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Action Nick picspam

Here's a little something for everyone who is still in denial about episode 3.3, but particularly dedicated to reggietate , the biggest and most enthusiastic Nick-fan on my f-list. Hope this helps a little, Reggie.  

So here we go with a reminder of why we love our favourite grumpy Scottish professor, Action!Nick Cutter. And not a gun in sight...

Action!Nick may not like guns, but that doesn't stop him in a desperate situation. Improvised weapons FTW!

For those times when a flame thrower isn't available, an iron bar often does the trick.

Or assorted items of furniture are also popular.

Never underestimate the usefulness of farming equipment

Even elephant pee has its uses, especially when he doesn't want to hurt the poor creatures.

Occasionally Action!Nick gets his hands on a real weapon. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Axes are good

But swords are better...

...except when wielded by Jenny

There are some occasions when there are no weapons to be had, improvised or otherwise. Never fear! Action!Nick has one hell of a right hook! (but appalingly bad choice of occasions in which to use it!)

But even Action!Nick has his limits, and sometimes there's nothing for it but to escapeby any means possible.

Nick Cutter. Our hero.
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