July 6th, 2013

maim and kill

Trope bingo

Okay, so I gave in and joined in after all the squeeing and flailing and badgering by clea2011, fififolle and celeste9, and signed up for trope bingo over on dreamwidth.

There's no hurt/comfort on my card *sadface* but that's what the free space is for, right? Plus, when has Little Miss Maim and Kill ever needed an excuse to write hurt/comfort? *evil grin* Edit - Turns out I actually used the free square for unrequited love/pining, and *not* hurt/comfort. Oh well, there was angst, at least! \o/

power dynamics snowed in
Taking Advantage (Primeval)
chosen family
Hercules and Pythagoras wallpapers (Atlantis)
rites of passage / coming of age wingfic
e-book cover (Lewis)
au: alternate gender norms slavefic virginfic au: fantasy presumed dead Three Words (Primeval)
fake relationship first time / last time Out Loud (Atlantis) unrequited love / pining
Soft (Atlantis)
au: supernatural Body of Evidence (Lewis) matchmaker
mind games trust and vows handcuffed / bound together Not Exactly the Great Escape (Lewis) sharing a bed au: romance novel
role reversal time travel trapped in a dream Pythagoras's Nightmare (Atlantis) au: royalty / aristocracy / feudal
The Siege of Shelim Oasis (Primeval)
character in distress