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fanfic: Tangled Webs

Title: Tangled Webs
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Connor/Becker (Connor/Nick implied)
Rating: 18
Warnings: Language, smut, bondage, violent sex (actual and implied).
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 1800
Summary: You can’t always get what you want.
AN: Follows on from The Substitute, Need, The New Order, The Next Roll of the Dice, and Secrets and Lies.



            “Drink?” Becker asked.

            Connor shrugged. “Yeah, that’d be good.”

            Becker poured them both a glass of scotch as Connor wandered around the living room, pausing at the shelves to look at his DVD and CD collection.

            Becker wasn’t sure what he had expected would happen when he finally got Connor round to his place, but so far the young man didn’t appear to be any less tense than usual. When Becker handed over the drink, Connor practically downed it in one. He shuddered a little, his eyes closed, and when he opened his eyes again he watched Becker carefully.

            “What do you want, Becker? Why were you so desperate to get me here?”

            “I was hoping you might loosen up a bit.”

            “Really? Because I thought you said something about me shagging you senseless?”

            Becker’s cock twitched at the thought, but he sipped his drink, feeling the liquid burn down his throat before he answered. “That would also be a possibility.”

            Connor’s eyebrows raised and he looked faintly amused. “It’d better be more than a possibility, otherwise I might accuse you of getting me here under false pretences.”

            Becker hesitated, and then downed the rest of his drink and put the glass down.

            “Fine. If that’s all you’re interested in, let’s just cut to the chase.”

            He led Connor down the corridor to his bedroom and closed the door behind them. He half expected Connor to grab him as soon as they were in the room, but instead the young man just stood there, his hands shoved deep into his pockets, still watching Becker with an odd expression.

            “What?” Becker asked after a moment.

            “Cut to the chase? What exactly do you think is going to happen here, Becker? Did you think it was going to be all romantic, that I was going to open up and tell you all about what the big nasty professor has been doing to me?” Connor mocked.

            “No,” Becker said, trying to look shocked and affronted. The truth was, he’d been entertaining almost exactly those kinds of thoughts all day since their meeting in the storeroom.

            “Good. Because it’s not going to happen.”

            “Fine,” Becker growled.


            “So let’s get on with it.”

            There was another moment of just standing there glaring at each other, and then Becker pulled his t-shirt off and started getting undressed. After a moment, Connor started to do the same. When he was down to just his jeans Becker paused to get the condom and lubricant out of his bedside drawer. He briefly eyed the other items in there, but decided it probably wasn’t a good idea on their first time together.

            When he looked round again Connor was naked, and Becker couldn’t help staring. If anything, the bruises on his back were even worse than those on his chest, and there were more marks on his wrists and forearms. Connor saw him looking, and glared.

            “Yeah, that’s it, take a good look. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?” he challenged, his voice full of anger.

            “Connor, why do y-”

            He didn’t get to finish. Connor grabbed him and shoved him back onto the bed and straddled Becker, pinning him down.

            “None of your bloody business,” he warned.  “And you’re still wearing too much.”

            “Bit difficult to finish getting undressed with you on top like this.”

            Connor slid back and let Becker wriggle out of his jeans and boxers. As soon as they were out of the way, Connor pinned him down again, and claimed Becker’s mouth. Becker felt himself getting hard, and he gasped when their cocks rubbed against each other. Connor squirmed against him again, almost certainly deliberately this time, and Becker arched up and grabbed Connor’s backside. He had wanted this far more than he was prepared to admit to himself. Ever since that first time in the locker room he had been fascinated with Connor, even though he knew damn well that the feelings were all one-sided.   

            Connor sat up and leaned across to get the lubricant, and then he stopped. Becker realised his drawer was still open and silently cursed. Connor picked out the set of cuffs and held them up with a curious expression.

            “Wouldn’t have thought you’d be into that sort of thing,” Connor said.

            “Only with people I trust.”

            Connor hesitated, and then said in a quiet voice, “Do you trust me?”

            Becker knew he should say no. This was their first time together. Connor was quite obviously involved in a violent relationship with another man, he was in no way a safe candidate for anything that required that level of trust.

            But at the same time Becker couldn’t deny he wanted it. And from the look in Connor’s dark eyes, Connor wanted it as well.

            Becker held his wrists out. “Enough to let you use those, if you want.”

            Connor seemed to be very deep in thought for a long time. Eventually he focussed his attention on Becker again and nodded.

            “Turn over. Lie on your front.”

            Becker immediately sensed the change in tone, and complied, rolling over. He let Connor position him how he wanted, and felt a momentary thrill of anticipation when Connor snapped the cuffs onto his wrists, attaching his hands to the headboard and denying him any physical control over what happened next.

