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secret santa for sallycandace: All the Trimmings part 2

Title: All the Trimmings
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Becker/Connor   
Rating: 15
Warnings: none
Spoilers: set between 3.5 and 3.8, with implied mention of non-Denial-friendly events prior to that point.  
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 5600
Summary: Becker has an idea for how to avoid another lonely Christmas.    
AN: Secret Santa for sallycandace who wanted something ‘utterly fluffy’ with Connor and Becker, with the optional extra of Danny with mistletoe. I’m afraid I couldn’t get the mistletoe to fit, but Danny does make a brief cameo appearance.
AN: In two parts because lj threw a wobbler when I tried to post it as one.


            By the time three o’clock came round the next day, Connor couldn’t wait to get to the locker rooms. True, he hadn’t actually been doing any real work, and he’d spent most of the day playing the new computer game that Abby had given him, but he’d been surprisingly bored all day. Becker had wandered in and out of the Atrium several times, and at one point had been talked into playing Connor’s new game as well, but for the most part Connor had been rattling around the ARC on his own, and if there was one thing that Connor didn’t like it was being alone. Especially on Christmas Day.

            Becker was already getting changed when he arrived in the locker room.

            “Ready to go?” Becker asked, smiling as he buttoned up a tight fitting dark grey shirt.

            “Just need to get changed,” Connor said, digging through his bag for one of the three sets of clothes he had hurriedly thrown in that morning. Still unsure exactly how casual the evening was going to be, he had over-packed for all eventualities. Becker’s shirt suggested he was aiming for smart casual at the very least, so Connor ignored the t-shirt, and went for the dark purple shirt and black waistcoat. As he stripped off his work clothes and got changed, Connor was sure he could feel Becker’s eyes on him, and hoped he wasn’t going red. Bloody Danny, putting ideas in his head!

            “So, what’s the plan for the evening?” Connor asked as they left the ARC and got into Becker’s car.

            “What do you fancy? I was thinking watch a bit of TV, eat around six, and then see how we feel after that.”

            “Cool,” Connor said. Then he voiced the really important question that had been worrying him all day. “Becker, do you mind if we watch the Doctor Who Christmas special? Only I’ve been really looking forward to it, and I’ve set it to record and everything but it’s not the same watching it later. It’s okay if you’re not into that kind of thing, I can wait, but I just thought I’d ask, because you know it’s really good and it’s proper dramatic plotlines and not just geeky sci-fi.” Connor trailed off when he realised that Becker was looking more and more amused at his rambling.

            “Connor, it’s fine, I don’t mind watching Doctor Who.”

            “Really?” Connor was genuinely surprised.

            “Yes, it’s fine.”

            “I didn’t think you’d be into that kind of thing,” Connor admitted. He had been preparing himself to have to wait until Boxing Day to watch his favourite Christmas Day TV programme.

            “I’m not into it particularly, but I don’t have any objections, and you obviously really want to watch it so I don’t mind.”

            They spent the rest of the journey discussing what was on TV apart from Doctor Who, and rapidly came to the conclusion that the answer was ‘not much’. It turned out that Becker lived a reasonably sized flat, and the first thing Connor saw when he went in was that Becker had actually put Christmas decorations up. There was small tree in the corner of the living room, and while Connor took his jacket off and hung it up, Becker turned the Christmas tree lights on. There were no decorations in Lester’s flat, and nothing more than a bit of tinsel on top of the ADD at work, and Connor hadn’t realised how much he was missing the simple festive things like that. It made him feel more at home than he had for a long time.

            “Drink?” Becker offered.

            “Yes, please. Oh, yeah, here’s the wine.” Connor fished the wine out of his bag and followed Becker into the kitchen.

            “Not a bad choice,” Becker commented as he took it and put it in the fridge.

            “Do you want a hand with preparing the food or anything? I feel like I ought to do something to help.”

            “Thanks, if you want to make a start chopping the veg while I get the meat on then we can sit down and relax a bit quicker.”

