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Fanfic: Asking For It

Birthday fic for fredbassett (and it's actually on time!!!!). Happy birthday Fred *hugs* Hmmm... I just scrolled down my f-list and noticed that several other people already seem to have provided Stephen/Ryan bondage porn as a birthday gift. Um, I'm afraid this is another one. Ooops?

Title: Asking For It
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Stephen/Ryan
Rating: 18
Warnings: BDSM, the usual.   
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 3000
Summary: The tables are turned
AN: Birthday fic for Fredbassett
AN2: Follows after The Collar. Both can be read separately but The Collar comes first.   


          Ryan waited until Stephen was well and truly engrossed in his shower before he slipped into the bedroom and dragged the box out from under the bed. It now held several more items than it had on Stephen’s birthday five months earlier, and far from being a one-time experiment with something different, the collar had seen a surprising amount of use since that first time.     

            He quickly dropped his latest purchase into the box, intending to put it away again and surprise Stephen the next time they decided to play, but instead he paused and picked up the collar. It was mad when he thought about it. How this simple item, this symbol, could have such an effect. Of course, Stephen was always the one wearing it, and Ryan suspected his own reaction was more in response to the change in Stephen’s behaviour than it was to the collar itself, but sometimes he wondered. Sometimes, when Stephen lost control and came apart utterly beneath him, Ryan dared to wonder what it might be like to trade places with him. Then common sense usually kicked in, and he reminded himself that his personality was in no way suited to being the submissive. He could follow orders well enough, he was a soldier after all, but he couldn’t imagine being comfortable with the other stuff.

            Stephen didn’t seem to mind. He clearly enjoyed his role and showed no sign of disappointment when they had finally got around to having a proper talk about where the boundaries lay.

            “Ryan, where did you put that new bottle of shampoo, I can’t fi-” Stephen stopped in the doorway, dripping wet with a towel wrapped around his waist. His eyes were immediately drawn to the box.

            Ryan threw him a slightly guilty smile. He was already getting hard just from thinking about Stephen in the collar. Maybe his new acquisition might get a test drive today after all.

            “I don’t think my arse has recovered from last time yet,” Stephen cautioned, but Ryan could see a distinct bulge appearing under the towel.

            Ryan hesitated for a moment, and this time, before he had time to talk himself out of it, he said, “What about if you put the collar on me instead?”

            Stephen’s wide-eyed stare was almost comical, but Ryan could feel his heart racing and blood pumping hard. He couldn’t believe what he was doing, and yet at the same time he could feel the first real stirrings of anticipation.

            “I’d ask what you’ve done with the real Ryan,” Stephen eventually said.

            Ryan held the collar out. “I want to try it.”

            Stephen walked over leaving a trail of water droplets across the room.

            “Are you sure?”

            “I know what the safeword is if I don’t like it.”

            Stephen still hesitated, but Ryan could see the look of arousal in his lover’s eyes.

            “Stephen,” he said softly. “If you don’t put this on me now then I really might change my mind, and then we’ll never know.”

            Whatever further protest Stephen was preparing died on his lips, and he took the collar and fastened it around Ryan’s neck. Ryan let out the breath he hadn’t realised he had been holding. He didn’t actually feel any different, to be honest. He wondered if maybe it really did need a particular mindset to get into this role. Although, when he looked up and saw Stephen’s predatory smile, his cock very definitely twitched.

            “Where did you put the shampoo?” Stephen asked, a hint of impatience in his voice.

            Ryan was momentarily thrown by the unexpected turn of the conversation.

            “Um, I think it’s in the living room. I hadn’t finished unpacking all the shopping.”

            “Go get it. Then bring it to me in the shower.”

            Ryan quickly stood and headed for the abandoned bags of shopping. This didn’t seem so bad so far, but he knew Stephen could be quite wicked when he put his mind to it, and he certainly wouldn’t waste an opportunity like this.

            By the time he returned to the bathroom, Stephen was already back in the shower. Ryan never got tired of the sight of Stephen’s perfect, lean body accentuated by the steam and the droplets of water running over his skin.

            Stephen glanced round and smirked at him again.

            “Come in here. Wash me.”

            Ryan quickly stripped off his clothes and dumped them in a heap on the floor. The shower was mounted at one end of the bath, so there was room to climb in behind Stephen. He took his time rubbing shower gel all over Stephen’s body, massaging muscles and paying particular attention to his cock and arse. Eventually he made use of the shampoo and took just as much time and care over this, faintly amused that even when soaking wet, Stephen still managed to have spiky bed hair.

            “Anything else I can do for you?” Ryan inquired.

Without waiting for a reply he stroked the length of Stephen’s cock and was rewarded with a low moan. Needing no further encouragement, Ryan did it again and teased a little until Stephen came, his fluids washing away with the shower straight away. Ryan held onto Stephen until he could stand on his own again. His own cock was still hard, something that had not escaped Stephen’s attention.

“I expect you want me to do something about that?” Stephen commented, glancing down.

            “I was rather hoping you might.”

            “Why should I? Tonight it’s your job to serve me. If you want to do something about that, do it yourself.”

