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Five Things meme

Meme from telperion_15</lj> - comment and let me know you want to play, and I'll tell you five things I associate you with- then post in your journal, enlarging on the five things.

I got into role-playing games at university, and now most of my RL friends are people who I met through the university RPG Society. I currently play in two D&D games every week, with another intermittent one more or less every month. The three games that I'm in range from intense high level politics and world saving quests, through to straightforward monster-bashing quest-of-the-week type, and my characters vary from the motherly healer priest, to the excitable pyromaniac wizard, to probably my favourite at the moment - the sneaky engineer who is largely known for having no tact and being crap at chatting up women, and who also has an unfortunate reputation for being the one who gets poisoned on a semi-regular basis!

The pairing that I am probably most associated with in the Primeval fandom, despite the fact that I'm a not-so-closet Connor/Abby shipper at heart. I've now written over 100,000 words of the ongoing Connor/Ryan series, but it started simply because I wanted to write a 'trapped in the past' adventure fic, and I wanted to use a couple of characters who didn't normally interact on the show to see what happened if I threw them together. If the soldier/scientist dynamic is a cliche in sci-fi shows, then Connor/Ryan must be one of the extreme examples of this cliche, but they seemed ideally suited to be the pair who could best survive the Five Days scenario if they could work together. It was only supposed to be Five Days, but then I got the bunny for Three Years, and then it all spiralled out of control... Plus, you know, they're both hot and pretty when they're broken.  Which nicely leads on to...

Maiming and killing
I would protest that I'm being maligned, but... *points to icon*. It seems I have a reputation for killing characters and causing lots of pain and angst (both physical and emotional/psychological) for my favourite characters in my fic. Maybe it's all the hospital emergency casualty department type dramas that I've watched over the years, but I like pushing my favourite characters to breaking point just to see what they do when they get there. Plus you can't beat a good bit of hurt/comfort fic.  

It's been my favourite dinosaur since I was about ten years old. Me and some friends formed a club, we called ourselves the Triceratops Gang, and we used to play at being explorers in the lost world of the dinosaurs, and we'd quizz each other on our dinosaur general knowledge (yes, I really have been this much of a dino-geek for a very long time!) and one of the things we used to argue about was which was more dangerous - a T-Rex or a Deinonychus. Pure size and power versus speed and intelligence. I think I always wanted the deinonychus to win, partly because I tend to champion the underdog. When I was about thirteen I wrote a fairly long (for a thirteen year old) adventure story about a group of kids who invent a time machine and accidentally send themselves to the early Cretaceous, and the big action climax of the story was a fight between a T-rex and a deinonychus (yes, I knew even then that the T-rex was in the wrong time period, but dammit I wanted a T-rex v. Deinonychus fight and I wasn't going to let a little matter of fifty million years or so get in the way!). In my story, the T-rex won, but only just.

Creative writing
I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember being able to read and write. One of my school reports from when I was maybe seven or eight said 'her stories are becoming more imaginative and varied - they are not *all* about spaceships and dinosaurs any more'. That one always makes me chuckle given what I'm writing these days. These days it's mostly fanfic, but I keep wanting to get back into writing original fiction and entering competitions at the writers club that I've been a member of for several years, and that I am on the committee of and co-edit the club magazine.
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