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ficlet: Denial

Another from the ficlet prompts. These little buggers are getting longer every time I write one, it's a good thing I didn't specify they would be drabbles! This one's for sunsets_dinos , who keeps pokingencouraging me to play with this pairing (not that I actually need much encouragement...).

Title: Denial
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Characters: Helen/Connor
Rating: 18                    
Warnings: language
Spoilers: none
Word count: 230
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
AN: written for sunsets_dinos with the prompt ‘need’.
AN2: Fits into the same ficverse as ‘Twisted Together’ and ‘Human Weakness’


          It hurts. Everything is too cold but burning, too bright even in the darkness, too sharp and yet frighteningly numb.

            “Helen. I need you to hang on, okay? I need you to stay with me.”

            Somehow her mind twists the voice into a Scottish accent. When she can bear to open her eyes for a moment, she sees young blue eyes looking back at her. Worried, caring blue eyes.

            She thinks later she might have called out their names from the depths of a fever, but she’ll deny to her last breath that she needs anyone. Not now, not ever.     

            “Come on, Helen. You’re stronger than this. All those years alone, you can’t die from a snake bite now.”

            It hurts, though.

            “Please, Helen.”

Sometimes she isn’t sure whether she wants to hold onto that voice, or whether she just wants him to shut the fuck up and let her fall into oblivion.

“I need you.”

            In the end, those are the words that make her fight. The words she waited eight years to hear.

            When she finally wakes, though, the eyes watching her are dark, the voice soothing her is not Scottish. And while Connor’s expression is full of caring and worry, he can never be the student that she wanted.

             Helen turns away from his relieved smile. She doesn’t want to need anyone.

            Especially not Connor.


Tags: connor temple, fanfic, gen, helen cutter
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