            Ryan was momentarily surprised, but took his cue and ran his hand up and down his own cock, squeezing slightly. If he wanted to, he knew he could bring himself off quickly, but decided to make a show of it for Stephen, and kept it slow, varying his touch every time he felt himself coming too close to the edge. Finally he knew he couldn’t hold it off any longer and started to quicken his movements.

            “Stop,” Stephen commanded.

            Ryan registered the order but hesitated a fraction too long and couldn’t stop himself spurting across his own hand. He wobbled and leaned against the shower wall, all too aware of Stephen’s sudden, evil, predatory smile.

            Stephen turned the shower off and stepped out and picked up the towel again. Ryan followed him, waiting with slight trepidation for what was going to happen next.

            “Dry me. And make sure you do a good job, don’t miss anything.”

            Ryan nodded and followed the instructions to the letter, taking special care to make sure that every inch of Stephen’s body was dry and rubbed down with talcum powder where necessary. Then he quickly dried himself off under Stephen’s watchful gaze.

            “Follow me.”

            Stephen led the way back into the bedroom and stopped by the box.

            “Kneel down. Bend over the bed.”

            Ryan did. He suspected he had earned himself a spanking, something that Stephen always seemed to enjoy. But time dragged on and nothing happened. He could hear Stephen rummaging in the box and Ryan had to resist the urge to turn and look. Without warning, Stephen probed a finger into Ryan’s arse and spread lubricant all around. Ryan bit back any sound and continued to wait. The finger disappeared and then something hard and fat pressed against his entrance and slowly pushed inside. This time Ryan couldn’t top the gasp and barely managed to keep still as the butt plug popped into place. Stephen poked and twisted it until he was happy with it, and then laid a light slap across Ryan’s arse to finish the job.

            “There. That stays in until you’ve learned to obey me.”

            Ryan was seriously starting to wonder if this was a good idea after all, but he wasn’t prepared to back out now. He stayed on his knees, waiting to see what Stephen might do next and letting himself get used to the feel of the plug. He knew from past experience that it wasn’t that bad after a while, he could cope with it- Oh fuck!

            The sudden tingling, buzzing in his arse was such a shock that he cried out. The vibrations continued to build, teasing and tickling and making him hold his breath and bite back on any sound until it abruptly cut out.

            Shit. Stephen had found Ryan’s newest acquisition, the vibrating plug, and had apparently decided not to wait for it to be used on him first. A normal plug teased the prostate whenever you tried to move about too much, but if you could find a comfortable position and stay still it wasn’t too bad. With this one there was no such option, and even staying still was no defence against the constant torment. Ryan had been looking forward to using it on Stephen, knowing how quickly his lover would be reduced to begging and whimpering. This had not been part of his plan.

            He fought back the desire to reach round and pull it out, and, since he had not yet been told he could stand, he stayed where he was listening to Stephen moving around and getting dressed. The plug activated another couple of times while he waited, and despite the fact that it was barely ten minutes since the shower, he felt himself becoming hard again as a response to the stimulation.

            “Stand up. You can put some trousers on as well.”

            Ryan stood and searched for another pair, his previous trousers still on the bathroom floor. This was unexpected as well; usually his first command to Stephen was to strip. But then, he knew Stephen didn’t usually mind wandering around the flat naked at any time, so it wasn’t exactly a hardship for either of them. Then Stephen led him into the living room.  

            “Right, I think you should finish unpacking the shopping and putting it away, and then make us both a cup of coffee. Oh, and Ryan? Don’t even think about touching yourself, or coming without my permission.”

            Ryan had been expecting that final instruction, but that didn’t stop his heart sinking. He nodded silently and went to comply, pausing every now and then with the shopping to wait for the vibrations to subside. By the time he had finished his cock was hard again and begging to be touched. Eventually he and Stephen were sitting side by side on the sofa with mugs of coffee as Stephen idly channel hopped, apparently paying no attention to Ryan’s growing discomfort. Ryan wasn’t normally given to squirming, but he found himself shifting and wriggling to find a position where the plug might not be so distracting, at least in the periods between activations.

            “Stop fidgeting,” Stephen said after a while. He glanced at Ryan and smirked, as if challenging Ryan to admit defeat, admit that he couldn’t follow the terms of submission. Ryan glared back and willed himself to sit still. He knew Stephen had something of a sadistic streak sometimes, but honestly, Ryan had rather expected Stephen to go easy on him since it was his first time at this. He still wasn’t sure he saw exactly what Stephen enjoyed so much about this either, but at the same time it certainly wasn’t unpleasant, and Ryan had no intention of giving the Stephen the satisfaction of seeing him give in.

            After a while Stephen got up to take the mugs into the kitchen, and almost without conscious thought Ryan felt his hand drift to his cock. He was harder than he remembered being for a hell of a long time, the plug had been keeping him constantly aroused for what felt like hours by now, although he knew it was more like thirty or forty minutes.

            “I thought soldiers were supposed to be good at following orders,” Stephen said.

            Ryan’s eyes snapped open and he knew he had been caught with his hand in the metaphorical cookie jar.

