athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

fanfic: Midnight Snack

Written for lukadreaming  , who seems to be having a bad week, and is in need of an emergency dose of fluffy snuggle fic.

Title: Midnight Snack
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Stephen/Ryan
Rating: 12
Warnings: slash, fluff, fade-to-black.
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 750
AN: 'Fade-to-black' is in the warnings so you don't throw me out of Denial for false advertising of smut *grin*


           “I’m hungry,” Stephen said in a voice that was just a touch away from sounding pouty.

            Ryan rolled onto his side and leaned on his elbow, looking down at his lover. They were both stretched out on the dense, soft fur rug in front of an open fire, and the firelight flickered and danced over their naked bodies.

            “How can you possibly be hungry? That Chinese takeaway was supposed to be the set meal for four, and we finished the entire thing between the two of us.”

             Stephen shrugged, and wriggled on the rug. Ryan wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be some sort of enticement or whether he just enjoyed the feel of the soft fur against his skin.

            “Wait here, I’ll see what I can find,” Ryan sighed.

            He wandered into the kitchen, shivering slightly now he was away from the fireside. A quick search of the fridge and cupboards was not at all promising, but then he hadn’t expected much. The place was a holiday cottage owned by a friend of his, and it hadn’t been used for months – the only things in stock were a few odds and ends in tins and jars that had a long expiry date, and the bread and milk that he and Stephen had bought on the way. That was why they had ordered takeaway in the first place. He assembled anything that looked useful in a row on the counter and surveyed the collection. They had bread, and plenty of things to spread on it, so sandwiches were a possibility. Ryan suddenly stopped. A smile began to form on his face as he had an idea. He collected the jars together and wandered back into the living room.

            “Close your eyes,” he told Stephen.


            “Trust me, and just do it.”

            Stephen did as he was told, although he remained where he was, sprawled on his back and still wriggling occasionally.

            Ryan lay next to him, propped up on one elbow, and arranged the jars in a row and took the lids off each one.

            “What are you doing?” Stephen asked, his eyes still closed.

            Ryan dipped a finger into the first jar and put it against Stephen’s lips.

            “You were hungry, so I brought you food.”

            Stephen opened his mouth and licked at Ryan’s finger. “Mmmmm... strawberry jam?”

            “Right first time.” Ryan slid his finger into Stephen’s mouth and let him suck the last of the sweet stickiness from his finger, before he removed it and dipped into the second jar.

            Stephen pulled a face at this one. “Yuck!”

            “Not a fan of orange marmalade. I’ll have to remember that,” Ryan commented, as he wiped the rest off with a paper towel that he’d had the forethought to retrieve from the kitchen earlier.

            “Can I look yet?”

            “No,” Ryan replied simply, and tried jar number three.

            Stephen’s lips smiled around his finger this time, and he licked and sucked eagerly until all the chocolate spread was gone.

            “One more,” Ryan said.

            Stephen pouted again. “Can’t I have more of that one, please?”

            “Maybe. If you’re good.”

            Stephen purred. “You know I’m good.”

            “For a given definition of ‘good’,” Ryan commented. “Certainly not the Sunday School definition.”

            Stephen just squirmed seductively again until Ryan tapped him on the end of his nose, not-quite-accidentally smearing the contents of the last jar there.

            Stephen wrinkled his nose like a rabbit. “Smells like peanuts.” His tongue flicked out and licked some more off Ryan’s finger. “Peanut butter?”

            “Give the man a prize,” Ryan smiled. “I’m guessing the chocolate was your favourite, then?”

            “Mmmmm,” Stephen said, licking his lips.

            Ryan leaned down and kissed Stephen, tasting him and the variety of mingled flavours on his lips. This was the first night of their holiday, and already Ryan wanted it to last forever.

            “You can open your eyes now,” he said when the kiss finally ended.

            Stephen did so, and smiled up at Ryan.

            “So, interesting as that was, it didn’t do an awful lot to stop me feeling hungry.”

            Ryan lay back and crossed his arms underneath his head.

            “Well, there’s bread in the kitchen if you really want. But I can think of far more interesting things to put that chocolate spread on.” He stretched out, arching his back to display his broad, muscled chest as fully as possible.

            Stephen sat up and looked from Ryan to the jar of chocolate spread, and back again for a few seconds. Ryan just looked at him, and raised his eyebrows suggestively. When the penny finally dropped, the expression on Stephen’s face suggested he was finally no longer being distracted by his appetite.

            Not that appetite, anyway.      

Tags: fanfic, slash, stephen hart, stephen/ryan, tom ryan
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