February 8th, 2013


Random Graphic of the Month: January - e-book covers for T_15's Nick/Connor series

*looks at calendar* Yes, I know I'm a week behind, but here's January's random graphic of the month. I did actually start this on the first of January, and have been working on them on and off all month, it just took rather longer to finish than I'd expected.

Anyway, I've been uploading loads of fic onto my kindle lately, which gave me the idea to do an e-book cover for one my all time favourite fic series in the history of the fandom; telperion_15's Nick/Connor series. Not content with just doing one, however, I decided to make an individual cover for each of the major story arcs within the series (but not the standalones that slot in between the main story arcs, I'm afraid).

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