April 12th, 2015

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Episode review 2.6 - The Grey Sisters

*sneaks in looking guilty*. Okay, just to make this clear, this is *not* the review post for last night's episode, this is the review post for the last episode that aired just before Christmas. What with Christmas and everything I didn't have time to do it immediately after the episode aired, and then after Christmas I sort of forgot that I hadn't done it. When I somewhat belatedly remembered it last week, I decided to try to get it posted before episode 7, thinking that it might at least serve as a recap, but then I failed to get it done in time. Sorry! Anyway, here it is. The review post and picspam for ep 7 ought to appear at some point this week. Honest!

Spoilers for episode 2.6 behind the cut. Although really, it aired over three months ago, so if you haven't seen it by now I don't know what you've been doing!

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