May 29th, 2015

atlantis pythagoras/hercules

Fanfic: Rock

Written for hc_bingo May challenge, and that's four out of four amnesty challenges completed! \o/ Huge thanks to clea2011 and celeste9 for the mutual competitiveness support to complete all of them this year. Last year I only managed two out of four.

Title: Rock
Author: Athene
Fandom: Atlantis
Pairing/characters: Hercules, Pythagoras, Ariadne, Jason (Pythagoras/Icarus)
Rating: 12
Warnings: Angst.
Spoilers: Everything up to 2.12 – The Queen Must Die. Specific spoilers for that episode.
Disclaimer: Not mine. BBC and Urban Myth Films own them.
Word count: approx 3045
Summary: “All the years that we’ve been friends, Pythagoras. Did you really think I didn’t know?”
AN: Written for the hc_bingo May Challenge, for small fandoms, using one or more prompts from, ‘Homesickness’, ‘Rejection’, ‘Bites’, and ‘Heat Stroke’. I used Rejection.
AN2: Thanks to clea2011 for the beta. This fic is my headcanon missing scene for what happens after Pythagoras tells them all the truth about Icarus, because there is no way Hercules is not going to go after him after that conversation. The first few paragraphs of dialogue are taken directly from the episode.

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