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fanfic: The Collar

Extremely late birthday fic for lukadreaming . Sorry it's so late. This was the second attempt after the first bunny refused to co-operate.  

Title: The Collar
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Stephen/Ryan
Rating: 18
Warnings: Bondage, spanking, BDSM, the usual.   
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 2500
Summary: Stephen gets a birthday surprise.
AN: Birthday fic for Lukadreaming
AN2: Asking For It is a companion piece to this fic.


           Stephen was still pouting and sulking when he got home, although he might well have punched anyone who accused him of doing either of those things. It was his birthday, for god’s sake, and yet Ryan had sent him off home alone, insisting that he still had a few things to do and would be home in time for dinner. Stuff dinner! Stephen wanted his lover home now, dammit.

            He was so busy stomping around that it took him several minutes to notice a large box-shaped package on the coffee table in the living room that he was sure hadn’t been there when they left for the ARC that morning. Curiosity got the better of him, and he wandered over to it. The label simply said ‘Happy Birthday Stephen’, in Ryan’s neat handwriting. Stephen frowned slightly. He had already opened all of his presents from Ryan that morning, or at least he thought he had, so what was this about?

            For a moment he considered waiting for Ryan to come home, but then the curiosity got too much and he ripped the paper off and opened the lid of the cardboard box inside.

            Bloody hell!

            After a moment of simply staring in shock, Stephen decided he needed to be sitting down, and dropped down onto the sofa and placed the package in his lap. There were several items in the box, including at least one packet of condoms and what appeared to be a large butt plug, and a cock ring, the sight of which sent a shiver of anticipation through him. But by far the most attention-grabbing was the leather-cuffed manacles that took up most of the space. Sitting on top of everything there was a slim, black leather collar with a slip of paper folded over it.

            What the hell had brought this on? If it hadn’t been for the instantly recognisable handwriting, Stephen might have wondered if this wasn’t from Ryan at all. He still remembered with vivid clarity the one time he had suggested bondage and dominance games, a kink he had picked up from a previous partner a long time ago. Ryan’s reaction had been instant and to the point – no.

            “Bondage isn’t something you fuck around with,” he had snapped when Stephen had pressed him on the matter. Eventually, Stephen had decided it was probably a soldier issue, and had somewhat reluctantly dropped the subject. They hadn’t even talked about it for months, so what the hell was Ryan up to now?

            He carefully unfolded the slip of paper and read it.


            Terms of submission

1.      The wearer of the collar agrees to submit completely to the control of their partner.

2.      The wearer of the collar agrees to obey every instruction without question.

3.      Failure to comply with term 2 will result in punishment as deemed appropriate by the partner.

4.      If the collar is removed or either partner chooses to use the safeword at any point, everything stops. No argument.


P.S. You need to pick a safeword.


Stephen had to read it three times before he could convince himself it was real. His stomach was quietly turning somersaults, but while his brain was apparently having trouble believing what he was seeing, his cock was already taking a great deal of interest in the contents of the note.

“What do you say? Willing to put it on?” Ryan asked.

            Stephen jumped and looked around to see Ryan standing over by the door, a rather tentative expression on his face. He hadn’t even heard the door open.

            “But... I thought you didn’t want to do this stuff?” Stephen blurted before his brain kicked back in.

            Ryan walked over and crouched in front of him. “But you do want to do it.”

            “Not if it makes you feel uncomfortable.”

            “I’ve thought long and hard about this, and I’m willing to give it a go. For you.”

            Stephen was torn. He wanted this, there was no doubt. Just the thought of submitting completely to Ryan was making him achingly hard, but still he hesitated.

            “Ryan, I love that you’d do this for me, but I don’t want to if that’s the only reason. You’re supposed to enjoy it as well. You really don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

            Ryan raised an eyebrow and a slight smile played at the corner of his mouth.

            “Who says I won’t enjoy it? Seriously, I wouldn’t have given you that box if I wasn’t prepared to go through with it.”

            Stephen opened his mouth to protest again, but he couldn’t find any words to argue further. He wanted this, and he knew and trusted Ryan enough to know that he really wouldn’t have started this if he wasn’t comfortable with it. Instead of speaking he leaned forward and pulled Ryan into a long deep kiss.

            “Thank you,” he whispered when they finally separated.

