August 18th, 2014

atlantis team

Two Atlantis wallpapers - Bodyguards

Two more Atlantis wallpapers for hc_bingo, this time for the prompt 'Bodyguards' on my hurt/comfort bingo card. Thanks to clea2011 and celeste9 for second opinions, and especially thanks to Clea for giving me half the idea for the caption in the second one. (Okay, actually it is the same wallpaper twice, just with different captions, because I couldn't decide which caption I liked best, so posted both.)

Poor Pythagoras, he really isn't very much good in a fight, bless him. Luckily, his friends *are*. And what better bodyguards could he ask for than the mighty Hercules, and Jason, slayer of the minotaur and saviour of Atlantis?

Although it does have the rather unfortunate downside that Hercules will never let him hear the end of it...

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