March 14th, 2014

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Random Graphic of the Month: March - multi-fandom geek wallpaper

I'm doing random graphic of the months again, although I'm making no pretense that I'll be posting something *every* month. And we're starting with something I made in another fit of self-indulgence.

It's no secret that I'm generally drawn to the beta-male geeks in any given TV show, or that said geeks are always likely to be my favourite character in a show. This isn't new, this is something that goes back a long way. So I decided to throw together a collection of most of my favourite adorable geeks from most of my favourite shows over the last two decades, and this was what happened.

I'm sure there are geeks that I've forgotten about, or ran out of space to include, and I did dither over whether Merlin actually qualified as a true geek or not (however, clea2011 reliably informs me that Merlin is a geek in practically every modern AU fic out there, so that was a good enough excuse for me).

As usual, free for snagging, although I appreciate this probably has a rather specific niche market of, well... me! :-)

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