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fanfic: Family

Title: Family
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Nick, Abby/Connor.
Rating: PG
Warnings: baby!fic, fluff, excessive saccharine.
Spoilers: very vague implied for 1.6 and 2.7.
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 1050
Summary: Nick meets a new addition to the team.
AN: Thanks to [info]fififolle for the beta.



            Nick hesitated in the corridor, then knocked, opened the door and stuck his head round.

            “Mind if I come in?”

            “Course you can,” Abby smiled at him.

            Abby was sitting in bed holding the bundled-up new addition to their little family. Nick thought he had never seen her looking so beautiful, or so happy, despite the slightly unfortunate dinosaur-related early labour. Connor was perched on the edge of the bed beside her with a huge smile on his face, playfully menacing his one day old daughter with a stuffed toy diplodocus.

            “Hi Professor,” Connor turned and grinned at him. While he wasn’t paying attention, the diplodocus accidentally head-butted the baby, resulting in tiny arms flailing until Abby shoved the toy dinosaur aside and briefly glared at Connor with a look that said, ‘behave’.

            “I brought these for you.” Nick held out a bunch of flowers, and then realised that Abby quite clearly had her hands full and put the bouquet down on the table. “I just wanted to say congratulations to both of you. How are you doing, Abby?”

            “Fine, thanks.”

            “And how’s, um..?” he indicated the baby.

            “Katie,” Connor supplied.

            “She’s doing great. And despite what some people think,” Abby glared at Connor again, “We are not getting her into early training for a career involving dinosaurs.”

            “Bit of practice can’t hurt,” Connor protested, still waving the diplodocus around. “If she hangs around with us for long enough, statistical probability says she’s going to get chased by something sooner or later.”

“No,” Abby said pointedly.

            Nick was still trying to work out whether Connor was joking or not, when Abby turned back to Nick and asked, “Do you want to hold her?”

            Nick floundered for a moment. He had never been good with babies. Although, he reflected, that was probably because he’d never had much opportunity to be around babies.         On the one occasion when he had brought the subject up with Helen, she had convinced him that their careers had to come first for the foreseeable future. That maybe they could think of starting a family later. With hindsight, he suspected she had never intended for there to be a ‘later’ when it would have been the right time for a family, that she would have always found an excuse to put it off. Helen had never been the family sort of person, and now Nick suspected he had missed any opportunity he might have had.

            He gathered his courage and very carefully took baby Katie in his arms. Somehow, Nick had never realised that new-borns were quite so tiny. A perfectly formed human in miniature. He had always been slightly bemused by people who immediately declared which parent a baby looked like; Katie was still too small and pink and wrinkled to discern any similarity to either Connor or Abby. He started to relax a little. This wasn’t so bad after all. The baby wriggled, and then opened her eyes and looked at him.

            “Hello there,” Nick said.

            Katie screwed her face up and started crying.

            “Oops. Sorry.” Nick quickly held her out to Abby, but it was Connor who took Katie from him and started fussing over the baby.

            “Hey, stop that. That’s your Uncle Nick,” Connor explained patiently as he soothed her. After only a few moments the crying quietened and she settled again.

            Abby rolled her eyes at Nick. “Only a day old and already she’s turning into a proper daddy’s little girl.”

            He glanced at Connor, and the phrase ‘wrapped around her little finger’ also came to mind. His expression of pure delight was one that Nick had previously seen reserved solely for particularly cool dinosaurs and all-night Star Wars marathons.    

            Nick cleared his throat and decided it was probably time to broach the subject that he had been trying to put off ever since they had told him Abby was pregnant.

            “Listen, both of you. You don’t need me to tell you how dangerous our work is. And I know you have other priorities now you’ve got Katie. I’ll understand if one or both of you want to leave the project.”

            Connor and Abby glanced at each other, and one of those looks that seemed to convey an entire conversation passed between them.

            Abby turned back to Nick and smiled reassuringly at him.

            “Actually, we’ve already talked about this, and we both intend to stay. We were sort of hoping that Lester might be flexible about letting at least one of us be off at any one time for the first six months or so, but in the long term you aren’t getting rid of us that easily.”

            “We’ve always known the risks, Professor,” Connor added. “You’re right about priorities. But what we’re doing at the ARC is saving the world. Now we just have one more very important reason to want to keep the world safe.”

“Besides,” Abby added. “Who’s going to keep you out of trouble if we aren’t around?”

            “Hey!” Nick protested with a laugh. He quickly sobered when he remembered all the people who weren’t around to keep him out of trouble any more. In some ways it felt like Abby and Connor were the only people he had left. He hadn’t wanted to admit that for a long time, they were just kids, he shouldn’t have to rely on them, it ought to be the other way round. But now he was starting to realise that they weren’t ‘just kids’, not any more, not after everything they had all been through together.

            Abby reached out and took his hand and tugged Nick to sit down on the bed with them.

            “We were also hoping you might agree to be her godfather,” she said, not letting go of his hand.

            Nick swallowed hard before he felt himself nodding.

            “Nick Cutter, the big scary godfather that makes her cry? I’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to work,” he pointed out.

            “You just need a bit more practice,” Connor said with a mischievous grin. Katie’s little hands started flailing again, and he quickly distracted her with the diplodocus.

            “Aye, maybe you’re right,” Nick conceded.

            It suddenly occurred to Nick that perhaps it wasn’t too late for him after all. He might not have children of his own, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t part of a family.



Tags: abby maitland, connor temple, connor/abby, fanfic, gen, nick cutter
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