athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

fanfic: Let Sleeping Geeks Lie

This one has taken me ages to write because the boys were fighting over what they wanted the story to be - Connor wanted pure fluff, Ryan wanted porn. In the end, I think they both won...

Title: Let Sleeping Geeks Lie
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Ryan/Connor
Rating: 18
Warnings: gratuitous fluff, mild smut, absolutely no plot.  
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 1000
Summary: Connor wants to sleep in late, Ryan has other idea.



            Ryan poked his head round the bedroom door and let his eyes adjust to the half-light. Connor was still a curled up shape under the duvet, his dark hair tufting in all directions on the pillow.

            “Conn? I’ve brought coffee.”

            There was a muffled murmur from the duvet, so Ryan went in and put the mug down on the bedside table and sat down next to Connor. It was usually worth checking whether or not he was actually asleep, because it wasn’t unknown for Connor to pretend he was sleeping, only to launch a surprise pounce. A surprise pounce which, to be fair, Ryan almost always saw coming from a mile off.

            “Are you awake?”

            “Couldn’t sleep when I realised my favourite pillow was gone,” Connor mumbled.

            Ryan rolled his eyes. “Your favourite pillow wanted a cup of coffee and a bacon butty.”

            Connor’s hand sneaked out from under the duvet and tugged on Ryan’s wrist.

            “Come back to bed.”

            “Connor, its gone ten o’clock already. I’m not lying around in bed at this time of day.”

            “We were awake till nearly four in the morning. And it was freezing cold. And it was the world’s most boring anomaly.” Connor still sounded extremely put out about that, as well.

            Ryan gently brushed the hair away from Connor’s face, and his young lover squirmed and nuzzled Ryan’s hand.

            “I’ll make you pancakes if you get up,” Ryan offered.

            “Pancakes in bed?” The biggest pair of puppy eyes imaginable peered up at Ryan with an optimistic expression.

            “Nope. You only get pancakes if you get up.”

            Connor pouted.

            “No pancakes at all if you make that face at me,” Ryan said, knowing full well that it was a completely empty threat. When Connor did finally emerge, Ryan suspected he was going to be creating syrup-laden pancakes for his lover for most of what was left of the morning.

              “That’s just mean.”

            “Come on,” Ryan tried again. “Are you going to get up or are you just going to lie there looking cute all day?”

            “Is that a rhetorical question?”

            “Don’t make me come in there and get you.”

            Connor squirmed again. Ryan thought he might have been aiming for a sexy, seductive squirm, but under that much bedding it was difficult to tell. Willpower fought a brave but futile battle with desire, and Ryan finally gave in to the inevitable and stripped off his t-shirt and jeans and slid back into bed.

            “That’s better,” Connor mumbled. He snuggled closer and curled an arm around Ryan’s waist.

            Ryan let his hands start to roam over Connor’s body, surprised by how warm he was after the relative coolness of the rest of the house. More than aware of Connor’s feeling about being cold, Ryan was starting to see why the young man was quite so reluctant to emerge from his toasty little cocoon.

            “I feel I have to remind you that we’re not supposed to be cuddling, we’re supposed to be getting up,” he pointed out.

            “Shouldn’t have got back in bed then, should you?”

            “Don’t make me resort to tickling!”

            Connor squeaked like a startled guinea pig and rolled over and curled up into a ball, his knees hugged tight to his chest. Ryan smirked. Connor really didn’t like having his tummy tickled.

            Of course, this was exactly what Ryan had expected to happen when he threatened tickling, and his smirk got bigger. He sat up to reach across to the bedside table and snag the lube and started coating his fingers.

            “Come back, you’re letting all the heat out of the be- eeek!

            Ryan chuckled. “I don’t normally get that response when I do this,” he said as he twisted his finger in Connor’s arse.

            “It’s cold!” There was a definite pouty quality to Connor’s voice. “You could have at least warmed your hand up a bit first.”

            “I can stop if you like.”

            Connor didn’t bother to dignify that with an answer, and instead wriggled until he managed to push himself backwards onto Ryan’s finger.

            “I’ll take that as a ‘no’ to stopping, then.”

            Connor was grumbling something under his breath until there was sudden gasp and the grumbling turned instantly into a breathy whimper. He uncoiled slightly, and started stroking his own cock.

            Ryan wasn’t in any hurry, and he took his time, enjoying the quiet happy noises, and the occasional wriggling that told him Connor was getting impatient. Eventually Ryan paused long enough to slide a condom on, and then he pressed slowly into Connor, one hand on the young man’s hip holding him in place. They stayed like that for a surprisingly long time, neither moving until Ryan started to thrust. Even then the pace remained slow, lethargic, until at last a small cry announced Connor’s orgasm, and the moment he tightened around Ryan’s cock it pulled him over the edge as well.

            The need to not be damp and sticky was what finally persuaded Ryan that he had to move from the contented tangle of limbs and purring sounds. He could reach the strategically located box of tissues without needing to leave the bed, and proceeded to clean them both up, smirking slightly when he still managed to inadvertently tickle Connor’s stomach. He had to roll over onto his back to lob the wad of tissues and condom into the bin, and as soon as he’d done it Connor pounced. Well, strictly speaking, ‘pounce’ implied far more speed and movement than was actually involved. It was more like Connor sprawled across Ryan, his arm and a leg draping over Ryan’s body, and his head nestling into a comfortable position on Ryan’s shoulder.

            “Oi! We’re supposed to be getting up!”

            Connor snuggled closer and nuzzled Ryan’s chest.

            “Connor.” He tried to put a stern warning into his voice, but the effect was probably rather spoiled by all the cuddling.

            Connor snuffled quietly, and his breath on Ryan’s chest became soft and even once more.

            Ryan sighed. He really was going soft in his old age.  

            On the plus side, at least there was a cup of coffee within easy reach.         



Tags: connor temple, connor/ryan, fanfic, slash, tom ryan
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