            Becker put all the food out and Connor got to work on the carrots and potatoes. Becker joined him as soon as the chicken was in the oven (“No point getting a huge turkey for just one,” Becker had explained), and they slipped into comfortable conversation as they worked. Between the two of them it didn’t take long to have everything ready. Ever the organised, efficient military captain, Becker had a list pinned up for what time each different type of veg needed to go on, and a small travel alarm clock in the kitchen set to go off at each of the relevant times. The smell of cooking chicken was starting to seep out of the oven by the time they put the potatoes on and then took their fresh cups of tea into the living room.

            “I, um, got you a present,” Connor said. He fished in his bag for it and handed over the rather badly wrapped gift. “Kind of a thank you for inviting me.”

            “Oh, thank you.” Becker looked surprised and put it down on the table and went to get something from under the tree. “I got you something as well.”

            Connor was even more surprised than Becker had looked, and for a few moments the only sound was the rustling and tearing of wrapping paper.

            “Oh, thanks, I haven’t got his one yet,” Becker said when he saw the book.

            Connor breathed a quiet sigh of relief, and then suddenly grinned when he saw his present.

            “Cool!” He unrolled the scarf to its full length to appreciate the full technicolour glory of it. “It’s like a Tom Baker Doctor Who scarf.”

            He looked up to see Becker smiling at him.

            “I thought you might like that.”

            Connor narrowed his eyes and gave Becker a suspicious look. “Are you sure you’re not a closet Who fan?”

            Becker just laughed, and they settled down and channel surfed for a while until they found some old action film, which was then left to play in the background and was largely ignored as they talked about completely random things; all the things they had never really got the chance to learn about each other when they were just working together.

            The easy conversation continued over dinner. It was possibly the best meal Connor had eaten for a long time, and he made sure to tell Becker that, possibly several times judging by the way Becker actually started to look embarrassed after a while.

            “I’m too used to take-aways and instant stick-it-in-the-microwave food,” Connor explained over his second helping. “I used to cook properly when I lived with Abby, I’d make big pans of casserole or pasta and stuff like that for both of us. But I don’t bother now.  I don’t see the point of all that effort just for me.”

            “Maybe we should have dinner together more often,” Becker suggested. “I know what you mean about cooking for one, but it’s worth it for proper home cooked food.”

            “I think I’d like that,” Connor said. “Next time Lester goes away for the weekend you should come round and I’ll cook something. I make a great bolognaise.”

            They barely finished in time to settle back onto the sofa for Doctor Who, and as Connor sat there feeling warm, well fed, and getting slightly tipsy on wine, he decided Christmas probably didn’t get much better than this.


            Inviting Connor for Christmas dinner had definitely been one of his better ideas, Becker decided. He had probably learned more about Connor in the last few hours than he had in all the months since he had joined the ARC team, and he had been surprised at how easily they seemed able to talk to each other. He didn’t think he would ever get tired of the way that Connor’s face lit up when he was getting enthusiastic about something. The exact details of why Connor was so excitable about the plot as the Doctor Who credits rolled were unimportant. Becker just found himself enjoying the non-stop babble and the fact that Connor was the happiest that Becker ever remembered seeing him. The rambling didn’t stop even as they cleared the table and took everything back into the kitchen and put the kettle on for more coffee.

            “And I know some people prefer Christopher Eccleston but I really think Tennant is the best Doctor, he just has such a great range. I mean, he gets the deep dark stuff, but he’s great at the fun manic stuff as well and it’s not many actors who can pull of that many different aspects of a character so well and you can really believe it when he goes all dark and nasty because did you see the way he reacted in that episode when the monster kidnapped his companion and why are you staring at me like that?”

            Becker chuckled. “I’m not staring. I’m enjoying you in full geek flow.”

            Connor’s cheeks went a very definite red.


            “No, don’t be sorry,” Becker said, still smiling. “I like it. You should be this happy more often.”

            Connor shuffled and avoided Becker’s gaze, suddenly apparently very interested in the cups that were waiting for the kettle to boil.

            “I’ve had a really good day today. Thanks, Becker.”

