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shiny new header! And fic: Room For Two

I have a lovely new lj header, made for my birthday by [info]auntypam , which was a complete surprise, so thank you very much. Of course, I had no idea how to upload it, so over the course of about three or four hours this morning, the wonderful munchkinofdoom talked me through the whole process until I got it the way I wanted it.

So, to say thankyou to these two ladies, I wrote gratuitous Connor/Ryan bath!porn fluff. Hope you like it.

Title: Room For Two
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Ryan/Connor
Rating: 18
Warnings: gratuitous fluff, smut.
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 1800
Summary: When Connor yet again ends up looking like a wet, muddy, and thoroughly bedraggled drowned puppy, Ryan decides there’s only one thing for it: bathtime!
AN: Written for auntypam and munchkinofdoom as a thank you for my shiny new lj header.




            Ryan raced through the forest, his feet slipping in ankle deep puddles, his own speed and momentum the only things keeping him from falling flat on his arse. Rain poured into his eyes and the almost constant crash of thunder and blinding flashes of lightening overhead meant that his awareness of what was going on around him was narrowed to a single focus – the stampeding creature directly ahead that was dragging Connor along in its wake.

            “Connor! Let go of the bag!”

            He saw a light ahead in the gathering darkness. With a sickening jolt Ryan realised they had run full circle, the light was the anomaly and the creature was going to take Connor through it if he didn’t act fast. Ryan made his decision, stopped dead, took aim, and fired. The creature twisted round, bellowing. Its legs kicked out, and finally the strap of Connor’s bag snapped and his limp body was tossed unceremoniously through the air and into a tree. Ryan fired off another round, and the creature took off through the anomaly, honking its anger.

            Ryan raced over to Connor, vaguely aware of voices shouting from somewhere behind. The young man was slumped against a tree, his eyes closed.

            “Connor? Connor, talk to me.”

            Connor cracked an eye open and looked up at him.


            What?” Ryan started mentally reciting the symptoms of concussion.

            “They run pretty fast.”

            Oh, right. He was talking about the creature.

            “Connor, are you okay?”

            “I liked that bag,” he said, staring at the torn, tangled remains of the thing that had accidentally attached him to the creature before it ran off.

            Connor picked himself up, wincing with every movement. He was sopping wet and covered in mud practically from head to toe. On the plus side, it didn’t look like anything was broken, though.

            “When we get home I think I want the biggest, deepest bath in history,” Connor decided, looking particularly disconsolate at the state he was in.

            “There isn’t a bath at my place,” Ryan reminded him.

            “Oh, yeah.”

            Further conversation was forestalled by the arrival of the rest of the team. Claudia found a blanket from somewhere and wrapped Connor up and forced him to sit down and be examined by the medic while everyone else formed a rather wet and downcast cordon around the anomaly, which waited just long enough for them to finish arguing and organising themselves before it winked out of existence.

            “I can see it’s going to be fun sharing a car with Connor for the next three hours until we get home,” Abby commented, not unkindly, as she eyed her sodden and muddy housemate.

            Ryan had been thinking along similar lines, although with rather more emphasis on the fact that it was very late at night and Connor was quite obviously exhausted, and shivering despite the blanket.

            “Abby, I’ll take Connor,” Ryan decided. “I want to get him somewhere warm as soon as possible so I’ll find us somewhere nearby for the night.”

            “Are you sure?” Abby looked concerned.

            “Yeah. Don’t worry, I’ll bring him back tomorrow.”

            It was an indication of how far gone Connor was feeling that he acquiesced to having his evening arranged for him without being consulted. Abby dropped them off at the nearest hotel, and Ryan steered Connor into the building, still wrapped in the blanket.

            “I need a double room with a bath, please,” Ryan told the woman on reception. She had rather a look of disgust at the state they were both in, but Ryan suspected that the fact that Connor was dripping muddy rain water all over their lobby floor went a long way towards expediting the booking in process.

            Ryan didn’t properly start to relax until they were finally in the room and he had closed and locked the door. Leaving Connor standing in the middle of the room, he went to inspect the bathroom. He felt a grin spreading on his face when he saw the size of the bath. Ryan set the taps running and poured in both of the complementary sachets of bubble bath. Then he went back to find his young lover.

            Connor was still shivering. He peered up at Ryan through the dripping curtain of hair, and Ryan couldn’t help the mental comparison to a half drowned puppy.  It was worrying how often he found himself making that comparison, to be completely honest.

            “Come on, let’s get you out of those clothes and warmed up a bit.”

            “I like that plan,” Connor said blearily.

            Ryan propelled him into the bathroom, which was starting to steam up nicely by that point, and then set about stripping Connor’s clothes off, with occasional instructions along the lines of, “Arms... no, the other foot.”

            It wasn’t until Connor was completely undressed and standing naked in the middle of the bathroom that Ryan really noticed the bruises. Most of the left side of Connor’s chest, and his left arm were already turning an interesting shade of black and red.

            “Conn, why didn’t you tell me you were hurt?”

            Connor glanced down, and looked as surprised by the bruises as Ryan had been.

            “I was so cold I didn’t notice.”

            “Better do something about that, then.”

