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randomness and fic

General stuff:

Had an interesting week lately. 

They finally confirmed my promotion and pay rise at work last week, which was nice, and even better when I realised the pay rise was more than I'd been expecting. Although, as is normal at our place, they knew there was a new massive workload coming in from the start of July, they interviewed for more people, and lo and behold, the start of July has come and gone, and the first of the new people has only just started today, the others aren't expected till later this month, and the person who is supposed to be coming and doing my old job isn't here yet, so at the moment I'm doing my old job, half of my new job, while still trying to learn the *rest* of my new job that I don't know yet because we just haven't had time to devote the training to it during June, which was supposed to be the changeover period. Aaaaargh!

So, work has been just a bit manic recently. No wonder I've been writing so much Primeval fanfic in my lunchbreaks!

Went to a barbeque party at the weekend, which was quieter than I expected, but fun, and there was lots of cake and gingerbread bears (very cool), and a variety of semi-burnt meat products wrapped in bread, which kind of sums up most barbeques. And there was the staying up talking random insaneness until nearly three in the morning, hence my missing practically all of Sunday morning due to being asleep.

Wimbledon final very good. Go Federer! Bit worried he looked like he was going to fluff it partway through, but it certainly turned into a bit of a nail-biter towards the end. 

Fanfic stuff (posted behind a cut because there turned out to be more than I expected):

As briefly mentioned re work, I've been having a rather productive time writing fanfic recently. I was trying to get an entry done for this week's Primeval100 challenege, since the promt: "who's Claudia?" got my Nick/Claudia shipper bunny all exciteable and bouncing around, but then I completely failed to have any writable ideas for it. Well, actually, there was one, but I wrote it and then no matter how much I edited it, it absolutely wouldn't be short enough to qualify, so instead I gave up trying to edit down, and expanded it into a mini-ficlet of around 300 words. It's rather darker and nastier than my usual fics, so I'm hanging onto it for a while longer, and I keep prodding it to see if it wants to turn into anything else before I post it. 

Work was going well on the Ryan and Connor series I've been trying to write for a few weeks (and kept getting distracted from by drabbles and Ryan/Sharpe). Chapter one is finished, and about to be given to my proof-reader. Although I was thinking about it at work today and had a sudden panic that there wasn't enough plot, and suddenly all my meticulously planned chapter outlines went out the window as abruptly two chapters merged into one, and a whole new chapter appeared out of nowhere to completely change the ending of the series. Damn. May take longer to write than I expected, especially if work and life keep being so bloody busy and distracting. There's only so much you can do in a half hour lunchbreak when you still have to eat as well!

I'm also a bit worried that it's becoming more slashy than I originally intended. I've clearly been reading far too much Ryan slash recently. Speaking of Ryan, can someone help with a quick query pease? What is the type of gun he uses? Is it an automatic rifle, or a submachine gun? I *think* it's an automatic rifle, but I'm not sure, and I'm also not sure what that weapon is capable of in terms of single shot, burst, or full automatic fire. Can anyone help? I know I'm being pedantic, but I like to get my research facts right if I'm writing fic.

General comment to the Primeval crowd that I was wondering about the other day: where's all the het fic? Back when Primeval_ITV and Primeval_fanfic first started there seemed to be a fairly even mix of slash and het, now it just seems to be predominantly slash. Which I'm not *complaining* about exactly, but what about fic for all us Nick/Claudia shippers? I seem to be the only one posting any N/C recently, but I don't have any more in the pipeline right now. Anyone got any ideas, or know of any other fanfic sites that have Primeval hetfic?

Well, that turned into a longer ramble than originally intended.
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