athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

fanfic: Carte Blanche

Extremely quick mini-ficlet written for telperion_15, who is having a bad week and needs a hug and some snuggly fic.

Title: Carte Blanche
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Nick/Connor.
Rating: 12
Warnings: none.
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 800
Summary: Nick attempts to cheer Connor up. 

           Nick headed up the stairs into Connor and Abby’s flat, wondering with some trepidation what he would find. Abby had rolled her eyes at him as she had left to give them the flat to themselves for the evening, and Nick suspected she was relieved to let someone else take over for a while.


            Nick found him curled up on the sofa with a huge fluffy blanket wrapped around his shoulders, and sipping at what smelled like industrial strength lemsip.

            “Hi Nick.” Connor at least made an effort to smile, but with his bright red nose and watery eyes it mostly came across as looking forlorn and sorry for himself.

            After putting the plastic bag down at the side of the sofa, Nick leaned down and gently kissed Connor’s forehead. It was probably a bit late to be worrying about catching his germs at this stage.

            “How are you feeling?”

            Connor indicated the lemsip. “Does this stuff come in intravenous drip form?”

            “Have you tried it with scotch instead of honey?”

            “Yuck!” Connor pulled a face, and then thrust his cup at Nick while he dived for the box of tissues on the table next to him. Nick waited until the sneezing and nose-blowing was over before he sat down next to Connor and handed him the drink back.

            “Anything I can do?”

            “Go through an anomaly to last week and tell me not to bother getting out of bed for the next few days?”

            Nick chuckled. “It’s really not been your week, has it?” he said sympathetically.

            That was rather the understatement of the month. On Monday Connor had managed to accidentally let Rex escape again, and spent the best part of the day chasing the errant lizard around the neighbourhood. On Tuesday his laptop died. On Wednesday Abby’s car had been wrecked by an enraged triceratops, which might not have been so bad if Connor hadn’t been driving it at the time. Luckily the young man had escaped with only minor cuts and bruises, but Nick suspected Abby’s wrath in the aftermath had more than made up for the lack of injury. Thursday had actually been going surprisingly well until ‘just one more tweak’ on the ARC computer systems had resulted in an unfortunate incident involving a computer virus and the ADD anomaly alert siren that had lasted well into the night. And to top the week off, on Friday Connor had finally admitted defeat and taken the day off work, and promptly come down with a stinking cold.   

            Connor blew his nose again and sat there looking thoroughly fed up.

            “I brought you something,” Nick said. He reached into to the plastic bag and handed Connor a box. Connor, apparently disoriented by another brief attack of sneezing, took a moment to decide which was the right way up, and peered at it.

            “Oh, wow!” A sudden grin spread across his face, and Nick realised how much he’d missed that look over the last few days.

            “Thorntons are doing their prehistoric range again,” Nick explained. “It was either that or the chocolate dinosaur egg, and I thought you’d prefer the T-Rex.”

            Connor was grinning like... well like a kid with a large chocolate T-Rex in his hands.

            “Awww, thanks Nick.” After a moment his eyebrows creased in thought, and he frowned at Nick looking confused. “Hang on. I thought you said I wasn’t allowed too much chocolate. Not after that time with half the tin of Quality Street.”

            Nick winced at the memory. Connor on a sugar high was like a force of nature, and twice as enthusiastic.

            “Maybe just the once,” Nick said with a smile. “If you can’t have chocolate when you’re ill, when can you have it?”

            Connor grinned, and Nick couldn’t resist kissing him again, germs be damned.

            “Tell you what,” Nick said. “Abby’s gone out for the evening, so why don’t we just curl up here and drink tea and eat chocolate and watch a film. Your choice. Anything you want.”

            “Really?” Connor’s eyes somehow got even wider.

            “Yes, really. You’ve had a crap week and I intend to make you feel a bit better now the weekend’s here.”

            He slid his arm round Connor, and pulled him closer, fleece blanket and all.

            “Sounds nice,” Connor whispered, snuggling against Nick’s side until he got comfortable.

            “So, what do you want to watch?”

            “You really mean it? I can choose any film I like? Anything at all and you’ll say yes?”

            Nick started to get a sinking feeling that he was going to regret giving Connor carte blanche, with or without the sugar high. He faked a long-suffering sigh. “Yes, Connor. Anything you want.”

            “Even if I choose Jurassic Park?”

            “Yes, even if it’s Jurassic Park.”

            Connor smiled rather too mischievously for Nick’s liking.

            “Even if it’s Star Trek?” he inquired with an equally fake puppy-eyed expression.

            “Don’t push it.”

Tags: connor temple, fanfic, nick cutter, nick/connor, slash

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