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fanfic: Winter Holiday

Birthday pressie for lukadreaming. Hope you're having a great day.

Title: Winter Holiday
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Ryan/Stephen.
Rating: 18
Warnings: smut.
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 1000
Summary: Snow!porn and shower!porn. Kind of a companion piece to Midnight Snack.


            Ryan knew he shouldn’t laugh, but once he’d established that Stephen wasn’t actually hurt in the fall, he just couldn’t help the smirk forming.

“You’re a messy bugger sometimes, Stephen. Didn’t your mother ever teach to not to play in the dirt?”

            Stephen glared up at Ryan, although the effect was somewhat hampered by the smear of mud across his cheek and the damp clumps of mud and snow in his hair. To be fair, the ditch had been almost concealed by a snow drift, but that wasn’t going to stop Ryan teasing him about it. Besides, they had almost reached the end of their four mile round walk, so it wasn’t even as if Stephen would have to walk far in that state to get back to the cottage.

            “You could at least give me a hand,” Stephen said, still glaring.

He held his hand out for Ryan to pull him out of the ditch. Ryan grabbed him and pulled, entirely expecting the twist when Stephen tried to drag him into the ditch as well. Ryan managed to steer them both into the clean white snowdrift rather than the muddy ditch, and he rolled to pin Stephen down under him.

“Oldest trick in the book, Stephen. I expected better from you.” Ryan grinned and planted a kiss on the end of Stephen’s nose.

“Is that so?” Stephen grinned as well, and then tried to shove a handful of snow down the back of Ryan’s jacket. It wasn’t a very successful attempt, but enough made it under his collar that Ryan gasped at the cold. He retaliated by pinning Stephen’s wrists with one hand and with his other hand he untucked Stephen’s shirt and pushed it and the sweater up to expose Stephen’s stomach. Stephen squirmed frantically but Ryan ignored his protests and nuzzled his extremely cold nose on the warm flesh. Stephen yelped and wriggled even more, and Ryan finally took pity on him. He stood up and pulled Stephen upright after him.

“Come on, let’s get back to the cottage. We have a hot date with an even hotter shower.”

Stephen pouted. “I refuse to believe the shower is hotter than I am.”

“Idiot,” Ryan grinned affectionately as they started walking again.


They made it back to the little holiday cottage without any further snow-related incidents, and dropped their wet boots and clothes in the hallway.

“So, are you coming to rub my back?” Stephen somehow managed to wriggle enticingly even through several layers of clothing and while still shaking off the half-melted snow and dirt.

“Not unless you want to come out of the nice warm shower into a freezing living room,” Ryan pointed out. “Someone needs to get the fire going.”

“Spoilsport,” Stephen pouted again, but he headed off to the bathroom and Ryan quickly set about lighting the open fire and draping soft fleece blankets across the sofa. Although he had to admit they had very rarely actually used the sofa since they arrived. Stephen was far too fond of lying on the huge thick fur rug in front of the fire. Usually while wearing as little clothing as possible.

Once everything was ready for another afternoon of being generally lazy in the warmest room of the house, Ryan headed for the bathroom as well. When he opened the door he was met by a dense fog of steam and wafted a hand through it to clear the air a little.

“Are you quite sure the water’s hot enough?” he asked sarcastically.

“Close the bloody door, you’re letting the heat out,” Stephen complained.

Ryan shut the door and stripped off his remaining clothes and stepped into the shower behind Stephen, grateful that it was over the bath and not in a small cubicle.

“Interesting lobster impression you’re working on there,” he commented as he started to run his hands over Stephen’s startlingly pink skin.

“You wouldn’t want me to die of hypothermia would you?” Stephen replied, glancing over his shoulder with a puppy eyed expression that always made Ryan want to bop him on the nose with a newspaper.

“Well, I suppose we can’t have that, can we?”

Ryan squeezed a handful of shower gen onto his hands and started to rub Stephen’s back. Starting at the shoulders, he worked his way slowly down the lean, muscled body. Eventually he slid his hands round Stephen’s waist and began to stroke his chest as well, his fingers adding to the massaging effects of the cascading water. He felt rather than heard Stephen’s soft moan of pleasure. Ryan placed soft kisses on his lover’s shoulder and neck as his hands continued to roam, occasionally caressing a nipple and causing Stephen to whimper.

“Ryan. Please.” It was more a quiet gasp than a request, and Ryan decided that Stephen really must have been feeling sorry for himself in the cold because normally the begging didn’t start until much later in the proceedings.

He slid his hands down to Stephen’s hips and then started to stroke his lover’s cock. Stephen whimpered again, but this time it was a sound of pure pleasure. His hips bucked, and Ryan used his free hand to grip Stephen’s hip and hold him steady as he brought him to a surprisingly quick climax.

He held Stephen upright until he could finally stand by himself.

“Feeling better?” Ryan murmured in his ear.

Stephen wriggled lethargically against him, drawing both their attention to the fact that Ryan was still hard.

“Let me do something about that,” he said, trying to turn around.

“It can wait,” Ryan replied.

Stephen’s surprised expression was priceless. Ryan couldn’t resist kissing him again.

“I’m warning you, though. Don’t take too much longer in this shower. I have plans for the afternoon involving you and that fur rug in front of the fire.”


Tags: fanfic, slash, stephen hart, stephen/ryan, tom ryan

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