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fic rambling and a computer type question

Five Days is finally finished! YES!

Thank god. Finally finished chapter five last night at about midnight. And, despite all the changes that happened to the plot en-route, the last line, in fact most of the last scene, still managed to happen almost exactly as I imagined it way back before I even started writing chapter one. 

On the down side, while I always expected chapter five would be a biggie, I was slightly surprised when the final word count came in at nearly 6500. This is no doubt going to lead to yet more posting traumas, I just really hope I don't have to break it up to post it. 

And, okay, I admit in advance that I've taken a few liberties with the dinosaurs in chapter five, but I wanted something different to the allosaur as a threat, and there wasn't really anything that fit the bill in the dinosaur books for that particular time period, so I ad-libbed with what there was and changed the suspected behaviour patterns a bit. 

Does anybody else listen to music while they're writing? I can't write without it, and I think I've been getting a bit... superstitious almost with the music while I've been writing Five Days. Chapter four got a bit angsty, so the background music that worked was a couple of Evanescence albums. Chapter five, on the other hand, was going nowhere until I started listening to Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and/or Ommadawn. And here's the superstitious bit - if the writing wasn't going well when I was listening to one type of music, I'd start swapping the albums until the writing started to get going, and would then stick with the same music on a loop for the entire rest of that chapter. And the *only* music that worked for the entire of the Five Days series was Evanescence and Mike Oldfield, so I've been listening to the same six albums over and over for the past five or six weeks that I've been writing it. 

I really hope the follow on series works with something different on in the background!

Okay, a kind of computer question that someone might be able to help with. I have a Dell printer, and the black ink cartridge has run out. I can't make it print black and white from the colour cartridge, which annoyingly is nearly full, and I have tried everything I can think of to change the settings and make it print black and white from the colour cartridge. I may be missing something here, as I'm not massively technically minded when it comes to computers, so someone might be able to suggest something I haven't tried.

The computer now keeps giving me a message that Dell cartridges are only available from Dell, and telling me to go to the website or phone America! I hate online buying with a deep, deep passion, and want to be able to walk into a shop and buy a printer cartridge over the counter. Is this possible? I tried Tesco and Asda, and while Tesco had several 'own brand' cartridges that said they were compatible with Dell, my particular model of printer wasn't listed as the ones they would work with. Do I just need to go to a computer shop, like PC World or Dixons? Or is Dell evil enough that they really don't supply printing equipment in the shops (which quite frankly sound bloody stupid as a marketing policy)?

Any suggestions?

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