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Riverdance squee

Last night I went to see Riverdance live for the second time.

Absolutely fantastic. I don't think I stopped grinning all the way through the show, from the first haunting notes of Reel Around the Sun, right to the very end. And every single time I hear the opening notes of Riverdance itself I get a shiver of anticipation.

All the old favourites were still there - Thunderstorm, where there is no music, the tap shoes of the dancers provide the rhythm, and the big finale, and it's impossible to stop your own feet from tapping along with it.  

I do have a gripe about it - the venue was too small. Last time I saw it live was at Nottingham Ice Arena, with a stage that did it justice. This time was the Concert Hall (the same venue where I saw Lord of the Dance a few years ago), and the stage was simply too small for the size of the dance troupe. A couple of the large formations that should have been circles were actually more like ovals on the stage, and some of the long line fornations were a tad truncated or jinked at the ends. In fact, the dance troupe itself was smaller than the one that you see on the dvds, which they no doubt film at the big venue shows.

Having said that, it didn't make it any less enjoyable, and I kept randomly squeeing whenever my favourite dances started, much to the bemusement of the person sat next to me.

And now I've got the video on in the background because I don't want the music to stop!


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