            “Before we go any further, is there anything in the terms that you want to haggle over?”

            Stephen was surprised, and glanced back over the note.

            “I thought it said I wasn’t supposed to question the rules?”

            “You’re not wearing the collar yet. Until then you get to question, amend and clarify anything you want.”

            Stephen took another look at the note, but in truth he already knew that he had no intention of amending anything. He wanted this far more than he had dared to imagine, he wanted to give Ryan complete control of his sexual satisfaction, he wanted to lose control himself in every way possible.

            Stephen carefully, almost reverentially, lifted the collar out of the box but before he could do anything else Ryan gently grabbed his wrist.

            “You need to pick a safeword first,” Ryan reminded him.


            Ryan chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Well, I suppose that’s pretty much guaranteed not to come up in the normal course of events.”

            Stephen hesitated, and then held the collar out to Ryan.

            “I want you to put this on me.”

            Something flashed in Ryan’s eyes, and he took the collar and fastened it around Stephen’s neck, buckling it at the back. The fit was surprisingly loose, but almost immediately Stephen felt something subtly shift between them.

            “Strip,” Ryan said in a voice that held none of the gentleness that had been there a moment before.

            Stephen stood up and started to take his clothes off slowly, drawing out every action. Sometimes they both wanted it to be hard and fast, but other times he knew that Ryan liked to take his time and enjoy the show. He was down to his boxers when he suddenly paused.

            “The curtains are open,” he said, glancing to the window. Admittedly it looked out onto the back yard, and not onto a busy road or anything, but still, it was a ground floor flat.

            Ryan looked that way and smirked a little.

            “So they are.”

            Ryan wasn’t normally an exhibitionist, and they did usually close the curtains if they were getting up to anything in the living room, but Ryan didn’t seem to be doing anything about it.

            “Go close them then,” Ryan said eventually.

            Stephen almost opened his mouth to protest that he was mostly naked while Ryan was still fully clothed, but stopped himself in time. He walked over to the window and started to pull the curtains closed but a flash of movement in the reflection gave him a second’s notice before Ryan was pressed right behind him, pushing him against the wall and his face against the window.

            “I told you to strip, and you haven’t done it. That means you need to be punished.”

            Stephen felt his cock twitch and his breath caught in his throat for a moment. Christ, he hadn’t expected Ryan to get into this so quickly.

            “I’m sorry,” Stephen said, letting his head drop in submission. He tried to turn around but Ryan didn’t let him move.

            “Not good enough. Stay facing out of the window. Put your hands on the window sill, wide apart, where I can see them.”

            Stephen did as he was instructed, his heart racing in anticipation. He had no idea what Ryan was going to do, but god, he wanted it.

            He felt Ryan’s hands on his hips, and then his boxers were slipped off, and with a little nudging he lifted his feet to step out of the last of the clothes.

            “Stay there.”

            In the reflection in the window he saw Ryan walk back into the room and rummage around, but Stephen couldn’t see what he was getting, and had just about enough willpower to not turn around to look. He was out of practise at this, and he never been very good at remembering the rules when he had played these games before. Although, he had to admit, the resulting ‘punishments’ were usually half the fun.

            Ryan returned to stand behind him, and Stephen saw the look of undisguised lust on his lover’s face. Ryan met his gaze in the reflection and leaned close.

            “You don’t come until I give you permission,” Ryan whispered in his ear.

            Stephen gulped and nodded, not trusting himself to speak. Without warning, something pressed against his arse and then pushed inside. Stephen gasped and forced himself to relax quickly as what seemed to be Ryan’s lubricated finger searched out his prostate. Within moments Stephen found himself bucking hard, rubbing his cock against the wall. God, if anyone was outside they were about to get one hell of a show. True, the window sill was a little above his waist so nothing important was actually on display, but it would be bloody obvious what was going on, and what a sight he looked, his face flushed and the black band of the collar standing out against his skin. All of those things were just turning him on even more, and he suspected Ryan knew it. He pressed his forehead against the cool glass and tried to concentrate on keeping his hands flat on the window sill. Ryan added a second finger and Stephen mewed desperately as his cock begged for just one touch.

            “Please,” he whimpered.