            Stephen came closer and stood in front of Ryan looking down on him.

            “And no apology for disobeying either. You really have no idea how to behave, do you?”

            “This thing is driving me crazy,” Ryan muttered defiantly, knowing he was making the situation worse but saying it anyway.

            “That’s supposed to be the point. I can see you’re going to need a special kind of discipline. Go and bring me the cock ring.”

            Ryan didn’t like the sound of that in the slightest, but he forced himself to get up and do as he was told, returning with the required item and no small amount of trepidation.

            “Put it on yourself. If you can’t be trusted to keep your hands off then clearly I need to find other ways of making sure you follow my instructions.”

            For a second Ryan felt the safeword forming on his lips. This was a level of control that he wasn’t sure he wanted to hand over, even to his lover. But he hesitated. Was it really that he didn’t want to lose that control? Or was it that because he never had willingly given up that control before, that he was actually afraid of the unknown rather than the act itself? He didn’t know, but he did know that if he carried on questioning he was going to spoil the game for both of them, and for all the discomfort he didn’t want to do that. It came to a simple question – whether he trusted Stephen to make this enjoyable for both of them. The answer to that was yes.

            Ryan opened his trousers and slipped the cock ring on himself. He felt it close around the base of his cock, tight enough to feel a little uncomfortable but not enough to hurt. He had intended to return Stephen’s smirk with a defiant look, but the plug chose that moment to activate again and the effect was somewhat spoiled by his involuntary whimper.

            Stephen gave him a genuine smile and tugged Ryan into a gentle kiss.

            “Well, it looks like you can follow orders after all,” Stephen said in a voice that was entirely devoid of the earlier harshness.

            Stephen pulled him back onto the sofa and for the second time Ryan tried to find an even vaguely comfortable position. He desperately needed something to focus on that wasn’t the pressure on his cock or the exquisite torture of the plug or the feel of the collar around his neck. Mercifully, Stephen gave him that distraction by undoing his own trousers and slowly stroking his already hard cock, giving himself the pleasure that Ryan was denied. Ryan watched, his eyes growing huge with want and desperation as Stephen lazily trailed his finger across the tip of his cock and through the pre-come that had gathered there. Ryan heard a strained whimpering sound and it took a second to even realise that he was the one making it.

            “I may have to use the gag if you can’t keep quiet, but right now I can think of better uses for your mouth.”

            Stephen raised his eyebrows, and Ryan needed no further encouragement. He slithered to his knees between Stephen’s legs and ducked his head to lap at the tip of Stephen’s cock. He forced himself to grip his thighs with his hands, remembering that he had not been given permission to touch. Stephen’s groan was enough to bring a satisfied smile to Ryan’s lips, and he slowly swallowed Stephen’s cock and then equally slowly teased his tongue all the way back to the tip. He was halfway through repeating the manoeuvre a second time when Stephen suddenly bucked, his fingers tangling in Ryan’s hair and holding him down as he came hard into Ryan’s mouth. Ryan swallowed everything he could and continued lapping and teasing with his tongue until long after Stephen’s shudders had died away.

             “You can stop now,” Stephen finally said, still sounding a little breathless.

            Ryan moved back into a kneeling position, once again becoming acutely aware of the pressure in his own cock. Stephen sat forward a little and looked down at Ryan, at his hands still twisting the fabric of his trousers in an attempt to stop himself from touching his cock again.

            “I think you deserve a reward for that,” Stephen said. “Would you like that?”

            Ryan nodded eagerly.

            “Ask me,” Stephen commanded.

            For a moment Ryan wasn’t sure what he meant.

            “I want to hear you ask for my permission to come.”

            Ryan stared, for a moment unable to believe it. He almost, almost refused, but then the plug started to vibrate again, and his resolve broke utterly.

            Ryan hung his head and said in a quiet voice, “Please will you let me come?”

            He felt Stephen gently tug his head up and he leaned forward and kissed Ryan again.

            “See? All you had to do was ask.”

            Then Stephen reached for the cock ring. As the plug continued to vibrate, Stephen released the ring and whispered a single word.


            For the second time that day Ryan jerked himself off, the ecstasy of release magnified tenfold after his period of denial and the continued stimulus of the plug. Eventually, as the last ripples of pleasure still coursed through him, he slumped against Stephen’s leg and tried to get his breath back. Now Ryan finally understood why Stephen craved this so much.

            After a while Stephen nudged him to move, and took out the plug and removed the collar. Then he pulled Ryan back onto the sofa to lay with his head on Stephen’s lap.

            “Are you okay? Did you actually enjoy that?” Stephen asked, sounding a little worried.

            “Yes, I think I did,” Ryan admitted.

Ryan snuggled a little to get more comfortable, and smiled to himself.

            He had enjoyed it, eventually. But his first real coherent thought as they settled down was that he couldn’t wait to use the vibrating plug on Stephen.




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  • Fanfic: Memories

    Eek, my first fanfic since 2017, and it's for Ghosts, my latest tv obsession. I can't lie, I watched series 1 and knew I wanted to write about…

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