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belated birthday picspam for joereaves

Sorry for the delay. Here's a belated birthday picspam for joereaves , who wanted Lester (well, actually she couldn't make her mind up and wanted all of them, but asked for Lester in particular).  So, knowing that Joe has similar opinions as me on the subject of pretty-when-broken/bruised/bloodied, I thought this set of piccies might be appropriate...

Lester looks a bit worried.

Eeep! He's behind you!

Memo to me: don't hire psycho traitors in future

Lester wonders if he can charge his dry cleaning bill to expenses.

No caption. Let's just wallow in Action!Lester for a moment.

Lester has a cunning plan...

Waiting for fate.

Bonus glimpse of chest-fuzz! Maybe Cutter can run his hand through the chest hair while administering much needed comfort after all that hurt.  
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