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more jigsaws and randomness

I know this craze kind of came and went a while back, but I've made more jigsaws.

Basically, I've not been having a great week for various reasons, and was intending to be productive last night and catch up with lots of stuff, but then got home from work feeling absolutely knackered and brain dead, and definitely without the concentration span for writing or reading fic. So, instead, I decided to entertain myself with jigsaws. Problem was, I've already done all the ones posted to Denial at least once each, and I've done my favourite ones multiple times, so I was forced to make some more. And then obviously I felt the need to share the addiction/distraction/time-wasting/fun.

So, onwards to jigsaws. It probably goes without saying, but popsicle!Connor is a doozy!

popsicle!connor - online jigsaw puzzle - 96 pieces

actionconnor5 - online jigsaw puzzle - 98 pieces

connor in tux 3 - online jigsaw puzzle - 120 pieces

connor in tux 2 - online jigsaw puzzle - 126 pieces

connor in hoodie - online jigsaw puzzle - 120 pieces 

On a jigsaw related note, I'd quite like to make one or two Becker jigsaws but can't find any decent pictures. Does anyone know where I can find good promo shots of Becker? I'm sure I remember some from back when they were doing all the publicity for series 3, but damned if I can find the links or relevant posts now.
Edit: Thanks guys, I now have Becker piccies and have turned them into jigsaws.

becker 1 - online jigsaw puzzle - 117 pieces

becker 3 - online jigsaw puzzle - 120 pieces

becker 2 - online jigsaw puzzle - 99 pieces

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