April 22nd, 2019

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Hello! And book reviews 2 and 3

Hello! I'm alive, I do still exist!

Sorry I've been pretty much absent lately. I've been watching lots of TV, and reading lots of books (I have about five book bingo reviews handwritten and good to post!) but mostly it's because my laptop is so old and cranky that I've reached the stage of not wanting to turn it on unless I know I'm going to be online for a couple of hours, because it takes so long to start up it's no longer worth it for short periods. However, I'm now on a mission to buy myself a tablet, so hopefully should be around a bit more in a week or so, once I've got that sorted. (I've been asking round my friends for recommendations, I'm hoping I can get some advice from you at the weekend, please, Fifi and Clea?).

Anyway, I won't post all the book reviews at once, but here's the first two. I'll stagger posting the others over the next week or so.

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