December 31st, 2013

maim and kill

hurt comfort bingo!!!!

So... I signed up for hc_bingo, because I have no willpower and I kept looking at all those lovely prompts and thinking what I could do to all my favourite boys...

Plus, my Little Miss Maim and Kill icon has been feeling neglected recently. *evil grin*

That said, my card appears to have *several* of the prompts which I didn't like the look of when I scrolled down the list, but you can only veto three ('unwanted pregnancy'? Yeah, there's a reason why I vetoed 'difficult pregnancy'!). Oh well, let's see how it goes, and the next round starts in June for a shiny new card with lots more opportunities to play.

I think most of the boys featured on my journal header should be very afraid right now... ;-)

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