            He closed his eyes, expecting Ryan to drag it out longer despite his pleas, so he was surprised when Ryan said, “Touch yourself.”

            Stephen’s hand immediately went to his cock and almost as soon as his fingers closed around it he came, splattering white fluid on the wall and bucking so hard that Ryan’s fingers slipped out of his arse.

            His eyes stayed closed and he pressed his hot face against the glass as he shuddered, quite proud of himself when his legs wobbled but did not give way.

            He suddenly felt breath on his ear. When Ryan spoke his voice was so soft that Stephen barely heard him.

             “I didn’t say you could come,”        

            Stephen’s eyes shot open and he looked around to meet Ryan’s stare.

            “I’m sorry. I didn’t... I couldn’t help it...”

            “Enough excuses,” Ryan snapped. “Go to the bedroom. Wait for me there.”

            Stephen nodded silently and walked to the bedroom on legs that were shaking ever so slightly, and not only because he was still coming down from his orgasm. By the time he got to the bed he had recovered a little of his composure and was capable of thinking almost clearly again. With Ryan there not been any of the discussion beforehand of what might be expected, but Ryan had clearly been doing his research and was playing his part well, and if the look on his face earlier had been anything to go by, he was enjoying it a hell of a lot more than he had expected to. With that realisation, Stephen stopped holding back on his own role, and almost without conscious thought he got down on his knees and let his head bow, keeping his gaze fixed on the floor as he waited for his punishment.

            He didn’t look up when he heard Ryan in the doorway, but he did hear the sudden intake of breath and the hesitation in his footsteps. Ryan moved to stand in front of him and his hand gently stroked along Stephen’s jaw and then tugged until Stephen looked up and met his gaze. The look of pure lust in Ryan’s eyes was almost more of a shock than the gentleness of his touch.

            “God, Stephen, do you have any idea how beautiful you look right now?”

            He didn’t reply, but hoped the pleading in his eyes would be enough to make Ryan carry out his promised threats.

            “It almost seems a shame to have to punish you,” Ryan said, as if he could read Stephen’s thoughts.

            Stephen swallowed, his throat dry, and then said, “I disobeyed you. I deserve to be punished. I want you to teach me a lesson.”

              There. He’d done it. He was not only accepting his role, he had asked for it. In an utterly perverse way, that thought was intensely liberating. Ryan suddenly crouched in front of him and kissed him fiercely, leaving him breathless.

            “Get on the bed. Facedown,” Ryan said, sounding a little breathless himself.

            Stephen obeyed and then, one by one, leather cuffs were closed around each wrist and secured separately to the wooden slats of the headboard. He wasn’t stretched, but his hands were far enough apart that he couldn’t do much or move very far either. In a few more moments he was on his knees, legs apart, and leaning forward to rest on his elbows, all at Ryan’s bidding.

            The first smack was a complete surprise and Stephen yelped. There was long pause before the second one landed on the opposite side. Then Ryan gently stroked where the blows had landed. Stephen felt himself becoming hard again, and whimpered as the sting in his arse faded to a dull throb. More smacks landed hard and fast until his arse was burning and his cock begging to be touched. He jerked convulsively on the restraints, his inability to touch himself only adding to his desperation. And yet, every time Ryan paused, Stephen heard himself gasping out the word, “More.”

            He had lost count when Ryan finally stopped, this time ignoring the plea for more. Stephen wriggled, but there was no way to touch or rub his cock on anything and he was still achingly hard.

            “Please. Please let me come,” he whimpered. 

            He heard the sound of a zip and movement, and then suddenly Ryan’s cock pressed at his entrance and shoved in hard. At the same moment Ryan’s hand closed around Stephen’s cock and twisted.

            “Come for me.”

            With a scream of desperate painpleasure, Stephen did as he was told.


            When he finally came back to himself, the cuffs and the collar had been removed and he was lying on his side with Ryan curled loosely behind him.

            “Are you okay?” Ryan asked tentatively.

            Stephen shuffled over to lie facing Ryan, careful not to put any weight on his still-burning arse. He chased away Ryan’s worried expression with a long, languid kiss.

            “Thank you,” he murmured.

            Ryan wrapped his arms around Stephen and held him close.

            “Happy birthday, Stephen.”




Tags: fanfic, slash, stephen hart, stephen/ryan, tom ryan

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