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more jigsaws

um... I think I may have got a tiny bit carried away! No Ryan ones, as it turned out I didn't have very many useful screencaps of him, but I went a bit mad with Connor and Abby and Action!Nick. Also, I freely admit all my jigsaws are on the large side, because I like the challenge and apparently, when it comes to jigsaws, size *does* matter *grin*

A few Connor and Abby ones to start with.

connor and abby  - online jigsaw puzzle - 99 pieces

connor and abby2 - online jigsaw puzzle - 98 pieces

S3 abby-connor - online jigsaw puzzle - 130 pieces

connor and abby 3 - online jigsaw puzzle - 130 pieces

team - online jigsaw puzzle - 117 pieces

And a little bit of Action!Nick.

action nick axe - online jigsaw puzzle - 110 pieces

action nick punching4 - online jigsaw puzzle - 98 pieces
Tags: abby maitland, connor temple, jigsaws, nick cutter, primeval, random, stephen hart

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