athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

fanfic: A Quiet Morning In

Series: Follows on from Three Years

Title: A Quiet Morning In

Author: Athene

Fandom: Primeval

Characters/pairing: Ryan/Connor

Rating: 18

Warnings: AU, occasional language, smut.

Spoilers: Anything through to episode 1.6

Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.

Word count: approx 3000

Summary: The boys are finally getting to spend some quality time together without the threat of impending peril.   

AN. Thanks to Fredbassett for the beta.  

Links to previous chapters in the Five Days/Three Years series can be found here. 

            Ryan lay propped on his elbow, watching Connor as he slept. It was one of the few times that the young man ever managed to appear peaceful, without the almost constant nervous energy that seemed to be his own personal aura. Plus, Ryan had to admit, he looked really quite cute when he was asleep.

This was not an unfamiliar situation for Ryan, because in the week since Connor had got back he had seemed intent on making up for over six months worth of disturbed sleep. Which was all very well, but right now it was now getting late in the morning, and Ryan could think of several more interesting things that they could be doing, most of which required Connor to be conscious. Ryan felt a rather evil grin forming, and reached out under the duvet, his fingers creeping closer to the ticklish spot on Connor’s stomach.

            “Don’t even think it, Ryan,” Connor mumbled without even opening his eyes.

            “Think what?” Ryan tried his most innocent sounding voice.

            Connor cracked one eye open and glared. Or at least, it might have been a glare if he wasn’t so cute when he was sleepy.

            “You know perfectly well what.”

            “Were you planning on sleeping all day?” Ryan changed the subject. “Because it’s late and I’m bored.”

            “I might wake up if you could make me some coffee?” Connor was apparently feeling optimistic this morning. Although, to be fair, since Ryan almost always woke up first he had got into the habit of bringing coffee back to bed. Clearly Connor had got too used to this.

            “I’m sure it’s your turn,” Ryan pointed out, although he didn’t hold out a great deal of hope.

            Connor peered up at Ryan and broke out the puppy eyes look, which only served to confirm that he wasn’t nearly as sleepy as he was pretending to be. Adorable as they were, Ryan was building up a resistance to the puppy eyes, especially when they were being used for things like coffee. Sex and cuddles were another matter entirely, but not coffee.

            “You’re already awake,” Connor tried.

            “Technically so are you.”  

            Connor made a vague grumbling sound and gathered the duvet closer around himself, possibly in the pretence of further sleep, possibly just to ensure that Ryan couldn’t get his hands anywhere even remotely ticklish.

            Ryan sighed, and got up.

            “I’m having a shower. You know where the kettle is when you get up.”

            The duvet was still making unconvincing noises of protest when Ryan left the bedroom.


            Neither of them had been entirely sure what to expect when Connor had called Cutter the morning after he got back. What had actually happened was that Lester and Cutter had come round to the flat immediately, and Connor had proceeded to tell them pretty much everything he had learned about the anomalies. With very little to actually contribute to the discussion, Ryan had somehow ended up being not much more than a tea boy for most of the morning. He did notice, however, that Connor had avoided talking about Helen as much as he could possibly get away with. Cutter didn’t challenge this, although Ryan suspected there was going to be more to that situation later, in private.

            Of course, after that they had to take him to the Home Office for the ‘official’ debriefing. This had largely been for the benefit of any Section 42 agents that might have been taking notice, and since Lester already knew the entire story, his questions, and Connor’s answers, were rehearsed to provide enough information to be convincingly thorough, whilst avoiding certain specific details of what had happened in the future. And, touch wood, Section 42 appeared to have believed he was telling the whole truth this time. At least, nothing untoward had happened over the last week since Connor had moved back into Abby’s flat. 

            For all the time he was spending over here at Ryan’s flat now, Connor might as well not have bothered going back to Abby’s at all. They had agreed that they were not yet ready to disclose their relationship, and it would have seemed too odd if Connor hadn’t returned to Abby’s. But by now the young man must have used every excuse in the book to explain why he was always over at Ryan’s flat, and surely it was only a matter of time before she put two and two together. Abby was smart and observant. That, coupled with Connor’s general lack of subtlety, made Ryan think that if she hadn’t realised already, Abby would soon figure out there was something more to their relationship. He wasn’t as worried by the thought of her knowing as he had expected. When they had been in the future they had trusted her with their lives, so he was certain they could trust her discretion now. 

            In the meantime, he and Connor had spent a lot of their stolen time together just talking and catching up, and rather more time engaged in... other activities.

            Ryan smiled at the memories. What Connor lacked in experience, he seemed determined to make up for with a great deal of practice, and an almost worryingly enthusiastic approach to trying new things. And after the last week, ‘practice’ was making every moment damn near perfect as far as Ryan was concerned.


            He had been in the shower for something like five minutes when he became aware of being watched, and slid the shower cubicle door open a little. Connor was lounging in the bathroom doorway with his hands shoved deep into the pockets of Ryan’s bathrobe. He had refused to bring his own round because apparently that would make Abby too suspicious, so instead he just kept wearing Ryan’s.

            “You got up then?” Ryan continued showering, keeping one eye on Connor.