            Ryan paused to turn the taps off, and then helped Connor to get into the decadently deep and hot bubble bath. Connor sank in with a moan of extreme pleasure, rested his head against the rim and closed his eyes.

            “Hey, you can’t go to sleep yet,” Ryan warned as he stripped off his own clothes until he was only wearing his boxers. He knelt beside the bath, and started to carefully rub shower gel all over Connor’s body, avoiding the bruises as much as possible. By the time he had moved on to massaging shampoo into Connor’s hair the young man was practically purring with pleasure.

            “Better now?” Ryan inquired, smiling at him.

            Connor opened his eyes and smiled back. “Feel like a lobster now.”

            “You look like one as well,” Ryan laughed. Any part of Connor’s skin which had been immersed was now a shocking shade of pink.

            Connor reached out and tugged on Ryan’s wrist. “There’s probably room for two if I move up a bit.”

            Ryan had been considering that, but his priority had been to get Connor warmed up and comfortable, and not in imminent danger of pneumonia. Now, however, there were distinct possibilities.

            He stripped off his shorts and climbed in behind Connor as the young man shuffled far enough forward to make room. Water sloshed over the edge, and it belatedly occurred to Ryan that he should have emptied a bit out first. Connor seemed to be contemplating this with an expression of interest.

            “I wonder if Archimedes really did say eureka when his bath overflowed?”

            Ryan just shook his head with an amused smile, and slipped an arm around Connor’s waist and pulled him to lie back against Ryan’s chest.

            “Happy now?”

            “Oh yeah. Could go to sleep like this.”

            “You’d better not,” Ryan said. His hands began to trace patterns across Connor’s chest, and Connor wriggled against him. Ryan felt his cock twitch, and smirked. “Keep that up and I think we’re going to end up getting messy again,” Ryan whispered into Connor’s ear.

            Connor responded by wriggling even more vigorously.

            “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

            Ryan’s hand tracked lower until he found Connor’s cock, which seemed to be the only part of his body that wasn’t half asleep at that moment.

            “If that’s supposed to be an incentive to stop I think it’s doomed to failure,” Connor murmured.

            “What am I going to do with you?” Ryan chuckled. Connor was apparently back to his usual cheeky self, and all was well in the world as far as he was concerned.

            “I could give you a few suggestions, but you seem to have got the idea already.”

            Ryan nuzzled Connor’s neck, and began to stroke his cock in earnest. Connor closed his eyes again. The bathroom was quiet except for the sound of sloshing water, and soft throaty purring, occasionally interspersed with needy mewing from Connor. He only usually made those sounds when he was very relaxed and content. Ryan trailed kisses along Connor’s neck and shoulder until the moment when Connor came with a soft sigh and a ripple of pleasure that seemed to go through his entire body.

            “Nice?” Ryan inquired, nuzzling again until the quite gasping and mewing had faded.


            “Come on, I think someone needs to go to bed.”

            Ryan climbed out of the bath, ignoring Connor’s pout. He slipped his hands under Connor’s arms and helped him get up and out of the bath, and then wrapped Connor in the biggest, fluffiest towel Ryan had ever seen. He was steadfastly refusing to think about how much this room had cost him until tomorrow morning. Connor’s exhaustion seemed to have returned now, and Ryan could barely cajole him into standing up for long enough to be towelled dry. He sat Connor down on a stool while dried himself, and when he had turned around again Connor’s eyes were closed and he was leaning against the wall, apparently asleep.

            “Oi, sleeping beauty.” Ryan slipped an arm around Connor and half carried him into the other room and over to the bed. He tucked Connor in, and then returned to the bathroom to deal with his own arousal. His primary concern had been Connor, but their activities hadn’t left him unaffected, and now his own cock was demanding attention. Ryan slowly stroked himself, his eyes closed, his imagination trying to convince him that it was Connor’s hand on him right at that moment. That wasn’t going to work in a million years. Connor liked to tease him for as long as possible before letting him come, and Ryan knew he was never going to last long right then. Instead his mind supplied the image of Connor’s cheeky smile as his lips closed over the head of Ryan’s cock. That thought alone was enough, and Ryan arched into his own hand with a gasp of pleasure.  

            As soon as Ryan climbed into bed Connor snuggled closer and curled around him. The young man’s hand explored downwards until he found Ryan’s cock. Connor frowned.

            “You just did yourself?”

            “You looked like you were already asleep.” Ryan kissed him to show he didn’t mind.

            “You should’ve let me,” Connor mumbled with something that might have been a pout if he wasn’t so sleepy.

            “You can make it up to me in the morning,” Ryan promised.

            “Yeah.” Connor yawned and cuddled up until he was hugging Ryan like a hot water bottle. “Morning sounds good.”

            Within seconds it seemed that Connor was asleep, his breath on Ryan’s chest slow and soft. Ryan gently nuzzled the top of Connor’s head and absently wondered how much it would cost to have a bath installed in his flat.


Tags: connor temple, connor/ryan, fanfic, slash, tom ryan

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  • Fanfic: Memories

    Eek, my first fanfic since 2017, and it's for Ghosts, my latest tv obsession. I can't lie, I watched series 1 and knew I wanted to write about…

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