matter, come.”

            Connor’s eyes widened almost comically. Becker leaned down and slowly, deliberately, licked a taut nipple. Connor squirmed helplessly, and whimpered again.

            Oh yes, this was going to be so much fun.


Becker mouthed at the bulge in Connor's trousers, biting down just hard enough with his teeth to make Connor groan.

It was, in fact, a particularly filthy groan. So Becker did it again, harder, just to see what would happen.

Connor whimpered, but his hips pressed upwards, so Becker counted that as a result.

He reached up and continued playing with Connor's nipples, pressing them hard between finger and thumb, knowing perfectly well it was shooting sparks of pleasure right down into his lover's dick.

He wondered idly if he could get Connor to come into his trousers.


            “Please, Becker. Pleeeease.”

            Connor heard Becker’s chuckle, felt the huff of breath against his stomach, and he wriggled desperately again.

            “I’ve told you to keep still,” Becker said, glancing up at Connor with a smirk.

            “How can I keep still with you doing things like that!”

            ‘Things like that’ had so far included teasing his nipples to the point where every scrape of teeth on his over-sensitised flash was like fire raging on his skin. He had lost count of the bite marks, the soft nips, the soothing licks after each tiny hurt. But all those things paled in comparison to his desperate, all consuming need to have Becker undo his trousers zip and touch him, let him come.

            “You know,” Becker said conversationally. “All this talk is rather distracting me. I’m beginning to wonder if I should gag you.”

Connor felt his cock twitch uncontrollably at the thought of being even more helpless than he was already. Damn it, he didn’t want to be gagged! Did he?

Becker glanced down and then looked back up and cocked an inquisitive eyebrow at Connor.

“Well, there’s an interesting development.”



“What’s that?” Becker asked, trying not to smirk. “You want me to carry on teasing you for the next few hours?”

Connor shook his head hard. “Mmmmmmph!”

Gagging Connor with his own scarf had been an unexpected, but highly enjoyable, part of the evening. Not that Connor would agree, Becker suspected, but then Connor wasn’t in any position to object.

Becker leaned down and suckled on Connor’s neck, right where it would be visible unless he wore a scarf the following day. Becker had half a mind to insist that he wore this scarf, in fact. To remind Connor all day of what had happened tonight.

Connor made a sound that was unmistakeably a whimper, even from behind the gag. Becker trailed kisses and bites down Connor’s chest, using his strong hands to pin Connor down onto the bed when his lover’s squirming got out of control.

“Patience,” Becker chided.


Connor’s eyes were wide over the top of the gag, and at that moment they held a distinct look of disapproval.

Becker continued until the sound abruptly changed. This time it was more like a sob. He glanced up to see Connor’s eyes were now screwed tight shut, his hands opening and closing in fists as he tried and failed to grab hold of something to steady himself.

It was time.

Becker slowly moved down and with one movement he popped open the button of Connor’s trousers. At the same moment he pressed his finger against the bulge at Connor’s crotch and ran it up the length of his straining cock.

Connor made a choked sound, bucked hard, and abruptly Becker felt a spreading swell of warm wetness beneath his hand. He hadn’t even managed to unzip the trousers yet, either.

Becker nuzzled his way up Connor’s chest as his lover lay panting, his eyes still tight shut, his face flushed and damp with sweat.

“Open your eyes,” Becker said.

Dark puppy eyes peered up at him, apparently struggling to focus.

“I think it’s safe to say you won’t be wearing those trousers again tomorrow,” Becker chuckled, before he leaned down and kissed the tip of Connor’s nose.



Tags: becker, connor temple, connor/becker, fanfic, slash

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