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Crime novel recs

So, my plan to post to lj more regularly doesn't seem to have happened recently. I ought to get round to doing a general update post before too long, but for now this is mainly aimed at the book bingo gang, because I'm looking for book recs. Specifically crime novels with more of a focus on the forensics side of things, and/or cold case crime fiction.

Let's briefly put this in context. A few years ago I would have said I don't really read crime fiction, but lately (and I might possibly be blaming lj book bingo for prodding me at the genre) I have started to dabble. The type of crime books I enjoy are the Strike novels by Robeet Galbraith, and I'm also quite getting into the Cooper and Fry series by Stephen Booth set in the Derbyshire Peak District.

I also watch a bit of crime drama on TV, favourites include Lewis, Endeavour, Unforgotten (there's that cold case theme again), Grantchester, and Line of Duty. Then, during lockdown, I binge-watched all nine series of Waking the Dead, and that is absolutely where the fascination with forensics and cold case crime has come from. I also watch a lot of real crime documentaries, particularly the fly-on-the-wall ones that follow a police investigation as it happens.

So now I'm wondering if there are any crime novels with more of a focus on the forensics, either scene of crime forensics, or even better if it deals with the forensic pathology, and/or cold case investigations.

Anyone got any suggestions, please?

In vaguely related news, I have recently discovered that archaeology crime fiction is a thing that exists! I came across a review in Current Archaeology magazine, and when I went looking I found there was a series of archaeological crime novels by Nicola Ford, and I think I might need to try them, just because! If anyone has read them and would recommend (or not!) please let me know.

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