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2021 reading list

*looks at date on calendar, sighs*. For something that is traditionally done in the first week or two of January, this is even later than last year's reading list went up!

Still trying to get through the magazine backlog, although to be fair the only one that is really miles behind now is Writing Magazine, and I am catching up with that slowly. There's also Ancient History magazine, but the main reason I have a load of those is because I only discovered the magazine existed at around issue 9, so at some point after I had got a few issues and knew I liked it, I went on their website and got hold of all the back issues. Although I am also quite behind on the 'current' issues as well...


The 30 Day Kick Start Plan, by Joe Wicks (non-fiction). Started 9/1/21 (I seem to have given up on this halfway through, as I'm coming to the conclusion he's mostly just recycling the same recipes from his earlied books, with a couple of ingredients swapped around). Edit: eventually finished 3/4/21

This is Planet Earth, New Scientist Instant Expert series (non-fiction). Started 9/3/21 - finished 20/3/21

Human Origins, New Scientist Instant Expert series (non-fiction). Started 21/3/21 - finished 26/3/21

Troubled Blood, by Robert Galbraith (fiction). Started 10/7/21 - finished 12/7/21


Ancient History 21 Apr/May 2019
Ancient History 22 Jun/Jul 2019
Current Archaeology 369 December 2020
Current Archaeology 370 January 2021
Current Archaeology 371 February 2021
Writing Magazine September 2019
Writing Magazine October 2019
Writing Magazine November 2019
New Scientist 3315, 2nd January 2021
New Scientist 3316, 9th January 2021
New Scientist 3317, 16th January 2021
New Scientist 3318, 23rd January 2021

New Scientist 3319, 30th January 2021
Astronomy Now January 2021
New Scientist 3320, 6th February 2021
Current Archaeology 372, March 2021
Writing Magazine December 2019
Writing Magazine January 2020
Writing Magazine February 2020
Ancient History 1 Dec/Jan 2016

Ancient History 2, Feb/Mar 2016
New Scientist 3321, 13th February 2021
New Scientist 3322, 20th February 2021
New Scientist 3323, 27th February 2021
New Scientist 3324, 6th March 2021
Our Human Story - New Scientist Essential Guide no 4

Astronomy Now February 2021
Writing Magazine March 2020
Writing Magazine April 2020
Writing Magazine May 2020
Writing Magazine June 2020
Astronomy Now March 2021
New Scientist 3325, 13th March 2021
New Scientist 3326, 20th March 2021
New Scientist 3327, 27th March 2021
New Scientist 3328, 3rd April 2021

Astronomy Now April 2021
Current Archaeology 373, April 2021
Current Archaeology 374, May 2021
New Scientist 3329, 10th April 2021
New Scientist 3330, 17th April 2021
New Scientist 3331, 24th April 2021
Astronomy Now May 2021
Current Archaeology 375, June 2021
Ancient History 3, April/May 2016

Ancient History 4, Jun/July 2016
Ancient History 5, Aug/Sept 2016
New Scientist 3332, 1st May 2021
New Scientist 3333, 8th May 2021
New Scientist 3334, 15th May 2021
New Scientist 3335, 22nd May 2021
New Scientist 3336, 29th May 2021
New Scientist 3337, 5th June 2021
New Scientist 3338, 12th June 2021
New Scientist 3339, 19th June 2021
New Scientist 3340, 26th June 2021

Writing Magazine July 2020
Writing Magazine August 2020
Writing Magazine September 2020
Writing Magazine October 2020
Writing Magazine November 2020
New Scientist 3341, 3rd July 2021
New Scientist 3342, 10th July 2021
New Scientist 3343, 17th July 2021
Astronomy Now June 2021
Astronomy Now July 2021
Astronomy Now August 2021

Current Archaeology 376, July 2021
Current Archaeology 377, August 2021
Current Archaeology 378, September 2021
Writing Magazine December 2020
Writing Magazine January 2021 (look! I'm reading a Writing Magazine in the same year it was published for the first time since 2018! \o/)
Writing Magazine February 2021
New Scientist 3344, 24th July 2021
New Scientist 3345, 31st July 2021

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