May 20th, 2016

atlantis pythagoras/icarus

Pythagoras/Icarus wallpaper

It's Robert Emms' birthday today (his 30th, no less!), so I'm blatantly using this as an (admittedly fairly flimsy) excuse to post another Pythagoras wallpaper. Just humour me, okay? ;-)

Somewhat surprisingly, there aren't that many Pythagoras/Icarus wallpapers around, so I decided the world needed another one. This one went a bit ansgty on me...

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atlantis pythagoras triangle

small fandom bang banners

So, I just about exhausted myself writing two fics and doing three lots of art for smallfandombang this time, but April is now a distant memory and I have shiny banners for participating, so it all seems worth it.

I'm sure by the time September comes round again I will have forgotten all my promises not to over-commit myself, and will sign up for round 6. Although next time I probably won't try to do two fics... ;-)

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