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ficlet: Nothing Important

Happy Birthday to the lovely cordeliadelayne . Hope you have a great day.

Title: Nothing Important
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Stephen, Cutter
Rating: PG
Warnings: None 
Spoilers: 1.2
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 570
Summary: Stephen receives yet another visitor in hospital. Missing scene set between episodes 1.2 and 1.3.  
AN: Birthday fic for cordeliadelayne.


            Stephen glanced up at yet another knock on the door, and was only slightly surprised to see that it was Cutter.

            “Come in,” he waved at him, putting his book down, although the invitation was somewhat superfluous since Cutter was already halfway into the room.

            “You’re looking a lot better than the last time I saw you,” Cutter commented, seeming to appraise Stephen appearance, his eyes lingering on the shoulder where the centipede had bitten him.

            Stephen wasn’t entirely sure whether he felt any better, but then most of the last few hours were something of a blur anyway, so he simply nodded.

            There was an unexpected silence during which Stephen realised he couldn’t read Cutter’s expression. That by itself was somewhat unusual. He was on rather a lot of drugs, which might have explained it, but Stephen had the odd feeling that Cutter was waiting for something, expecting something from him.

            In the end, Stephen filled the gap with the first thing that came to mind.

            “I hear I owe you one. Apparently you’re the hero of the hour.”

            Cutter waved his hand in a vague gesture and made a snorting sound.

            “It was a team effort really,” Cutter said, as if getting a sample of prehistoric insect venom was something they did every day. Considering the way their lives had been going recently, it was entirely possible that might just be the case.

            “Well, thanks,” Stephen said, wondering why the conversation seemed so awkward.

            Cutter still hadn’t sat down, and Stephen was starting to wonder if he hadn’t noticed the chair that Abby had so recently vacated.

            “What you said in the tunnel,” Cutter said abruptly.

            There was a pause.

            “What did I say in the tunnel?” Stephen eventually asked.

            “You don’t remember?”


            The more conversations he had with people, the more Stephen was beginning to worry about that fact.

            “Nothing at all?” Cutter insisted, although Stephen thought he detected a hint of relief rather than frustration in Cutter’s voice now.

            “Abby seemed to think I’d said something important as well. And Claudia was in here a while ago asking me the same thing. What did I say? Or do? I really don’t remember anything after I got bitten.”

            Cutter waved his hand again, but this time it was an entirely dismissive gesture.

            “Nothing important. Don’t worry about it. Probably just hallucinating from the venom anyway.”

            Cutter smiled for the first time since he had appeared in the room, and then dragged the chair nearer and sat down.

            “So, how’s the hospital food and when are you getting out?”

            Stephen couldn’t help feeling he was missing something important, despite Cutter’s reassurances. But if Cutter was fine about it, how bad could it have been anyway? Maybe it was just the drugs.

            “Missing me already?” Stephen joked, returning the smile.

            “You have no idea. Connor’s already driving me crazy with his theories, I need someone sensible back in the office before I do something permanent, and probably messy, to his ability to talk.”

            They both laughed, and it was almost like normal again. Close enough that Stephen could ignore that niggling feeling and let himself relax. He’d either remember or he wouldn’t, there was no point worrying about it. They’d cheated death again, and they were both here and laughing about it. As far as Stephen was concerned, that was all that was important for now.


Tags: fanfic, gen, nick cutter, stephen hart

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