            “I enjoyed it as well. I’m glad you came.” He hesitated, not wanting to spoil the mood, but Becker couldn’t help noticing that Connor looked decidedly worried and shifty. “Connor? Are you okay?”

            “Yeah, fine.” Connor glanced up and then away again. “It’s something that Danny said.”

            Becker rolled his eyes. Suddenly everything was clear.

            “Let me guess. He made some smutty innuendo about the two of us and you’re worried that I might be offended by it.”

            “Yeah. He sort of implied that we might end up shagging. Well, not so much implied and more straight out said it. And I thought he was totally out of order saying that because that’s so not what I intended to be doing. Not that I’m saying I wouldn’t want to shag someone like you because you’re all nice and good looking and that shirt really looks good on you, so don’t take it the wrong way, but I thought that’s not what you wanted when you invited me over and I should stop talking when I’ve had more than two glasses of wine because I say things like that when really they should have stayed in my head and not been said aloud where other people can hear them and why are you laughing at me again?”

            Becker was aware that a smile had been getting bigger and bigger on his face as Connor’s mouth ran away with itself. He pushed away from where he had been leaning against the worktop and closed the distance between them. Connor’s eyes were wide as he looked up at Becker, not quite the classic rabbit in headlights look, but not far off.

            “Wow, you’re actually really tall this close up.” Connor tried to step backwards but the fridge was directly behind him and he had nowhere to go. “Um... you should probably ignore what I said a minute ago, because I’ve been drinking and you should know I’m a complete lightweight and it’s Danny’s fault for putting ideas and images in my head. Have I offended you? Because I didn’t mean to but I know you soldiers can be a bit funny about the macho stuff and you probably wouldn’t want any rumours going round about the two of us and I’ll have a word with Danny when he’s back and tell him to mind his own business an-”

            Connor,” Becker interrupted, still smirking.


            “Will you stop talking for long enough to let me kiss you?”

            Connor’s eyes grew even wider, and he looked adorably surprised.


            Becker leaned down and kissed Connor. It was soft at first, no pressure. He didn’t want to push, although Connor’s rambling commentary had given away enough that Becker felt pretty sure this wasn’t just a one way thing any more. Even so, he couldn’t resist letting his tongue flicker across Connor’s lips, tasting him.

            After a little while he paused and pulled back a little.

            “Was that okay?”

            “Right up until the part where it stopped,” Connor breathed. He pushed himself up onto the balls of his feet to gain a little extra height and cupped his hand around the back of Becker’s neck. Becker didn’t need the insistent tugging to encourage him, and he slipped his hands around Connor’s waist and kissed him again, this time letting it linger until the need for air finally forced them apart.

            Becker suspected he had a stupidly smug grin on his face, but he couldn’t help it.

            “Well, that was unexpected,” Connor said a little breathlessly.

            “Unexpected, but not unanticipated.”

            “What’s that supposed to mean?”

            “It means I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” Becker admitted.

            “You have?”

            Becker didn’t dignify that with an answer. He glanced at the kettle, long since boiled.

            “Do you still want coffee?”

            “Suddenly I’m not really interested in coffee any more,” Connor said with a rather cheeky smile.

            “Me neither,” Becker grinned.

            He took Connor’s hand and led him back to the sofa and pulled Connor onto his lap.

            “Now, where were we?”

            Becker lost track of time as they traded lazy kisses. Eventually Connor took his shoes off and curled up on the sofa snuggled against Becker’s shoulder, his arms around Becker’s waist. Becker slipped an arm around Connor as well, and stroked the soft material of his shirt. He hoped Connor could be persuaded to wear this shirt and waistcoat more often, the colours suited him and they were figure-hugging enough to show off his body in a way that had been distracting Becker all evening.

            “Hey, look!” Connor waved an arm at the window. “It’s snowing.”

            Becker rolled his eyes. Connor really was like a big kid at times. Somewhat to Becker’s surprise, Connor extricated himself from their contented tangle and got up to go and stand at the window and watch the falling snow.  Eventually Becker got up and stood behind him, and slipped his arms around Connor again. Outside, the snow swirled in the wind and began to stick to the ground and the window ledge.

