February 12th, 2014

atlantis pythagoras triangle

Pythagoras wallpaper

So, I've been feeling ill for the last four or five days, and was feeling quite sorry for myself yesterday, and in a brief fit of self-indulgence, I made myself a Pythagoras wallpaper.

It's a tad angsty, because, hey, this is me, right! Also, there's a particular scene in episode 9, and the first time I saw it, I just thought to myself, 'That needs to be screencapped and made into a graphic'. When I rewatched the episode yesterday, I realised I *still* wanted to screencap it and do something with it, so here it is.

It's a bit different to my usual wallpaper style, I've been experimenting.

So, angsty!Pythagoras, anyone? Free for snagging should anyone want it.

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