October 13th, 2007

grab a dodo

Primeval Drinking Game

Just a bit of fun for a Saturday afternoon. 

Set up the alcohol/sweets/caffinated beverages, get together a group of like-minded individuals, put the dvd in the player, and get ready to play... the Primeval Drinking Game.

The rules are simple, and apply to all episodes:

-Pick a character, and drink whenever one of the rules for your character appears in an episode. 
-Everyone drinks for the 'General rules', regardless of which character you're playing. For 'General rules' purposes, whenever it says 'main character' assume that Ryan and Helen are also both 'main characters'.  

There are rules for playing either Helen or Ryan, but while all the other main characters have 5 rules each, there are only 3 for these two, mostly because I couldn't think of anything decent for them. If anyone else has suggestions for a full set of five rules for Helen or Ryan, please feel free to add them and let me know.

As a note, the 'optional extra gay subtext' rules owe rather more to Entangled_now's Nick/Stephen fics and a variety of insane conversations over on Munchkinofdoom's picspams, than they do to the show itself. Feel free to ignore them. They are, as advertised, 'optional extra'. 

I've tested these rules out myself with a group of friends, and it is possible to do all six episodes back-to-back playing the drinking game. However, unless you have the constitution of a brachiosaur, I suggest you alternate with tea/coffee or sweets after a while. Otherwise trips to casualty may ensue.

On with the game:

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