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fanfic: Not Quite Colin Firth

Happy birthday wilemina_29 ! Here's a little fic that was largely inspired by the discussion on this week's Monday Picture at andrewleepotts.

Title: Not Quite Colin Firth
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Connor/Abby.
Rating: 12
Warnings: mostly fluff
Spoilers: 1.5, 3.10
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 1200
Summary: Abby gets an unexpected view when she returns from creature patrol
AN: Birthday fic for wilemina_29 

           Abby made her way back to the pool, keeping a wary eye out in all directions. No matter how well they thought they knew the routines of the animals in the area, it was still too dangerous to risk letting their guard down for more than a few minutes.

It was Abby’s turn to take a quick patrol, and all was quiet for the time being, so she didn’t feel inclined to hurry back. Sometimes it was nice to have a little time alone, and she knew Connor felt the same. Much as they had grown close and come to rely on each other, they had also realised that occasionally they both needed some privacy, and so they took it in turns to take patrol away from the pool, primarily keeping watch for approaching danger, but also giving the other some time alone to wash, or simply to relax.  

They had found the pool during their second week in the Cretaceous, and immediately fallen in love with it. It was warm, deep, and perfectly clear, set in a beautiful lush landscape and fed by a waterfall that cascaded down the rocks at one end of the pool and sent gentle ripples across the water and into the stream that carried the water onwards.

Of course, all the things that made it perfect for humans also meant it was a regular watering hole for creatures as well, and for the first few days they had argued for hours about whether the need to stay near fresh water outweighed the risk. After a while, though, they discovered that many of the creatures only visited the pool at certain times of day, some would come in the mornings, some in the evening, so as long as she and Connor stayed out of the way at those times, and kept a watchful eye out the rest of the time, they were free to enjoy the pool for a few hours most days.

As Abby came closer to their favourite spot on the smooth flat rocks by the pool, she smiled a little. Apparently Connor had finally decided that he couldn’t live with the smell any longer and had washed his clothes. His trousers and red hoody were hanging from a low tree branch, and his t-shirt and socks were laid out over a large rock to dry in the hot afternoon sun.

There was no sign of Connor, though, and Abby quickened her pace, eyes scanning everywhere. Had she left him alone too long? Had a creature managed to slip past her and caught him off guard?

Suddenly a dark head popped up in the middle of the pool, and Connor stood up and shook his head, water droplets flying in all directions. His hair flopped into his face, and he swept it back, running his fingers through it, no doubt in a somewhat futile attempt to tidy it.

Abby paused, smiling again. Connor hadn’t seen her yet, and she stopped in the shadow of the trees to watch as he started to wade out of the pool back towards his clothes. His skin was still far too pale, but as the water droplets rolled down his chest Abby couldn’t help noticing that a surprisingly well-defined body had been hiding underneath all those layers. Not Becker-level physique by any means, but Connor was definitely no longer the skinny, gangly geek he had been when he first moved in with her.

Abby caught herself licking her lips. Oh yes, this was a very nice view.

It occurred to her just as the water level reached his waist that she might be about to see rather more than she had bargained for, and she stepped further back, ready to turn away to spare his modesty if necessary. A moment later, though, it became apparent he was still wearing his boxers, and Abby wasn’t entirely certain whether she was relieved or disappointed by that fact. Even so, soaking wet and plastered to his body, they weren’t leaving a great deal to the imagination. Abby couldn’t help her eyes dropping lower and... oh. Oh! He was almost at the edge of the pool now, the water level somewhere around his knees, but Abby’s gaze had become somewhat... fixated... and she barely noticed how toned his legs had become with all the running their lives entailed these days.


Abruptly, Connor stumbled, his leg twisting awkwardly beneath him, and he limp-hopped the rest of the way back out onto the flat rocks beside the pool and sprawled in a heap at the water’s edge.


Abby broke cover and ran over to him.

“Connor! Are you okay? Is it your ankle again?”

Connor jumped in surprise, but quickly went back to rubbing his foot.

“No. Stupid rock stabbed me in the foot.”

“Here, let me take a look.”

Abby gently pushed his hands away and examined his foot.

“You’re fine,” she said with a smile. “It barely even broke the skin.”

Connor pouted, and started rubbing it again. “Still hurts,” he sulked. Then his eyes narrowed slightly. “Where did you suddenly appear from, anyway? I thought you were on patrol?”

Abby hoped she managed to keep a straight face.

“I was just on my way back when I heard you yell.”

Connor didn’t look entirely convinced and glanced back towards the trees, perhaps trying to work out how much she might have been able to see from that direction. Abby took the opportunity to appreciate the sight of his chest from much closer, her eyes following the glistening droplets of water as they traced a slow path around muscles that Abby hadn’t even known he possessed.

“Abby?” his voice suddenly sounded uncertain. “Abby, why are you staring at me like that? Have I got something on me?”

Abby sat back on her favourite rock and smiled innocently at him.

“Just admiring the scenery.”

It took a second for him to catch on, but then a flush of red started to spread across his face and neck and even the top of his chest. He reached for his t-shirt, suddenly looking self-conscious.

“It’s still damp, Connor. More to the point, you’re soaking wet. There’s no point putting any clothes back on until everything’s properly dry.” She resisted the mischievous look that she knew was threatening. “We wouldn’t want you getting a chill from going around in wet clothes, would we?”

Connor hesitated, and then shifted so that he was sitting facing her, leaning back against his favourite rock.

“Well no, we wouldn’t want that at all,” he said with a slight smile playing at the corner of his mouth.

He was obviously still somewhat confused by being under such unconcealed scrutiny, but after a while he began to relax. Enough that eventually he closed his eyes, stretched his legs out, and basked in the hot afternoon sun. Abby knew that soon she would have to remind him to get into the shade unless he wanted a bad case of sunburn, but for the moment she was still enjoying the unexpected ‘scenery’.

“Hey,” Connor said after a while without opening his eyes. His smile was definitely growing into a smirk.


“Close your mouth, Abby. You’re dribbling.”


Tags: abby maitland, connor temple, connor/abby, fanfic, het

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