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A-LP film Popcorn - it doesn't suck as much as Avalanche!

As you probably noticed, it was my birthday recently, and I spent some of my birthday money having a splurge on Amazon and buying myself a couple of new Andrew-Lee Potts DVDs, namely the films Caffeine and Popcorn. 

I watched Caffeine last weekend, and was kind of ‘meh’ about it. Watched Popcorn today, and I wanted to screencap the hell out of it! Mainly, it has to be said, because Andrew is wearing a suit and looks surprisingly good when he smartens up a bit (I think it may have been filmed around the same time as series 1 or 2 Primeval, so his character looks like a more smartly dressed version of Connor!).

Anyway, the film itself. To be honest, if Andrew hadn’t been in it I probably wouldn’t have bothered. However, it didn’t suck (unlike, say for instance, Avalanche. Seriously, Andrew, what were you thinking? Were you particularly short of cash the week they sent you the script for Avalanche? Or were you lured in by the thought of getting to play on those snow bike things?). Sorry, I digress. Honestly, Popcorn is an okay film. The plot isn’t bad, there’s a decent amount of humour, and it actually managed to hold my attention for the scenes that Andrew wasn’t in as well as the scenes he was. This is unlike Caffeine, where, I have to admit, I was easily distracted by the Sunday chat in Denial during any scene that didn’t contain Andrew. Yes, I have not-so-hidden shallows when it comes to A-LP.

The plot, such as it is, involves Danny, an inept geek who can’t talk to girls, seeing the girl of his dreams working in a cinema, so he takes a job at the cinema to try to get to know her. He is aided and abetted by the cinema projectionist who tries to help him win the girl by using ideas from films. Andrew plays Kris, the assistant manager of the cinema (hence the suit) who has discovered that there is a ‘secret observer’ among the staff, and he spends most of the film trying to work out who it is. At first he assumes it is Danny because he is the new guy, and so Kris spends a lot of time trying to hide the evidence of all the little scams that he’s got going on with the staff. Oh, and occasionally snogging one particular member of staff, and almost doing something a little more 18 rated with her until they get interrupted!

There’s a couple of nice special features on the DVD, including out-takes with several instances of Andrew fluffing his lines and/or completely corpsing. There’s also the original screen tests, in which Andrew is wearing glasses (which is made of squee!) and also appears to be trying to do a Michael Caine cockney accent which, thank god, he doesn’t actually use in the film itself.

So, yeah, not a brilliant film, but it doesn’t suck. If you need an incentive, here’s some piccies of Andrew in a suit.

popcorn suit1

popcorn suit2 

And bonus Andrew wearing glasses in the screen test. *squees*

popcorn screen test 

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