            “It’s just snow, Connor.”

            “Yeah, but it’s great. When I was little I always used to like watching it settle. It’s just so pretty.”

            Becker chuckled and gently nuzzled Connor’s ear.

            “I can see something else that’s pretty.”

            “Hey! Less of the pretty, thank you.”

            “How about cute, then?”

            Connor wrinkled his nose.


            “I was thinking more like ruggedly handsome,” Connor tried, sounding hopeful.

            Becker leaned close until his mouth was right next to Connor’s ear.

            “How about sexy?”

            He was sure he felt Connor shiver a little in his arms.

            “I can live with sexy,” Connor decided.

            “Right. I’m glad we’ve got that sorted out, then.”

            They both watched the snow, Becker still holding Connor and occasionally nuzzling his hair. After a while Becker felt Connor shiver again, and this time it wasn’t a good shiver.

            “Come on, you’re getting cold standing here by the window. How about we find a way of warming you up again?”

            He tugged Connor back to the sofa and into his lap again, this time manoeuvring him so that Connor’s back lay against Becker’s chest, his head resting against Becker’s shoulder. Becker let his hands roam across Connor’s chest, taking note of where Connor shivered and wriggled under his touch. Connor turned his head far enough to kiss Becker again, and Becker felt the gasp when his hand gently stroked over Connor’s crotch. There was a definite bulge there, and Becker smiled and ran his hand over it again. This time he got a low whine and Connor’s hips shifted and tried to follow his hand as it moved away.

            His fingers came to rest on the button of Connor’s trousers, and he hesitated and looked into Connor’s eyes.

            “Is this okay?”

            Connor nodded. “God, yes.”

            Becker flicked the button undone and pulled the zip down, and slid his hand inside Connor’s shorts and began to stroke his cock slowly and gently. Connor whined again and wriggled, the movement bringing both their attention to the fact that Becker was just as hard as Connor was. He tried his best to ignore it and continued to stroke Connor until he was making almost constant breathless whimpering noises.

            Suddenly, Connor took hold of Becker’s wrist and tugged his hand away.

            “What’s wrong?” Becker asked, confused and worried that he had gone too fast for the young man.

            “Nothing’s wrong. I just wanted to try something.”

            Connor shuffled and moved until he was facing Becker, kneeling astride his legs. He quickly undid Becker’s trousers and pushed his shirt up out of the way, and then he pressed close and both their cocks rubbed together. Becker’s gasp and Connor’s whimper merged together and Becker pulled him in for another deep kiss. Connor reached between them and ran his fingers along both their cocks at the same time, pressing them together again, and they both came at the same moment, their cries swallowed by the kiss.

            Becker recovered first and reached for the box of tissues on the table and cleaned them both up. Inevitably, both their shirts had got a little messy, and Becker stripped his shirt off and tossed it into the chair opposite. He knew he ought to put it in the wash straight away, but right then he had far more interesting and important things distracting him. Connor hesitated a moment, and then took off his waistcoat and shirt as well. He glanced at his bag, but then simply snuggled down against Becker’s chest without bothering to go in search of whatever other clothes he might have brought.

            “Comfy?” Becker inquired as Connor wriggled and squirmed and cuddled up to him.


            “Good.” Becker waited for Connor to settle and then slipped his arms around him again.

They absently channel hopped for a while, not really watching anything and frequently becoming distracted by snuggling.

Eventually Becker said, “Do you still want to stay in the spare room? Because there’s room in my bed for two.”

Connor moved so that he could look up at Becker and his eyes held a rather mischievous look.

“I kind of like the sound of a Becker hot water bottle.”

Becker chuckled. “I’m quite looking forward to a geek hot water bottle as well.” He nuzzled Connor’s hair. This Christmas had certainly turned out a lot better than he had expected when he volunteered to work over the holiday period. Although, much as he didn’t want to admit it, he probably ought to thank Danny for putting ideas into Connor’s head.     



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