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Fic: 'Inappropriate Shower Behaviour'

Rather late birthday fic for bigtitch . Sorry it's late *hugs*.

Title: ‘Inappropriate Shower Behaviour’
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Ryan/Cutter, (Stephen/Connor mentioned)
Rating: 18
Warnings: Smut, pwp 
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 1150
Summary: Sex pollen leads to vaguely inappropriate shower activities. What? It’s pwp!
AN: Birthday fic for bigtitch


          Ryan turned the shower on and closed his eyes as the warm water poured down over his body. He stood still for a moment, just savouring the moment of relaxation after another day of insanity.

            Admittedly, today had been more than usually insane, not least because the anomaly had produced nothing more dangerous than wind borne seed-pollens of some unknown species of plant, which immediately sent Cutter into apoplexy about cross contamination until Stephen pointed out it was impossible to ‘round up’ seeds, and they’d just have to settle for a stringent clean-up of the area once the anomaly had closed. Nobody had thought much else about it until the moment when Connor, of all people, pounced on Stephen right there in the middle of the field. ‘Pounced’ in the sense of snogging him senseless and attempting to tear as many of Stephen’s clothes off as possible. Things had got even stranger when Stephen had apparently decided this was a good idea, and made a far more efficient job of stripping Connor of his clothes. Quite what would have happened if Cutter and three soldiers hadn’t dragged them apart at that point was anyone’s guess.

            Ryan smiled in amusement at the memory. Of course, he’d been rather more concerned with the scientists’ behaviour at the time, but now they were both in the relative safety of the ARC medical unit (at opposite ends of the room with several barriers between them, Ryan had noted with a wry smile), and things seemed to have calmed down somewhat.

            He heard someone else enter the showers and glanced round to see Cutter, still mostly clothed.

            “Are those two still pouting about being separated?” Ryan asked with a grin, turning his attention back to the shower.

            There was no reply, and Ryan suddenly heard movement behind him. He twisted round in time to see Cutter close the distance and shove him against the wall.

            Cutter kissed him. And that was the moment when the insane day got even stranger, because Ryan didn’t even think about stopping him. In fact, after the initial moment of surprise, he opened his mouth, and Cutter took that as a sign that he could push further, harder. His hands stopped holding Ryan against the wall and started roaming down his body until one hand was cupping Ryan’s arse, the other digging hard into his hip.   

            “Want you,” Cutter gasped when he finally stopped kissing him.  

            “I noticed,” Ryan said with a slight smirk. He thought about adding something else, but decided that the fact that his cock was sitting up and paying a great deal of attention probably did the job without need for words.   

            Cutter was now soaking wet as well, and his shirt and jeans were plastered tight to his body as he pressed up against Ryan again, licking, nipping and sucking at his neck and collarbone. Ryan briefly considered trying to undo the buttons on Cutter’s shirt, and then abandoned the idea in favour of simply gripping a handful of material in each hand and ripping the shirt apart in an explosion of buttons and stitching before shoving it back off the other man’s shoulders. Cutter made an annoyed sound in the back of his throat, and Ryan grabbed Cutter’s arse and pulled him closer. Cutter’s growl instantly became one of pleasure when their cocks rubbed against each other, and his arousal was obvious even through the layers of clothing that Cutter still wore. At least, until he reached down and popped the button and zip and freed his cock.

            “Want you,” Cutter breathed again, the hungry, desperate look in his eyes saying far more than his words. “Turn around.”

            Ryan almost did. Then, some instinct kicked in that told him that they shouldn’t, not like this. This wasn’t right. Oh, he wanted it, no doubt, but, unlike Cutter and the others, Ryan realised he still had enough rational brain cells firing that he knew this was a bad idea. And yet...

Ryan wrapped one hand round the back of Cutter’s head held him as he kissed him back, hard and demanding. His other hand slid down and wrapped around their cocks, stroking quickly until they both came hard as the hot water continued to rain down on them.

            Eventually spent, Cutter, slumped against him, and Ryan slid down the shower wall, supporting both their bodies until he was sitting on the tiles and holding Cutter in his arms.

            Eventually Cutter looked up and there was an expression of adorable confusion in his blue eyes.


            Ryan was aware that his head was still spinning slightly and quickly placed a finger on Cutter’s lips, silencing him.

            “I don’t think either of us should say anything until we’ve taken a trip to the medical bay, do you?”

            The fleeting look of disappointment on Cutter’s face mirrored the tiny flutter in Ryan’s stomach.


            An hour later Ryan poked his head round the curtain that surrounded Cutter’s bed in the ARC medical bay.

            “Mind if I come in?”

            Cutter blushed a furious red that went all the way down his neck and onto his chest, which his still-damp shirt couldn’t cover, mostly because it was hanging open due to being missing most of its buttons.

            Ryan took that as yes, and slipped inside, pulling the curtain closed behind him.

            “The doctor said something about hormone effects from the pollen that came through the anomaly,” Cutter mumbled, not meeting Ryan’s eye.

            Ryan tried to stop the amusement showing in his face.

            “Same as what happened to Stephen and Connor,” Cutter added, rather unnecessarily.

            “Apparently so.”

            Cutter glanced up for a second and then his eyes were on the floor again.

            “So... ummm... what happened before. We weren’t... I mean, I wasn’t... well, what I’m trying to say...”

            “You were infected with prehistoric sex pollen,” Ryan supplied helpfully, aware that he was enjoying himself far too much at the sight of Cutter being so flustered. 

            “Well, we both were. But yes, that seems to be the explanation for... well...” Cutter waved his hand in a vague gesture that was apparently supposed to mean ‘inappropriate shower behaviour’. He glanced up again. “Are you okay?”

            “Oh, I’m fine,” Ryan said. “Perfectly fine, in fact.” He let that sink in before he added, “It turns out I wasn’t even infected.”

            It seemed to take far longer than usual for Cutter to process this piece of information, during which time Ryan fought hard to keep a straight face.

            “But, I don’t understand,” Cutter eventually said. “If you weren’t... why the hell didn’t you stop me?”

            Ryan leaned close and finally allowed that smirk to show on his face.

            “Who says I wanted to stop you?”

            Ryan felt it was worth it for the full thirty seconds of Cutter being speechless.


Tags: fanfic, nick cutter, nick/ryan, slash, tom ryan

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