July 19th, 2015

atlantis team

Atlantis icon set for hurt/comfort bingo

So, this year I'm trying to get the 'multi-media' achievement in hc_bingo, which involves doing a bingo where every fill is in a different type of media - eg, fic, icons, artwork, recs, meta, picspam, etc. I'm also intending for it to multi-task as a 'steadfast' achievement all in one fandom, but that's another matter.

Anyway, this is the first fill for that bingo, and it's an Atlantis icon set for the prompt, 'captivity'. Once I started adding captions it sort of took on a life of its own and a recurring theme suggested itself for the ones with the boys...

Spoiler warning: Contains images from scenes in the second half of series 2 which might be spoilery if you haven't seen it.

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