June 30th, 2007

connor and g-rex

Doctor Who, Casualty, and random stuff

Okay, first thoughts on tonight's tv. Posted behind the cut as there are *major* spoilers for Doctor Who, and minor ramblings and speculation about Casualty.

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In other news, today I was at the Lowdham Book Festival. It was okay, but the turnout was rather low due to the excessive rain, and I suspect most of the people who were browsing round the stall were actually just coming into the tent to get out of said rain. 

On the plus side, I found a second hand book about dinosaurs for £3.00. Not bad to say it was a hardback, and okay, it was published in 1962, which means my favourite dinosaur hadn't even been discovered at that point, but it has lots of really cool line drawings of fossils and bones and skeletons, and lists and definitions of dinosaur identification by species and genus and family and infraorder and suborder and all that sort of stuff (which I've probably just got wrong because I'm not a biologist) and stuff that modern books don't have because they thinks that such things aren't cool and popular and people don't actually want hard scientific facts and information in their books (but that's another rant about dumbing down for another day). 

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