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ficlet: Scientific Curiosity

I know I *should* be working on birthday fics for for both Luka and Munchkin, but this one queue jumped. The birthday fics will appear soon, honest.

Title: Scientific Curiosity
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Ryan/Connor
Rating: 18
Warnings: gratuitous fluff 
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 550
Summary: Ryan is trying to read. Connor is bored. The two do not go well together.
AN: Written for mysteriousaliwz, because I promised angst-free C/R fluff.  



            “Hmmm?” Ryan didn’t look up from his book. Quiet mornings in were occasions to be savoured, and he didn’t get many chances to read undisturbed for any significant amount of time normally.

            “Can I ask you something?”

            Although, it was starting to sound like the ‘undisturbed’ part of the equation wasn’t going to happen today. He tore his eyes away from the page and glanced at Connor, lying beside him in the bed and managing to look both bored and mischievous at the same time. Ryan suspected this did not bode well for his chances of getting any further than page 36 any time soon.

            “Go on then.”

            “If you could only have the same thing as a meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

            Ryan wondered if his expression in any way conveyed how utterly baffled he was by Connor’s randomness.

            “Hypothetically speaking, of course,” Connor added, as if it should have been obvious. He glanced up at Ryan and smiled.

            “That’s what you wanted to ask?”



            “Just wondering. So, what would it be?”

            Ryan decided it might be easier to play along than to attempt to understand what was going on in his lover’s head this morning.

            “Practically it would have to be something like a Sunday roast with loads of veg, cover the maximum amount of food groups for a balanced diet. But if we’re talking hypothetically, it’d have to be bacon and fried egg butty.”

            Connor nodded, as if Ryan had just answered one the great mysteries of the universe.

            “Cool. I thought you might say that.”

            Ryan waited to see if there was anything else on Connor’s mind, and then risked returning to his book.

            “If you could only listen to the same song forever, what would it be?”

            “Connor! I’m trying to read!”

            “I was only asking,” Connor pouted.

            Ryan sighed and relented.     

“There is no song on this earth that I would listen to forever. Even hypothetically. After the first ten times I’d have destroyed the CD, and quite likely the stereo as well.”


            “Anything else?” Ryan inquired.

            “If you could only have one type of sex forever, what would it be?”

            “One type of what?

            “You know, like either wanking or a blow job, or topping or bottoming. What would it be? Hypothetically, of course.”

Connor was starting to smirk a little. Ryan still wasn’t sure whether to be irritated or worried by this.


            “Just curious,” Connor shrugged.

            Ryan looked back at his book, but the words were no longer making any form of rational sense. And now a part of his body that wanted absolutely nothing to do with books was starting to take an interest. He admitted defeat, put the book down and turned back to Connor.

            “I think you’d better remind me what the options are,” he said with a sly smile. “I wouldn’t want to spoil your hypothetical results by making an uninformed decision, after all.”

            He caught sight of Connor’s smug grin as the young man slithered down under the duvet in the direction of Ryan’s cock. It occurred to Ryan that he wasn’t entirely sure which of them had won the discussion.

A moment later he didn’t particularly care.


Tags: connor temple, connor/ryan, fanfic, slash, tom ryan

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