            “I put the coffee machine on as well.”

            “Where’s the real Connor Temple and what have you done with him?”

            Connor pushed away from the doorframe and came closer, his eyes travelling hungrily up and down Ryan’s naked body. He pushed the shower cubicle door fully open, and seemed to be deep in consideration of something. They had already tried on two separate occasions over the last week to share the shower, and experience had taught them that it was simply too small to allow for anything even remotely adventurous. The expression on Connor’s face suggested that fact was in no way going to act as a deterrent to whatever he currently had in mind. 

            Eventually he seemed to come to a decision, and very quickly pulled his hand out of one of the pockets and dumped something into the soap tray inside the shower. By the time Ryan had realised the items were a condom and the lubricant, Connor had let the bathrobe pool on the floor and was worming his way into the cubicle behind Ryan.

            Ryan shuffled far enough forward to give them more room and got a cascade of water in the face until he turned the shower down to a light spray and angled it away. Connor’s hands settled on his shoulders, and started to massage the muscles there, his thumbs finding all the knots and rubbing away whatever tension might still be lingering.

            It was cramped in the cubicle, there was no denying that, but somehow Connor managed to find enough elbow room to work his hands slowly down Ryan’s back, and Ryan realised he was purring quietly as thumbs and fingers reached the base of his spine. Connor pressed closer, and softly kissed the back of Ryan’s neck and his shoulder. Ryan was about to turn around and return the kiss when, without warning, lips were replaced by teeth and Connor nipped the skin.

            Ryan almost jumped with surprise, but his cock was suddenly very interested in what was going on. Connor’s hands slid around Ryan’s waist and he pressed even closer and nipped again, harder this time. In the whole time they had been together, Connor had never shown any sign of liking it at all rough, but Ryan was starting to wonder if that might be something to experiment with. This all fell into the category that Connor would almost certainly label ‘new and interesting’, and Ryan was hungry with anticipation for what Connor might do next.

            Connor’s fingers started to stroke Ryan’s cock, while his other hand seemed to be randomly exploring anywhere it could reach across Ryan’s hips, waist, or chest. They were pressed so close together that Ryan could feel Connor’s erection pressing against his backside, and god, didn’t that raise some interesting possibilities?

            Ryan let his head fall forwards to give Connor better access as his lips, tongue and teeth continued their exploration of the back of his neck.

            “God, Connor,” Ryan groaned.

            “I’ll remember to try this again sometime,” Connor commented from somewhere right behind his ear. Ryan wondered what the chances were of getting Connor to ‘practice’ using his lips and tongue on something a little more interesting. But that really wasn’t going to be possible in the confines of the cubicle. Although maybe, with a bit of creative manoeuvring, he might be able to get them both turned around. Ryan wanted Connor under him, he wanted Connor squirming and begging and looking absolutely beautiful under him, and he wanted it right now.  

            “Turn around,” Ryan said, trying to twist himself. Connor’s hands suddenly snaked around his body and held him tight, stopping him from moving.

            “I... I thought,” Connor stuttered slightly, and when Ryan managed to turn his head he saw colour flash in the young man’s cheeks that had nothing to do with the hot water. “Ithoughtmaybewecoulddoittheotherwayaroundthistime.”

            It took Ryan a few moments to translate the Connor-speak into real words, and then a further moment to work out what he meant. By the time he got there, Connor had apparently mistaken his surprised hesitation as reluctance, and he was already ducking his head, looking away.

            “It’s okay. If you don’t want to. I just... you Sorry.”

             It had been a hell of a long time since Ryan had been on the receiving end, so to speak. It wasn’t that he particularly objected, just that his previous partners had tended to let him dominate, and he had never felt inclined to complain about that. But this wasn’t one of his previous partners. This was Connor, and right from the start Connor had broken all the rules.

            Ryan twisted far enough round to get his hand under Connor’s chin and bring his face back up. He forced Connor to look him in the eye before he closed in and kissed him fiercely.

            When they finally broke apart, Connor gazed at him with a slightly bewildered expression.


            “Have I mentioned that you’re cute when you’re confused?” Ryan smirked.

            “Yes. Frequently, in fact.”

            While Ryan was rapidly becoming conversant in Connor-speak, Connor didn’t seem to have caught onto non-verbal Ryan-speak quite as quickly. Just in case there was any doubt in the young man’s mind, Ryan pressed the condom and lubricant into one of Connor’s hands and closed his fingers around the items.

            “It’s okay. I want you to.”

            “Oh.” Understanding crept slowly into Connor’s expression, and then rather more rapidly his face lit up with unconcealed delight and anticipation. “Oh. 

            Ryan planted a kiss on the end of Connor’s nose, and then turned around and braced himself against the wall of the cubicle.

            There were a few moments of tussling and elbows banging the sides of the cubicle, accompanied by some mild swearing before empty packets and such were discarded out of the open shower door.

            Then nothing happened. Ryan willed himself to stay still, to not look round. If Connor was nervous then rushing him wasn’t going to help. But Ryan was impatient now, he wanted this far more than he had imagined he would do, and not just for himself. He wanted this first time to be perfect for Connor.