            Connor was curiously silent as he prepared Becker with first one and then two lubricated fingers. Becker squirmed under him, and rubbed his cock against the sheet until Connor sat on his legs and pinned him again.

            Becker was nowhere near ready when Connor removed his fingers and replaced them with his cock. Becker gasped, and tried to pull away but there was nowhere to go and Connor relentlessly pushed into him until Becker squeezed his eyes closed at the sensation of being filled.

            And then Connor stopped moving entirely.

Becker tried to wriggle, tried to get some friction against his cock, but between the cuffs and the weight of Connor’s body he couldn’t move anywhere near enough. He wanted to scream. He wanted to beg. Instead he managed to pant out a question between breaths.

“Bet Cutter doesn’t let you top, does he?”

“Shut up,” Connor snapped. Without warning he pulled out, and then slowly pushed back in again, making Becker whimper and squirm, not sure whether to try to get away or to push back and make it harder, faster.

“Those bruises on your wrists. This isn’t your first time with cuffs, is it?”

“I said we’re not talking about it,” Connor growled.

“How’s it feel to be on the other side for a change?” Becker wasn’t even sure why he was persisting with this. He couldn’t let it drop, though. He needed to know what was going on, why someone like Connor was letting Cutter do those things to him.

“Shit, Becker. Next time we do this I’m going to gag you.”

Becker didn’t know whether it was the thought of being gagged, or the promise of a ‘next time’, but his cock undeniably twitched. He squirmed again, desperate to get any sort of friction against his cock now as Connor started to thrust, finally increasing the pace and stopping the slow torture.

            “Is this what Cutter does to you? Ties you up and beats you? Or do the bruises come before the cuffs with him?”

            Abruptly Connor slammed hard into him, making Becker gasp.

            “I bet he doesn’t even need to use the cuffs on you. I bet you’d let him do whatever he wants, wouldn’t you?”

            “Shut up.” Fingers dug hard into Becker’s hips, and Connor’s weight was suddenly holding him down and denying him even enough movement to rub his cock on the sheets any more. It didn’t stop him squirming.

            “Maybe I should ask him.”

            Connor suddenly stilled inside him, and Becker couldn’t help the tiny whimper. His cock was hard and aching and he couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

            “Don’t you dare go near Cutter. He’s mine. Do you get that, Becker? He’s mine.”

            Connor’s voice was quiet but there was no disguising the threat, or the anger in his tone.

            “Interesting definition of ownership you’ve got there,” Becker commented. He tried to wriggle, and Connor’s fingers dug even harder into his hips. “Because I don’t see Cutter coming to work wearing ten layers of clothing to hide the bruises.”

            Connor abruptly slammed into him again, making Becker gasp and bite back a cry.

            “Shut up. Just shut the fuck up. You don’t have a fucking clue about me and Cutter.” There was still anger in Connor’s voice, but this time Becker heard the unmistakeable edge of pain as well. “He needs me.”

            “What as? A punch bag?”

            “You weren’t there. You never even knew Stephen. You don’t know anything. You don’t have any right to judge Cutter. I’m the one who has to look after him. I have to keep him sane. He needs me.”

            “And what about you? What do you need, Connor?”

            The words were barely out of his mouth before Becker cried out as Connor thrust hard into him again, and again. His cock was screaming for attention, just one touch, and he yanked on the cuffs, knowing it was useless, the frustration only adding to the intensity of his need to come. Connor’s movements became more erratic until suddenly he gasped out a desperate swear word and Becker felt Connor pulsing inside him. Connor collapsed, and Becker whimpered again under the dead weight of Connor’s body on top of his own. Connor grunted and rolled off sideways, pulling Becker with him until he could reach round and grab Becker’s cock. All it took was a single stroke and Becker came hard, barely aware that Connor’s name was on his lips as he did so.

            Becker was still gathering his senses when he felt the cuffs being unlocked. He knew he needed to stretch his arms, but for the moment he was still too limp and satiated to move. He was aware of the mattress moving as Connor got up, and assumed he was just looking for tissues or something. A few moments later there was the sound of the door being opened. Becker forced himself to sit up, but by the time he looked Connor had already left the bedroom. A quick glance round told Becker that he’d taken his clothes with him.


He knew he should go after Connor, but what would be the point? He had pushed too hard too fast, and all he had achieved was to push Connor away. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t pretend that didn’t hurt.   

It didn’t escape Becker’s attention, however, that Connor had no answer for his last question.


Tags: becker, connor temple, connor/becker, fanfic, slash

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