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catching up, Harry Potter, and stuff

I'm back, after a rather long absense since last Friday.  The reason for this was entirely because I was completely paranoid about seeing/hearing spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and was so utterly determined to not have the ending spoiled that I basically haven't turned the tv or the internet on since Friday afternoon. Given that it took me until about half past ten last night to finish it, that meant I had a scary amount of e-mail and Livejournal to catch up with.

So, apologies to anyone who has posted fic or discussion threads in the last few days, I'm not ignoring you, and I'll try to get round to catching up and commenting over the next day or two.

Went to the work summer social barbeque party on Friday night. Surprisingly good fun, and they had summer sports/games type things with different departments competing against each other. Normally I would hate stuff like that, but it was played for laughs, and I eneded up tied to the cute one from I.T. for the four-legged-race, so no complaints there. Although I still have very painful bruises on my knees from falling over in the skipping-while-wearing-size-ten-wellies-race (I only have size five feet, so they kept falling off - hence the falling over in a really embarrasing way). Although, despite my falling over, overall our department (Accounts and IT together) won, and we all got medals. Go us. *grin* 

Then I was on the dance floor for the rest of the night until the music stopped, and got soaked through on the way home as I decided to go via WH Smiths to buy Harry Potter, and discovered that it had opened at midnight, served whatever queue was there, and then closed again, so when I got there at quarter past one the lights were on but the doors were locked, and it was absolutely hammering it down with rain. Grrrr.

And on the subject of Harry Potter...

I did manage to read all six of the previous books before starting Deathly Hallows - not bad to say I started re-reading Philosophers Stone the Sunday before, and manged to read books three, four, five, six, and half of seven in the four days from Friday to Monday (having the Friday and Monday off work really helped). 

As for Deathly Hallows, I thought it was great. Really really liked it. I cried lots at several of the deaths, and in fact at several other bits, and I loved the whole battle at Hogwarts sequence that took up pretty much  the last hundred and fifty pages worth. Neville is great. I thought the vary last chapter was the only thing that let it down, though. It all seemed a bit happily-ever-after, which jarred rather with the rest of it, and seemed a bit childish almost. But apart from that it was definitely worth the wait.

Not sure what to read next, now.



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