            Breath ghosted across the back of his neck again, and Connor kissed him, so softly Ryan almost couldn’t distinguish between what was Connor, and what was the hot water still falling on them. Then a tentative finger started to explore, and Ryan closed his eyes and let the sensations ripple through him. It felt like Connor had used nearly the entire tube of lubricant on just one finger alone, and Ryan had a moment to feel both grateful for the consideration, and also amused by the nervous inexperience. He didn’t chuckle though, because there was no bloody way he wanted to spoil this or send the wrong signals.

            “Ryan?” Connor’s voice was rough with want and need, and yet tempered with uncertainty.

            “More,” Ryan said simply.

            Connor obliged with a second finger, taking his time, making absolutely certain it was okay before he eventually added a third. He still hadn’t found the right spot, and Ryan started to wriggle and squirm impatiently.

            “Keep still,” Connor muttered. He sounded as impatient as Ryan was, and abruptly slid his fingers out, grabbed hold of Ryan’s hips, and then slowly, carefully buried himself in Ryan’s body.

            Ryan didn’t even realise he was speaking until he heard a desperate stream of “Connor”, “Please”, and “More”, being repeated over and over. Connor started to move faster, and without warning he suddenly hit the perfect spot and Ryan bucked hard against him, swearing convulsively. Connor thrust again, and again, and it was all Ryan could do to keep his arms braced and stay standing as he was overwhelmed with the force of sensation rushing through him. He was so damn close to coming, and he risked taking one hand away from the wall and stroking himself.

            “No.” Connor’s voice was deep, hard, the word unmistakably an order.

Ryan almost came right then. Bloody hell, he wanted Connor to use that voice more often. He braced himself again, and Connor let go of his hip with one hand and reached round and started stroking Ryan’s cock. Apparently it required too much co-ordination to keep up his own rhythm while doing that as well, and Connor stopped moving, his own cock still deep inside Ryan as he brought him to a climax. As soon as Ryan came, Connor thrust one more time, and suddenly they were both coming together in a tangle of desperate words and exquisite pleasure.

            Ryan had no idea how he managed to stay standing, supporting both his own weight and Connor’s as well. By the time he was able to form coherent thoughts again Connor was somehow managing to pull out while keeping his arms wrapped loosely around Ryan, his face resting against the side of Ryan’s neck. Connor sighed deeply, and Ryan heard him murmur a single word under his breath: “Mine.”

            Something squirmed deep inside Ryan at that. There was more truth to it than the young man could possibly know. Connor already owned him far more completely than any previous partner had, and when Ryan stopped to think about that too hard he knew it was starting to scare him.

            He tried to move his head to look at Connor, and nuzzled his hair until the young man finally raised his head and met Ryan’s look. His expression was that of a cat that had just finished an all-you-can-eat buffet in a cream factory.  

            “Connor, I...” Ryan stopped. He was suddenly, terrifyingly aware of the fact that he had almost said, ‘I love you’. For a second he wondered why he shouldn’t say it. Why he couldn’t say it. But then the moment had passed, and all Ryan could do was tug Connor into a kiss that was hard, deep and distracting enough to disguise his own turmoil.

            When they pulled apart Ryan watched Connor’s eyes as the vacant expression faded and his brain came fully back online.

            “Wow,” Connor said quietly.

            “Yeah,” Ryan agreed, his voice shaking slightly.

            “We should so do that again.”

            Ryan chuckled, relieved that his voice seemed to be under control again. “You say that every time.”

            “Because it’s fantastic every time.”

            Eventually Ryan pointed out, “I think one of us needs to move.”

            “Yeah.” Connor wriggled and stumbled his way out of the shower, and Ryan stood back and let the water flow over him again, grateful for the moment to relax, to force his thoughts deep into a corner of his mind and ignore them.

            Connor absently put Ryan’s bathrobe back on again, and spent a moment tidying up, throwing away the condom and apparently pondering whether or not there was enough left to bother keeping this tube of lubricant. He paused in the bathroom doorway and looked back at Ryan.

            “Ryan, are you okay?”

            “Yeah, fine. Like you said, wow.” Ryan wasn’t faking the smile, even if he was still trying to quell the squirming inside his chest.  

            Connor hesitated, picking at the doorframe, as he seemed to consider what to do or say next. “That was... I mean...” He gave Ryan an almost painfully shy smile. “Thank you.”

            Ryan suddenly felt like a swimmer who had just realised that they had swum too far out, that the water had abruptly become much too deep, and the current was a lot stronger than they anticipated. He wondered if Connor felt the same. Ryan couldn’t see land any more; he could only hope desperately that they would both be able to keep each other afloat.   

Making a supreme effort to return to normality, Ryan asked, “So, any plans for the rest of the morning?”

            Connor shrugged. “Breakfast. Coffee. Sex.”

            Ryan rolled his eyes. Normality was looking pretty good again. “Connor, you are in serious danger of becoming predictable.”

            Connor’s expression slowly morphed into what could only be described as a wickedly mischievous smirk.

            “You don’t know what kind of sex I have in mind.”


Tags: connor/ryan, slash

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